Spending on 6-3-9 and 3-6-9

According to the Power of Numbers (PON) method, the number combination 6-3-9 implied [Money – Fast – Success], and 3-6-9 implied [Fast – Money – Success].

If you don’t know PON, don’t worry as I have also included many number combinations in my EON book where you can check it out too. Check out this article to find out more about PON and EON.

Now, when you have 3-6-9 or 6-3-9 number combination in your birth chart, there could be an urge to spend money fast to achieve the success you want.

In short, 6-3-9 and 3-6-9 could also imply spending unnecessary.

If you have either number combination appearing in your Personal Year (PY) chart, it could imply spending on items you want but don’t need. It means rash or impulsive spending without careful thought.

Now that you understand the number patterns using PON, let us try to find out why such number combinations imply spending unnecessary using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Often, we can explain the number patterns and combinations highlighted by Dr. Oliver Tan in his PON Mastery classes, using the elemental approach of EON.

Let us look at the individual numbers – 6 is Yang Metal, 3 is Yin Fire, and 9 is Yang Wood.

For those more familiar with Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysics, 6 is Yin Water. But here, in the theory of PON and EON, the number 6 is Yang Metal. I have explained the differences in the numbers associated to the elements in my book. I encouraged you to get the book to check it out. So, don’t confuse and mix up the theories.

With the number combination 6-3-9 or 3-6-9,

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This means spending more money to get what we want. When you can harmonise the energies, you can manifest the positive energies to attract what you want.

There are cases where people with the 6-3-9 or 3-6-9 in their birth or PY charts spend unnecessary on clubbing, smoking, drugs, entertainment, and drinks for networking and business purpose. Be careful when you have strong Fire in your birth chart – excessive consumption is harmful to your health.  And when you fall sick as a result, you have to spend unnecessary on doctor’s fees and medications.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should avoid spending too much. On the contrary, if you don’t spend, you may not get what want. Identify your “wants” and “needs.”

With careful thought, you can control your spending. And when you have to spend, you would know that it is NOT an impulsive decision but rather one that you’ve made after considering it for a while. With that, success is within reach. And that unnecessary spending may be worth the effort as the benefits far outweigh the amount spent.

“Well done is that action doing which one repents not later, and the fruit of which one reaps with delight and happiness.” – Dhammapada

So, spend if you have to… but please for your own financial and family sake, do so within your means. Otherwise, control the urge to spend unnecessary.

Regards, Ron


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