Double 8-8: Luck or Lack?

To many Feng Shui experts and enthusiasts, the number 8 is associated to prosperity, and infinite wealth in one way or another. When you have two sets of 8 (i.e., 88), it sure brings double luck and prosperity.

However, when it comes to the Elements of Numbers (EON) and Power of Numbers (PON), the number 8 has a different set of meanings.

A person with a number 8 Birth Root number is constantly feeling stressed and always doing something. They can be hardworking and responsible family person.

When a person’s birth chart has an 8-8, 5-8 or 8-5 in close proximity, they should be careful as this could imply a double-stressing effect. When a person feel stressed, they could be excessively temperamental, and this may strain the relationship further. If the person does not take immediate action to ease the frustration and anger, the stressing moments and frequent quarrels could lead to separation or divorce.

The number 5 in

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The number 8 is Fire. When there is 8-8, there is “double Fire” and this would increase the strength of Fire, making the heat stronger. Everything will burn along its way spreading like a wildfire, unless we reduce the heat. One effective method is to change your attitude and mindset. Learn to meditate and practise anger management as these could calm and harmonise the energies within you, and the external energies around you. And when you feel stressed, you can control your emotions and focus your attention on other areas.

When you have an 8-8, 5-8, or 8-5, it is usually you who wants to break the relationship, and not the other party. Stop and pause for a while before you make such hasty decision, as the result may not be pleasant. If you do have kids, they would be the ones who suffered the most, and their perspective of life would change. One moment of hasty decision can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

It doesn’t matter if the 8-8, 5-8, or 8-5 is present in your birth chart or Personal Year chart. When you do have such number combinations, then you can adopt the remedies that I have mentioned in my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling. There are no guaranteed cures. If you strive to take action to do as suggested, chances are, you would be able to ‘reduce’ the negative energies and ‘increase’ the positive energies to other healthier and positive pursuits.

Learn to be tolerant and understand that everyone also feels stressed. Try not to make matter worst by displaying the stressful emotions and spreading negative energies to others. Control the uncontrollable you – take an active approach to control your stress and change your perspective. When you change your perspective, you will find it is easy to be in total control of yourself.

It can be fun and easy to live the life you want, when you make an effort to do so. Whether you want the double 8-8 to be lucky for you or the lack of it mainly depends on you.

Regards, Ron


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2 Responses

  1. vw2796 says:

    for person with missing numbers 5 and 8, does that mean the effect of the 88/85/58 in personal year chart is small or it does not make any difference?

    • Ron WZ Sun says:

      It all depends on the elemental strength present in the birth and Personal Year charts. When 5 comes in, it could influence the person to manifest traits associated with number 5 – Earth. if 8 comes in, you’ve to check if number 3 is present, as it might be feeding Fire with Fire, which could be more damaging to the person.

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