NLP + EON = Enriching Goals


I was talking to Daniel the other day about sharing new EON techniques at future EON workshop sessions. While we chatted away happily on the new discoveries, Daniel mentioned visiting the library the day before and reading books on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  He wants to explore how he can maximise his EON knowledge and use the NLP model to help others.

That brought to mind the question: “Can we apply the NLP techniques and combine them with EON knowledge to help a person achieve the success they want?

The “Neuro” in NLP focuses generally on the five senses:

  • The visual sense – seeing
  • The auditory sense – hearing
  • The kinaesthetic sense – touch
  • The olfactory sense – smell
  • The gustatory sense – taste

nlp_eonIn EON, we can correlate the five senses to the Five Elements – Eyes (Wood), Ears (Water), Mouth (Earth), Nose (Metal), and Tongue (Fire).  You can check out more details on the five senses related to the body organs and the Five Elements on Page 132 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

The “Linguistic” and “Programming” in NLP refers to the expression (verbal and non-verbal, conscious and unconscious thoughts); and the consistent ways we think and behave, and the steps we take to produce the results we want in different circumstances.  Hmm… that reminded me of the workshop I’d attended in mid 80s on Dr Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis and the different ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) models and understanding how people function and express their personality and behaviours.

Influencing VibesI’ve included a Chapter on “Remedy and Actions” on Page 255 of my book. Among the remedies discussed are the parts on “Positive Actions”, “The Paradigm Shift”, and “Release and Break free.” These are the remedial actions you can take to better your life after understanding your true self. If you are familiar with the NLP techniques, you can easily maximise the NLP knowhow and systematically create better results in your personal life, and at the same time, help others around you. By understanding a person’s inner traits and characters through EON, you’re better equipped to create situational model to understand a person’s behaviours and actions, and help them move from the present state to the desired state.

You can find many NLP books at local bookstores and the libraries. Go ahead and read them as it does help provide you with the awareness on the engagement and circumstantial techniques to create the desired result. And I must say thisget my bookElements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as well if you’ve not already done so. My book can provide you with an added advantage in understanding a person well beneath their external appearance, behaviours and actions. Identifying the person’s inner traits and characteristics are important to help you create different improvement models earlier. It’s like controlling the situation by laying out the different modelling excellence before you even get to meet the person.

EON_mosaicI know there’re increasing “Life Profiling Coaches” and human behavioural professionals complementing their profiling observations with the EON methods. Many of them bought my book to kick-start their interest. They’re starting to check on a person’s traits and characteristics (through their birth dates) before their appointment. They usually carried out these workflows earlier to take notes of the person’s tendency traits, behaviours, and possible actions. With the pre-emptive knowhow, these professionals and life coaches are in better control to test, analyse, and lead the person to a needed state of the mind, and eventually create a successful result.

NLP + EON = infinite life enriching possibilities. Endless possibilities to know a person better and help them become a better person, and live the life they want.

Supportive EON students busy taking notes...

I’m looking forward to next year 2014 as I’m going to make it an even livelier and lifelong learning year for everyone. I’m working on the course details for Basic and Advanced EON coursesthousands of readers have bought my EON book in Singapore and many had asked for such courses. I know professionals familiar with NLP and other methods like DISC and MBTI are eager to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling method to complement (or improve) their profiling observations. Yes, I’m working on the course details too. I’ll provide more details once the course outline and schedules are in place.  You can email me at SunTzu2796@gmail to show your interest – I’ll email you once I’ve completed the course details.

EON_AnswersIf you’re already familiar with the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Modelling Profiling (UCM) methods, try putting aside the learning experiences and profiling knowledge you’ve picked up so far – be they good or bad. Come to my EON@SG WORKSHOP with an open mind, and get to learn the extended techniques (beyond number patterns) to understand a person better. And help them to enrich their lives and achieve the success they want. You’ll realise that it does makes sense when I say NLP + EON = enriching goals.

I’ll be conducting the 10th EON@SG WORKSHOP in Singapore on 25th January 2014 (Saturday). Make full use of the Early Bird discount and call McCoy now at 8282-6593 to register for the session. I promise you’ll get an exciting and visual learning experience that’s positive, engaging, and enriching.

Until then… Happy Holidays!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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