Reflections of 2013

YEAR2013We’re all looking forward to start the New Year with fresh new hopes and resolutions next week. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the past events that happened this year (2013), from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

First, a little recap on the basic theories on interpreting the numbers of the year 2013: 2 + 1 + 3 = 6. We can associate the number 2 to the Water element, transport, female, movement, thoughts, kidney, sensual or sexual desires, water or rain and flood, talk, gossips, and others. We can associate the number 1 to the Metal element, air, haze, snow, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, respiratory organs (lungs, brains, strokes, and life), influenza or pneumonia health conditions, principle-mindedness, leadership, mental, metal objects, weapons, and others. We can associate the number 3 to the Fire element, heart, blood vessels, fire, strikes, forest fires, riots, youngsters, tempers, firearms, blood, religions, and others. And last, we can associate the number 6 to the Metal elements. Besides those items described to number 1, we can also associate number 6 to weapons, politics, whistleblowing, security, vehicles, metal objects, and so on.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more traits associated to the numbers 1 to 9.

HiddenPatternsBy now, I hope you can correlate the Year numbers to the events happened this year.  That’s one unique feature I’m glad to share  at the EON WORKSHOP sessions – using the visualisation technique to enable everyone in the class to grasp the concepts and theories visually. And these would lead to easier and faster profiling observations.

Some examples here:

  • 2-0-1-3 = 6 [Movement -Principles-Riot/Fire = Security]. Increasing young people involves in riots, fiery tempers, shootouts, brutal murders, etc.
  • 2-0-1-3 = 6 [Water-Air/Wind-Fast & Furious = Extreme Weather]. The heavy floods, snows, torrential rains, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.
  • 2-0-1-3 = 6 [Movement-Air/Smoke-Blood/Heart = Immune/Respiratory]. The spreading of H9N7 symptoms, the increasing dengue-fever, haze, and smoking-related health conditions, etc.
  • 2-0-1-3 = 6 [Talk-Principles/Politics-Fast = Whistleblowing/Scandals]. The increased in in corruptions, whistleblowing, political scandals, etc.

There are many events that we can easily associate to the numbers 2136 (Year 2013). I’ve listed some of the key events that happened this year. You may want to do some homework and list down the rest of the major events happening around the world or in your country, and note its correlation to the 2-1-3-6 numbers, its vibes, and elemental influences.

Sample slides used for EON COURSE

Don’t worry too much if you still don’t understand, or am rather confused over the forecasting interpretations. Why not attend my 10th EON WORKSHOP session on 25th January 2014? I’ll share how you can easily visualise the patterns and correlate them to the traits and characteristics.

Watch out for my 2014 forecast soon. Until then, Season’s Greetings to all…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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