Reflections of 2016

Toxic smog in Beijing. Bird flu in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and recently in Hong Kong. Biotechnology and O&G (Oil and Gas) stocks prices moving with volatile patterns. Increasing corruption, money laundering, financial and political scandals, sexual transgressions, and scams globally. War on diabetes in Singapore, and elsewhere. Heightened military, civil and police tension in Myanmar, China, and somewhere else. Falling objects or people falling off from heights at workplace, cliffs, and buildings. Extreme winds and torrential rains. Pilot with suicidal thoughts and clinically depressed. Severe flooding in Thailand’s South.

Putting the negative side effects mentioned earlier aside, there are bright side and positive outcomes too. Like increasing awareness on liver (like diabetes, and sugary drinks) and mental health (like depressions), education (academic, health, and holistic), and more space activities (like satellite and missile launches, and space explorations).

Among the positive and negative effects and outcomes mentioned earlier, there is one common attributes – these are some of the effects manifested this year, because of the influencing vibes from the year energies in 2016. And it’s no coincidence, I’ve mentioned the probable effects that might happen in my article, “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” posted on the first day for the year – 1st January 2016.

With less than two weeks before we celebrate the countdown to the new year 2017, many of you might be feeling happy that the energy throughout the year 2016 is (almost) finallyover. Sadly, and unfortunately, that might be harder for many people, the wishes might be diminished by lights (vision) not sights (reality). The yearly or periodic energies are unlike to physical objects, like a normal door or wall in a room where we cannot see what’s at the other side once the door is closed. Instead, the periodic energies are transient and constantly on the move, just like the gases and smell we breathe or inhale although the door is closed, or the room wall covered. It is impossible to assume this year’s energies (2016) would move out forever on or after the 1st of January 2017.

In summary, what this means is that we will still ‘inhale’ the smell and air from the year 2016 energies during the first few months of 2017. When correlating them to the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, these imply the influencing vibes affecting your behaviours, habits, health, and actions you’ve experienced today (or since the start of this year) might continue to be prominent during the first quarter of 2017. For instance, if you are facing a Double Effects year and have been enjoying Double Blessing energies so far, don’t be complacent. As the 2016 energies have not depleted yet during the first few months of 2017, there might be the possibility of an unfortunate “Double Whammy” coming. Unless you take precautionary actions, especially on your health, stay vigilant and attentive. You can still control negative impacts when they happen as you’re prepared. You can negate the effects eventually since the depleting energies (of year 2016 in 2017) are not as strong now during the current transitioning period. On the same note, if you faced “Double Whammy” outcomes generally this year, don’t despair or give up everything yet. You might experience wonderful “Double Blessing” effects eventually during the first few months of 2017 when you take positive actions today. You might enjoy a “All’s Well, Ends Well” outcome.

The intent of my forecast of the year’s influences and possible effects is not about the level of accuracy in identifying the events or traits that will surface during the year. The purpose is to highlight the effects earlier so you can recognise the signs, and determine when or how they can impact you. When the information are on hand earlier, you can then decide when you want to manifest the beneficial vibes, and control or eliminate the unfavourable ones.

Do something good today so you can enjoy something pleasurable tomorrow. Don’t procrastinate taking positive actions, or making new year’s resolutions that you know is hard to accomplish or unsustainable. Don’t wait until my 2017 forecast article scheduled to be posted on 1st Jan 2017, to decide your next action plan. The first few months of 2017 is critical as your actions TODAY will determine the quality of your life aspects in early 2017. Whether you desire to enjoy better TOMORROWs in the coming year mainly depends on your attitude and actions. Widen your horizons and face life with a fresh new perspective.

Season’s greetings to all. May the New Year brings you Love, Joy, and Peace; Wonderful Career and Good Health; and Abundance of Luck and Happiness.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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