Numerological Predictive Observations 2020

Greetings to all, and wishing everyone a fantastic and happy new year 2020. May this year brings you an abundance of good blessings, success, fortune, better health, career growth, business acumen, and academic excellence.

Once again, I’m extending a tradition that I started in 2010 – It’s this “1st day of the year” (1DOTY) article that seemed to attract more readers than many of my other articles. Whether you read it for fun, read to understand how I interpreted the year energies, or read it as a year almanac of some sorts, thanks to all of you for the support – moral, spiritual, and faith – to help me continue my passion and research work here.

The above NPO2020 graphic chart (click the image for larger view) comprises of “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” together with other positive and negative signs that could surface or manifest during this year. It’s influencing levels of effect upon you varies depending on your responses, mindset, thoughts, and behaviours. When a character or traits, event or business is said to be in focus, it means the outcome could be extremely positive, good, average, bad, or extremely negative.


Many financial experts had predicted the stock markets would crash in 2018, and some even claimed it could be in 2019. Thankfully, as I’ve shared my 2019 forecast, we have not experienced such a downfall as it does not just affect financial investors, but the global financial economy as a whole. The Year2020 effects on could influence businesses related to social enterprises (new social app?), shipping, startups, audio-visual entertainment, cybersecurity, data analytics, oil & marine, chemicals, cleansing agents, eye care, transport (air, ocean, rail, road), forestry (including logging), social and PR services, and yes, financial-related industries, including FinTech. There might be an increase in business providing “medical transport” services – retailing wheelchairs, providing ambulance services, and communal care services. Women power still remains high and increasing seen as essential part of the corporate senior management team. Businesses involving in fashion (clothing and accessories), cosmetics and skin care supplies (for both females and males) could also be in focus.

Those business trends that I’ve highlighted in my NPO2019 article, would still continue to be thriving (or falling, depending on the impact on them) for a few months more, like possibly until the close of the 1st quarter of 2020. On the negative sides, we might find out more financial scams, visionary startups involving in creating “abundance of floating plans” illicit schemes, and over promising of services and material rewards. In short, do your own due diligence and homework before investing in these “quick-money” enticing pursuits. These are just some of the businesses and/or industries in focus. When done right, they could benefit from the Year2020 energies, much like the “Double Blessings” effect. Just like energies affecting us, there is the extreme opposite too – these means some of the businesses in focus, might go southwards due to the “Double Whammy” impact.


The conflicts, trade-war, and sanctions initiated by the USA against China and the rest of the world, would unfortunately, continue for a while. However, the signs are suggesting a gradual slowdown of the energies enhancing the USA. Instead, Year2020 energies are focused on the North, East, and possibly North-East. This means countries like Russia, North Korea, and China, would be the primary actors on front stage, with the USA probably like backup stuntman ranting at the backstage. Other countries in the North, including Canada, Alaska, Europe, North Asia, Kazakhstan, would also be strongly influenced by the Year2020 energies.

The protest and riots seen around the globe, would remain due to the Year2020 energies, although the signs are suggesting more social-hype activities (sadly, including cyber hacking, data privacy breach) via the Internet, creating more fake news, and half-truths – by everyone, including citizens, corporations, and politicians (opposition parties, and government Ministers). These could result in scandalous affairs, money laundering, financial scams, doxxing, illicit or sexual activities, raunchy behaviours, extramarital affairs, transgressions, true news leaked out, and educational or academic scandals.


The extreme weather, including flood, tsunami-like signs, choppy/wavy sea, “perfect storm,” massive soil erosion, landslides, icy cold winds, snow, would still be around. There might be lesser forest fire during the latter half of the year. Instead, the signs are suggesting there might be more volcanoes spreading thick clouds of ashes, than spilling hot lava. New breeds of sea-life and fishes might surface.


There might be more incidents of “slip and fall” this year. As a result, injuries like “slipped disc,” back pain, knee injuries, and even the head, might show up. There are also potential increases in health conditions like eyes/vision, tinnitus, urinary, kidney, liver, spleens, pneumonia, lung infection, gout, mental health, and swollen legs. There might be an increase in “medical transport” facilities, like wheelchairs, ambulance services, and social caring services. Besides the “slip and fall” and perhaps, contributing symptoms like drowsiness, hallucinations, and fluctuating blood pressures, you also need to be cautious of possible accidents involving “falling from height” and “hit by foreign objects” throughout this year.


Learn to be smarter and think rationally, and do not be gullible by all the smooth talk and ambitious rewards promised by others. The inclinations to gossip, rivalries, and hurt others are strong – “do to others what you want others to do unto you.” So, consider twice before sharing that fake news or “share this to ten people” spams disgusting as motivating messages to others hastily. Strive to create a happier relationship with others, as there are signs of frequent squabbles, quarrels, and tension caused by fears, trust, uncertainty, and lack of communication.

In my PNO2019 article, I embarked on introducing the PEC (Positive Empowerment Code) and had received positive feedback. You can use it as an almanac providing annual guidance that you can act, to avoid the negative yearly energies from affecting you strongly. This year, the PEC2020 Code would be 71658 suggesting [Cooperation – Individual – Responsibility – Challenges – Control]. It involves the need for everyone to focus on teamwork and collaborations to raise individual’s strengths; to take responsibilities and accountability in your behaviours and actions, so that you can move forward to face the challenges; and to have the capacity to control your financial management and project goals. In short, it implies you are solely responsible for your behaviours and actions, and stop blaming others for not helping you, or envy others for being rich. I’d put that as a  “wake-up call” up call” for you to stop dreaming and put your goals (goals are like dreams in action), and take action to work towards achieving your target. Be willing to change your mindset, be flexible and strive to adapt, as the number “5” could be a stumbling block or challenges, or just a stepping stone to more beneficial opportunities and success.

That’s a brief overview of my PNO2020 observations on the Year2020 energies. Check the above PNO2020 graphic image for extra signs. There are so much info and techniques to share – I’ll include them in my regular articles. I’ll also explained and share the more advanced techniques, insights, and visualisation profiling insights in my classes.

Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.” from the YEAR2020 energies. Overcome the fear of resentment and regrets by changing your attitudes and behaviours. Savour the sweetness of success and excellence by changing habits and taking positive actions. Look within and you’ll find what you need to do, and not outside on what you want to do.

Once you strive to be confident, competent, and proficient in your practical pursuits, you’ll be glad you’ve read this article early and took action when you reflected back on 1st Jan 2021.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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