Using NIPL Oracle on PEC2020 Code

In my Numerological Predictive Observations 2020 (PNO2020) article posted on 1st January 2020, I’ve provided some info on the Positive Empowerment Code (PEC2020) for Year2020. You may view them as a yearly advice to follow, for better and happier times ahead.

For those who’d bought my “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck, you can also utilise the Oracle cards as reference flash cards to understand what each number represents from a holistic and mindfulness perspective. There are five main ways to use the NIPL Oracle Deck. Besides what I have described in my NIPL Oracle information page (click here for details), you can also use it to verify certain known numbers, and read what you have to do or act, to ensure a positive outlook for the year.  Here’s the process of how I did the analysis:

  • Placed the individual Yang Cards representing the numbers 7, 1, 6, 5, 8 on my special Oracle cloth.
  • Placed the individual Yin Cards representing the same numbers 7, 1, 6, 5, 8 below the Yang Cards.
  • I decided to include a “forecastelement to define the elemental energies that could influence the PEC2020. I then shuffled the Element Card, and inquired what would be the element-in-focus that I should take special note of for this year 2020. I picked one card randomly, and it showed the METAL element.

The above screenshot shows the Oracle cards based on the PEC2010 numbers, and the METAL Element card. You might be wondering why I’m using both Yin and Yang Cards, since we’re focusing on the positive aspects. Well, if you have access to my NIPL Oracle Deck set, you’d recognise that as the NIPL name suggested – Numbers in Positive Light – this means the Yin card (black ones) has a positive advisory message too.

Some months ago, one established and experienced Grand Master specialises in numerology and Oracle/tarot readings, sent me a voice message, that my NIPL Oracle Card has “divine” energies.  She next told me her observations after testing her set of NIPL Oracle Deck using her intuitive senses and Oracle processes. Well, to me, when the card’s design and other components included in each card, is done by a designer or somebody else, subsequently the energies are diluted and not as strong as if it’s done solely by a person capable of redirecting energies for positive use. In my case, the card design, text and message of the NIPL Oracle card are entirely done by me, self-published, and printed in limited stocks per run. Apart from the months of research and trial runs, the energies that I’ve put into the designs of each card (covers, text, message, colours, symbols, layout) are specially created, energised, and positively enforced. That could explain why she could feel the energies while using my NIPL Oracle Deck cards.

Let’s look at the PEC2020 Code and the numbers on the NIPL Oracle cards. A fast and comfortable way to interpret the card is to look at the keyword at the top, and the affirmative message at the bottom of the card. Below are sample descriptions on some cards…

  • Yang card 7. The keyword stated “KNOWLEDGE.” The affirmation message suggests the demand to be more attentive, and the need to understand rather than only gathering information as knowledge. Once you understood the basic principle of the knowledge gained, precisely like what I’d usually do, there is the need to share your knowledge with others.
  • Yin card 7. The keyword stated “SUPPORT.” The affirmation message suggests the need to be cautious when working with others. You should avoid stereotyping and/or produce self-perceived, limiting beliefs about a person based on their behaviour, actions, or words. An individual’s behaviours and actions do not represent their personality. Their behaviours is a process, a state of conscious actions that they chose to act upon, in their best interest, at that point in time. we shouldn’t interpret that as the person’s character, as behaviours and habits can change any time.
  • Yang card 1. The keyword is “LEADERSHIP.” The affirmation message suggests the need to conduct and act based on moral core values. You also need to spend time to ease the fears and feelings of your team members, and to motivate them. With foresight and trust from everyone in the team, you’ll have the energies to innovate, and transform your visions into reality. This means, apart from leading the team, the success is achievable through cohesive efforts among team members.
  • Yin card 1. The keyword is “ALONE.” The affirmation message is suggesting that you should not act independently, and be swayed by your emotions. Your fears, and sense of insecurity could decide your future event when you think, behave, or act negatively. Hence the importance of reminding yourself to resist negative emotional thoughts, and instead, focus on acting on your positive vibes to believe in yourself, that you can achieve your desired goals.
  • Element card: METAL. This implies the need to concentrate and not be distracted by unnecessary worries that might disrupt your plans. Adhere to what you’ve planned to work on for this year, and sees it through to completion.

For the other Yin and Yang Cards for numbers 6, 5, and 8, these are self-explanatory once you’ve access to the “Numbers in Positive Lights” (NIPL) Oracle Deck set – the descriptions are on each card. Click here to buy, or for more details on the NIPL Oracle Deck.

With regular practices and positive attunement with the NIPL Oracle Deck, you’d understand quickly on the number combinations; be aware of the Yang (positive) aspects, and mindful of the yin (negative) areas that you can apply as “remedial actions” to work on. You can then identify how the elements could influence both your conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviours.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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