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My wife and I love watching Hong Kong films, especially those impact ones that showcase the daily livelihoods of the people, and how they overcame their challenges. At times, it’s fun to watch short YouTube clips of roadside buskers, singing or performing on the streets. It was joyous watching the ordinary citizens – young and old – dancing happily in the streets, in tune with the 70s-90s music. Today, life in Hong Kong would not be the same as it was back in 2016 and earlier.

I noted there were few searches for “Hong Kong” for the past few weeks, and thought perhaps, it was time to share my forecast observations based on the Hong Kong’s EON Chart by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

How do I start,” I pondered, “when it gets to check on the Independence Day of Hong Kong?” I then do a Google search and out came the answers to “Establishment Day, formally the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, is celebrated annually on 1 July in Hong Kong, China since 1997.

I decided to apply the 1st July 1997 as reference to plot the Hong Kong’s EON Birth Chart. As you can ascertain from the screenshot, the 8-4-3-7-2-9 numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R is reflected in HK’s PY2020 chart.

If this chart belongs to a person, the tendency signs would suggest poor EQ and communication problems, that could result in constant quarrels, disagreements, mistrust, misinformation, communication lapse, one-sided dialogue between the individual and others, tension, and so on. From one perspective, it could go to some form of separation, a split between two parties. From other perspectives, when resolutions or mediations are not done tactfully, it could lead to permanent separations, like divorce or even worsening health conditions (leading to death, when other contributing numbers are around, to impose unhealthy vibes) on the person. There are also tendency signs, when there are arguments and disputes, to be connected to external parties, as can be seen from the 8-4-3 and 7-2-9 number patterns in the PY2020 chart.

Now, when it comes to analysing a country’s PY2020 chart, there is no difference as we can profile them as a country (like person A) with the citizens (like Person B).  So, the 8-4-3 and 7-2-9 patterns could suggest a split in dialogues and communication breakdown between the government and its people.

What could then have triggered such unfortunate incidents like the prolonged months of protesting that we are still witnessing today?

An individual’s behaviour is a state or process, contributed by the person’s reactions or responses to a situation. This implies, the 8-4-3-7-2-9 effects are caused by a contributing factor, and that’s where the 2-2-4 is all about. The signs are suggesting too much speaking about plans for the future (without actions), as we could interpret the 2-2-4 as [Talk – Talk – Plan].

Could this imply that unless the protesters’ demands are fully seen, there’d be no end to their increasingly and aggressive attacks on anyone whom they deemed as enemies? 

If you’re observant enough, the 2-2-4 in PY2020 charts lead to number 3, and that’s where we could link up with firearms, hurtful, revengeful, and fiery outcomes. Oh yes, like I’ve always shared at my previous FEN classes, we could connect the number 3 with laser pointers.

But this is based on PY2020 chart, and not the PY2019 chart when the laser pointers’ incidents had happened?” some of you might ask.

Well, if you’ve read many of my articles on yearly events, you’d observed or read about the transitioning effects of the annual or yearly energies coming into play or action. As I’ve described before, the PY2020 energies do not begin from 1st Jan 2020 and ends on 31st Dec 2020. As the energies are constantly in motion and transient, the PY2020 energies could influence the latter part of PY2019, and into the earlier part of PY2021.

Hence, this implies the current protests could continue until next year, as unfortunately, the PY2021 is still showing the 8-4-3 pattern. Confuse? Well, more details on how to distinguish the underlying reasons and doing a root-cause analysis are shared in my FEN classes. 

Now, when we examine a country chart, we can also conduct a relationship analysis, which for this case study article, is between Hong Kong and Carrie Lam. In an earlier article “On Carrie Lam” posted in early November last year, I’ve described the potential outcomes and Double Effect vibes on Carrie this year. The 9-4-4-8-4-3 patterns are doubly manifested on her, and it could worsen into an undesirable outcome. And from the “selective listening” signs present in Carrie’s birth chart, there are likely possibilities that she could face stronger Double Whammy effects than the Double Blessing influences.

Then, what does this means?” some of you might ask.

Well, your speculation is as good as mine. Now putting our guesses aside, and analysing from a neutral ground away from emotional attachment, we then look at the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2020)” between Hong Kong and Carrie Lam. The double crisscrossing of 8-7-6 patterns are strong.

In past articles, I mentioned the 8-7-6 pattern could implicate either a self-serving, or the self-sacrificing behaviours. This could imply the tendency signs are indicating a possibility that Carrie might relinquish her current political position or be reassigned this year, or in 2021, to avoid further tensions. Furthermore, her PY2021 chart is showing the 9-5-5-1-5-6 pattern – imposing huge “mountainous” pressure on her and creating massive stumbling blocks on her visions. The 1-5-6 in her PY2021 chart is indicating she might move on to another location, and possibly, away from Hong Kong.

Well, what I’ve described so far, is not a story spinning from my wildest imagination, but from my understanding in the fundamental principles of the elements, and numbers present in the various charts. And it was so fast and easy for me as I’ve the FEON+ software on hand, anytime, to check for more details, within seconds whenever I need them.  If you’ve access to the FEON+ software, look at the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2021) of Hong Kong and Carrie Lam. The 8-1-9-1-8-9 pattern could suggest more or less a kind of closure – though incomplete, but at least to a greater extent, the start of Hong Kong and its citizen to stand tall together, to rebuild their lives, and the country’s economic and financial stabilities.

It’d require many years to heal the wound, and repair the damages to buildings and people’s’ hearts… and as long as there are willing parties agreeing to listen and have conducive dialogues, and agreeing on amicable terms; hope is still there for Hong Kong and her citizens to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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