NIPL Oracle: What Is the Status of Donald Trump’s Presidential Handover on January 20, 2021?

It was at the spur of the moment on Friday morning (January 15, 2021) that I decided to perform an Oracle forecasting on Donald Trump, using the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck set. Click this link for more info and to buy the NIPL Oracle set now.

The first design draft of EON Oracle DeckEven though I was trained in graphic arts and advertising design (yes, i learned airbrushing, paper sculpturing, pointillistic drawings, Ad mock-ups and others) during my younger years, it took me few design iterations (screen on right shows 2nd revision) before deciding on the suitable layout design. I decided on the current design (4th revision) for the NIPL Oracle Deck. I wanted more than just a Numerology Oracle Deck, so I added more complementary cards – Elements, Negative, Positive, and even the number 0 – to show additional clues.

I’m glad to be the first to introduce the unique Numerology Oracle concepts to the world, based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) techniques.

Numbers in Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle DeckThe NIPL Oracle Deck – the design layout, covers, colour schemes, and other components in each of the 108 Oracle cards and 2 instruction cards (total 110 cards) – was designed and copyrighted by me. Spiritual positivity was more apparent in each card during the design stage. That was why Oracle/Tarot professionals might feel the positive energies, when they were spiritually connected to the cards. Below is an unedited audio message that I’ve received from an established Numerologist (applying her own method) and Oracle master practitioner. She bought the NIPL Oracle set, and tested it for the first use, to determine the strengths of “divine connection” between her and the cards. Click the PLAY button to listen…

I decided to use the common 3-card “Past, Present, Future” layout spread. The question that I’ve reinforced in my mind, before and during the Oracle exercise to draw out the six cards, was, “What Is the status of Donald Trump’s presidential handover on January 20, 2021?

The cards drawn are 8-8-7 (Past), 8-1-9 (Present) and 8-2-1 (Future). The YIN Card shows 5; the YANG Card shows 8; and the ELEMENT Card shows Metal element.

I interpreted the cards, take note of it. I then took a screenshot of the Oracle spread, and shared it with FEN students in the FEN COMMUNITY support group. Below are some comments made by the students:

  • Really very insistent and emotional, based on the Metal element.
  • Lots of “bad mouthing” might happen
  • Non-stop and continuous slander.
  • With many 8s appearing on all three cards, he is a highly stressed and pressured person at this time, and this could lead him to become unstable or violent.
  • On 8 and 1 in PRESENT and FUTURE cards, he is also looking at legal issues in the current state, and besides legal issues going forward, probably in businesses, in the future.
  • The YIN 5 shows that he is going through lots of obstacles and challenges now, which probably will affect him mentally (Metal element)
  • The number 8 (FIRE) represents power and control/manage. Excessive 8s here shows uncontrollable, massive heat, which is going to explode, be pressured, and be stressed.
  • The number 5 is dynamic element. It’s an obstacle he’s currently facing. At the same time, it can also be a direction which he can seek to stabilise the ground.
  • The PAST 8-8-7 – he managed and served well for his supporters. The PRESENT 8-1-9 – very busy with stress and pressure, to gain success. He needs to put a lot of hard work to prove his leadership, overcome settlements via the legal order. The FUTURE 8-2-1 – there will be more fake news; the truth will surface.

Elements of Numbers: EON Oracle Course, introducing the use of Numbers In Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle Deck for Oracle readingssYes, the feedback received from FEN students was terrific and interesting. I learned useful insights from them and their perspectives too. Even though I’ve not conducted the EON ORACLE class (click here for details) due to disruptive schedule to my personal projects, I’m glad the FEN students have learned and progressed well. They understood the EON/FEN techniques that I’ve shared with them in class and in the support group chats. They could use that knowledge and apply to their analysis, and in this case, Oracle readings. I always encouraged my FEN students to be better than me. I hope, one day, they could teach and share their knowledge with their students and embrace the “to teach is to learn twice” metaphor. I believe that with regular practices and real-world profiling exercises, my FEN students would be more confident and knowledgeable than many external trainers. You too, can be a member of the FEN COMMUNITY group and enjoy the experiential journey with me, and other students.

NIPL Oracle Deck - The Compendium Oracle Deck, based on Elements of Numbers (EON) methodHere’s the interpretation of my Oracle reading…

  • PAST (8-8-7) 
  • We could interpret the 8-8-7 pattern as [Stress – Stress – Supporter] or [Relentlessly – Pressurising – Supporters]. This implies that Donald put pressure and stress on his followers, tirelessly with resolute perseverance. On each card, I have included sample information of behavioural traits that you can use. For example, you can interpret the 8-8-7 pattern as [Anger – Control – Self-Interest]. This implies Donald is exhibiting strong frustration and anger (on the election results), trying to control (and manipulate) the minds of his supporters, for a simple reason – for self-interest.
  • PRESENT (8-1-9)
  • We could interpret the 8-1-9 pattern as [Stress – Alone – Success] which implies he’s feeling stressing and lonely about his inability to continue the presidency – his vision for an ultimate commander-in-charge for the next four years. We can also interpret that as [Control – Leader – Vision]. This implies he can control, manipulate, and convince the minds of his supporters, that he is the rightful leader to carry out his perfect visions for the sake of them all. From the NIPL card, you can randomly select the behaviour traits and interpret them as [Resistance – Backstab – Arrogance]. In the present situation, Donald resisted all charges against him, perhaps, about his impeachment. He also betrayed his loyal followers, to defend themselves as if he had nothing to do with their actions and behaviours. Once again, his arrogance to insist on being the winner in the American presidential election is still very visible and felt.
  • FUTURE (8-2-1)
  • We have a few days left until January 20, 2021, and what can we expect to observe? We could interpret the 8-2-1 pattern as [Stress – Talk – Alone]. This implies that he would experience more stress and puts pressure on his followers, by continuing to communicate with them in all possible ways that he is the rightful leader. Finally, he might be disappointed and left feeling alone, as his loyal supporters would abandon him because they were backstabbed by him earlier.
  • YIN Card (5)
  • The YIN Card is focusing on the negative behavioural traits that Donald might be compelled to do. This means, potential likelihood that he would continue to be principled-minded, stubborn, resolute, rebel against all odds, and creating obstacles, as the fear of change/risk and losing his power and authority, are unbearable and strong.
  • YANG Card (8)
  • The YANG Card is focusing on the positive behavioural traits that Donald could do, only when he’s willing to behave and act positively. This means, potential likelihood of taking responsibility for what he did. And to stay committed to follow his moral compass, to behave as a socially-responsible, former president (if he’s not impeached and lost the privileges and rights before January 20, 2021) for the common good of all.
  • Numbers in Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle - Unique ELEMENT CardsELEMENT Card (Metal)
  • Health professionals and psychiatrists have profiled Donald to be, in many ways, like a mentally disarranged person, full of egos, principle-mindedness, hallucinating, unrealistic visions, pride, brute, crazy, and self-interest. These behavioural traits are generally associated with the METAL element. The presence of Metal being the ELEMENT Card drawn, reinforces the strong Metal-related influences on Donald. Thus, the likelihood that his mental ineptitude and unstable cognitive mindset could be further manifested.

Amid dark clouds and tumultuous seas, let’s seek out glimmers of hope and a new dawn. Let us all hope for a day full of events on January 20, 2021, during which all Americans and world communities will be able to rejoice, with joy and hope. And a deep sight of relief in our hearts, that Donald has come to his senses – acting on YANG Card 8 – admitted his mistakes, and take accountability by not doing anything drastic and negative, to disrupt the official event.

“Winning and losing isn’t everything. Sometimes, the journey is just as important as the outcome.” – Alex Horgan


On every NIPL Oracle Deck card, there are enough information and clues to help anyone with numerology knowledge. Yes, even though the design components are primarily based on EON/FEN theories and techniques, most of the information can easily be read and interpreted by anyone who’d attended other numerology methods. Take the case of the established numerologist and Oracle practitioner whom I’ve mentioned earlier. She provides professional numerology and Oracle services. She also conducted her own numerology classes occasionally, and her method is unlike my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Even so, she could confidently perform Oracle readings using the NIPL Oracle Deck set.

If you find today’s article interesting, and keen on exploring the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck, for Oracle readings, don’t hesitate. Stocks are limited because of the higher production cost, and I was only able to order limited quantities per batch. Get a copy (click here now, whilst stock last) to explore how you can perform Oracle readings easily, with the information and clues on the NIPL Oracle Deck.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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