Numerological Predictive Observations 2019

Happy New Year 2019. Greetings to All. May this year brings you abundance of successful and contented benefits, wealth, healthier and fitter holistic mental wellbeing, exciting career, and project completions.

Once again, this “1st day of the year” (1DOTY) article, like my other 1DOTY articles posted in previous years, is special for me and everyone else. And as always, I wish to thank everyone supporting my passion and research work here, who’ve applied and/or helped promote the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses.

Sticking with the tradition of my preceding years’ articles, below is the NPO2019 graphic (click graphic image for larger view) comprising of “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” to read through my forecast on the global events, increasing trends, and personality traits that might arise this year in 2019.


While the volatility and turmoil of Year2018 vibes on the stock markets created tensions, anticipations, and frustrations for many people, the vibes for Year2019 is a little different. It is more about the outcome of Year2018’s controlling and commanding actions – the closure and final effects of 2018. Hence, we might pick up more successes coming, growth, and heightened activities in businesses and industries related to the Year2019 vibes. I’ve listed some of the businesses in the NPO2019 graphic image. As always, DYODD (do your own due diligence) when investing. Always remember, the volatility of Year2018 could still be in existence until around the end of 1st-quarter 2019. This means, what you’ve experienced last year – be they about gaining profits or paper-loss, or losing hard cash – might happen during the next three months or so. As feared (or rumoured) by many experts and professionals (especially big players and short-sellers, and greedy opportunists) about impending stock market crash, the potential of experiencing a severe one is unlikely, although there is still a possibility due to the overlapping influence of the Year2018 energies on Year2019. And should there be a stock market clash in 2019, it’d be a quick rebound, a “fast and furious” roller coaster-like effect, causing unnecessary consequences to many, especially for people tempted with GREED.


There might be more accidents involving people falling from heights, or struck by falling objects in Year2019. The tendency signs are also suggesting high-rise building accidents, including fire in buildings, high towers, or tall structures. In addition, building contractors must ensure structural reinforcement, and scaffolding’s must be firmly secured, as there are potential signs of more accidents involving scaffolding, elevated platforms, davit systems, or reinforced platform collapsing. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be regularly checked and replaced, as there are signs suggesting chemical contamination, which could affect the eyes, blood, and cardiovascular health.


The health symptoms mentioned earlier, applies to everyone irrespective of whether we’re in a workplace, factory, construction or building sites, or home. There might be the breakthrough or heightened tensions in medical areas like immune and respiratory (like flu, cough, breathing, mental), liver-related (like blood sugar, diabetes), and even visual/blood-related (like eyes, optical, blood, tuberculosis).


The recent volcanoes erupting in Indonesia and elsewhere will still happen in 2019. Furthermore, as mentioned, or indicated in my NPO2018 graphic image, we might face similar extreme weather in 2019, like heavy snow, ice, and chilling weather patterns. There might be more reported instances of death related to diseases, or people suffering from freezing, flu, and pneumonia-like sickness.


In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could correlate the number 1 to the WEST, and number 9 to the EAST. This means the current trade wars between the USA and China, and the nuclear talks between USA and North Korea, is still active. The resultant of 2019 = 3 (Fire, tension, firearms, war). This implies fiery vibes, critical tensions, and temperaments seen between the parties. On the positive sides, we could also correlate the resultant number 3 to creativity, passion, joy, and happiness. This means, a possibility that while the trade war or nuclear talks are ongoing, there might be beneficial outcomes that bring more joy and happiness to the global community.

More sexual scandals are surfacing, and more greedy people charged with corruptions or money launderings. In addition, there might be more riots or brutal attacks from gangsters, radicals, and terrorists because of the brotherhood (or sisterhood) group loyalty. As a solution, there might be more heightened enforcement involving the military or police security forces.

While the Year2019 brings about the essence of successes and completion, we must take care not to become a “victim of our own success” and ended up being more greedy than usual. When greed controls the mind with material temptations surfacing, it’d ruin the hearts and families of many people. On the other hand, the year’s essence could also produce more social responsible actions, like seeing more people becoming a philanthropist, actively involving in humanitarian or charity projects. And of course, we might discover more business scams surfacing with empty promises of huge returns or dividends.


You must be prudent and manage your finances well. While some of your invested income might see success or profits, do not let GREED overrules your mind. Amid the heightened healthcare or medical educational activities around, it is always important to be consciously aware of your health conditions. Go for medical check-up if you can, and not wait until the symptom surfaced outwardly. Keep yourself in good shape and stay mentally healthy. As there might be potential immune, kidneys, and respiratory health conditions, it is important for you to get a medical or a health care insurance policy if you haven’t already done so. The Year2019 energies might affect you if you’re not adequately prepared.

Here’s a special PEC2019 (Positive Empowerment Code) that I’d like to share with you –  the code sequence 45234 – to be interpreted as [Planning – Challenges – Collaboration – Passion and Focus – Setting Foundation]. The PEC2019 signs suggest the need for you to act on the below code sequence this year for better harmony:

  • 4Dream big, and plan well. If you’ve many things in mind to do but never found the time to work on it, why not start by prioritising which plan of yours to work on? Every plan looks excellent before you take action. Hence, a good plan executed today is better than making the perfect plan with indefinite timelines.
  • 5“No risk, no gain” and that’s what you need to face – the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones depend on how you perceive the challenges in advance.
  • 2Talking to others about your plans or thoughts without actions is just like gossiping whether the chicken or the egg comes first. Stop the fearful or insecure, sensitive feelings.  Start collaborating with others and work as a team. These days, with social media being the primary attention in our daily lives – with us checking the instant messages on our phones – team efforts and rewards are more sustainable.
  • 3With passion, comes the possibility of making things happen, or getting work done quickly and properly. Ignite the spark of your creative light, and bring about the joy, passion, and enlightening moments to inspire others. Focus on your true intents and complete your tasks, and not be swayed by disruptive ideas along the way.
  • 4Having stated all that, this last number is all about taking action today to lay the foundation for tomorrow. Educate yourself and build the knowledge for tomorrow’s growth. Remember, a wonderful plan without action, is just a wish.

One more thing… focus on the experience of your success, and not the chasing after materialism.

Those are my brief overview observations of the year 2019 energies.

Think back, if you want a better tomorrow, do the right thing positively today.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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