On Melissa’s Smart Genes

I met Susan a few days ago at the Christmas Day BBQ gathering. Susan was anxious to know more about her daughter, Melissa’s academic strengths, as the latter will be sitting for the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) in 2019.

I told Susan that her daughter had strong “book-smart” genes, according to the EON chart that I’ve plotted using the FEON+ software. This implies that Melissa can study hard, and followed what the books stated, or what her teachers at school, have taught her. Everything she learns, including her academic knowledge building, is according to the information stated in the books. In one way, this is good as she has “easy access” to her “book-smart” traits to pass her examinations. Yes, she’s frequently utilising her logical left brain. Even so, in another way, this might not be as practical as it seems, as a person also needs to explore their creative right brain to tap on their creative-thinking and resourcefulness.

Melissa’s “street-smart” gene is weak. While she could be very resourceful, like checking information on the Internet, the “street-smart” that I’m referring to, is more of learning beyond academic studies. This means she could not “automatically” explore in areas (like the 5W1H – Why, Who, What, Where, When, and How, and conceptual-based learning) unfamiliar to her, and strictly conform to what the book said. Unless someone coerced her or passed her initial guidance to invoke her creative and resourceful thoughts, she might be too complacent and stick to familiar grounds. Because of these, using concepts like doing mathematical questions, might be a daunting task once the question sounded unfamiliar. I told Susan she needed to inculcate to Melissa on the habits of conceptual learning, to guide her as a supportive mentor, and not as a disciplinarian mother.

One of the contributing factors affecting Melissa’s personality is because of the Birth Root number 5 in her chart. In basic EON principles, we could associate the number 5 as a mountain, solid rock, boulder, and hardened earth – this creates the obstacles, stumbling blocks, and hurdles in the mindsets. And usually, it brings about the concern, fear, and anxiety; including unnecessary worries about taking risks – the “should I or should I not do it” type of hesitation. Like a mountain creating the majestic feelings, the person also takes pride in their work.

When the earth is softened or broken into pieces, they could be like a landslide or soft ground. In extreme cases, the soft earth could be like a quicksand, taking everything that’s resting on it. In simple profiling terms, this implies gullible and “afraid to say NO” or “everything also wants to take.” In summary, this means taking on tasks or projects beyond her means. From some other angle, it means easy distractions. Melissa likes to start projects or do things at the beginning, but because of her too-many-things-to-do on her mind and distractions, she frequently does not complete or finish her tasks at all. She’s a good starter and leader, but not a big finisher.

Melissa has the 5-5-5 in locations M-O-P, suggesting three times the energies that could influence or affect her. In a candid and direct comment, she could be “triple” everything that I’ve mentioned so far.

Susan mentioned Melissa likes to travel. Sure, that’s all true. As indicated in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” we could associate the number 5 to traits like “freedom fighter” and “cannot sit still.” Here’s an analogy – in ancient China, villagers need to cross over the mountain to venture out of their village or homes, preferably to look for a better job or life, or earn more money. Similarly, we can also use this analogy as “travelling” outside the home or country.

I mentioned earlier that Melissa’s street-smart gene was weak. There is no such thing as a trait, gene, number, or elements, as strong or weak forever as we’re exposed and acted upon by the transient energies moving around us. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the transient energies could come from the periodic vibes – like the Personal Day, Personal Month, and Personal Year. The PY2018/19 charts show positive “smart-genes” energies, enabling Melissa to become more curious, inquisitive, and earnest in wanting to know more, beyond what the book said. This is adept as she is more open to accepting alternative ideas and comments, plus the capacity to understand why conceptual learning is equally important, to enrich her knowledge and experience. And since her PSLE is in 2019, she has the “guardian angel” bringing along the lucky stars to her. Putting any unforeseen circumstances aside, Melissa should not encounter much difficulties in passing her PSLE with above-average results. Now, having said that, Melissa still needs to call for action by studying smart, not hard, to allow more time for her to pursue a better life enriching lessons, beyond academic results.

What Melissa needs to do is to break loose her fears and anxieties, and the unnecessary worries that created the apprehension, procrastination, hesitation, and reluctance to accept the risk; and to face the obstacles as challenges and hurdles, rather than stumbling blocks. The solid rock in her needs to be softened into soft mud and sand at times, to allow the clay to form into any shape she desires, without much effort, pressure, and sweat.

There are many things Melissa wants to practice, but she was often quickly distracted. Stay focused by setting priorities could help her sway her moods and stick to complete the undertaking she has started. There are also signs of OCD-like tendencies, where she might sometimes feel frustrated when things are not arranged in the order she chose, or overly cautious about cleanliness. While Melissa might not show her OCD tendencies for now, it might become more obvious in her later years when such unconscious actions and thoughts became a habit.

When we examine a young person’s birth chart, we can also look at the relationship between the person and their parents.

Melissa’s dad – let’s name him as John – gives her independence, inspiration, and motivation. And he pampers her too. This is according to the tendency sign of number 1 in H2 location. This means Melissa often felt enlightened when she’s with her daddy, and treats him as a role model. Nevertheless, in Transactional Analysis (TA) principles, John is adopting the nurturing parent ego state. This means Melissa is frequently at ease with her daddy as she deemed him as a caring father who gives her independence to do what she likes. John needs to do more beyond the role of a nurturing father who pampers her daughter, and to that of a motivating mentor-friend who inculcates conceptual self-learning through alternative concepts. In TA principles, John needs to converse with Melissa in an adult-adult ego state, and inspire her to decide what she wants to do to be the person she aspires to be.

The triple-5 could transform and exhibit traits of the number 1. That implies potential impact or influence from Metal-related symptoms or conditions, besides the loneliness and introvert personality associated to number 1. These include mental disorder, high anxiety, hyperventilation, sleep apnea, worries, or conceptual blockage.

The number 9 in H3 location suggested that Susan was more of a disciplinarian mother, who frequently reminded and nagged to her daughter “to do good for her own sake” and aim for success whenever possible. The two sets of 2-7-9 in her birth chart suggested that Melissa might often be sensitive and feeling insecure when she’s with her mother. Susan should reduce the “carrot-and-stick” approach of using material rewards to tempt her daughter to study. When overused, such temptations could lead to Melissa to change the tactic to study for the sake of material benefits, and not for self actualisation or contentment. Whatever the results might be; they could reward Melissa for doing her best, by giving her a special dinner treat, a hug, or giving encouraging words. They too need to inculcate to Melissa the habits of self-responsibility – she makes her decision based on informed judgement, and take charge of her own life.

I told Susan that Melissa lacked the FIRE element, and would do her daughter good if she’s exposed to activity-based projects that involved physical exercises. Alternatively, projects that sparked off the creativity and passionate vibes – these could help untwined the stubborn “mountain or solid rock” obstacle inside her. When she could discover the light at the end of the tunnel through the mountain, there’re hope, joy, and more insightful moments for Melissa in 2019.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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