Larry’s analysis of four people using FEON+

Larry registered the FEON+ software earlier this week, and was excited as it permits him to visualise a person’s EON charts from a fresh angle. He is a numerology enthusiast and has been practising for past six years, doing case study profiling for others, to improve his observation skill sets, and expand his analytical knowledge.

[Larry] Once again, thank you very much for your FEON+ app!  This app is really an amazing tool for fast data collection, comparison, and analysing. With more of such features, it helps to provide “solid proofs” on the observations. Even so, the tricky part as you said – the interpretation of the chart! And this is very much depended on the “kung fu” (skill) of the person who analyses the charts. Allow me to share my view – since all the numbers are displayed in their respective element colours, it is like upgrading my analysis skills up to the next level; as if I’m moving to higher, broader dimension in analysing the chart, and as if I’m having a 3rd-eye already! I can see so obviously how the elements of numbers actually work, and the interference (interactions) and compatibility of each element. That’s why it comes to me clearly now why you’ve named your method as “Elements of Numbers” – it’s just not about the numbers, but the elements as well, and the influence that these numbers are energising, do play vital roles too.

[Ron] I can relate to how Larry feels when he  registered the FEON+ software. I developed it for my own use initially, and am still using it for all my EON profiling case studies. It doesn’t really matter how many features the software has, but it’s the core and key functionality that matters. Larry’s excitement and enthusiasm have been revitalised. I’m glad that Larry now understands the key essence of empowering a person to profile at a higher level, is not checking on the numbers itself, but the elements. The nine numbers have almost similar meanings, whether it’s Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Western, and other numerology systems. It’s like looking at a black-and-white pencil-drawn illustration on canvas. However, when you add the elements and include its associated colours, you could look at the same picture (like painted over with watercolours) in true colours, and could see clearly, the different shades and depths too. Using another analogy, analysing numbers alone – as taught and promoted by many external Trainers – is like watching a moving picture on an old black-and-white CRT TV. With the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can see the movie sharply, in full vivid colours on a Digital TV set. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little here, but I guess you know where I’m coming from, especially when your profiling skills have improved after attending my FEN classes.

Larry was anxious to share his analysis using the FEON+ software, and asked if we can “compare notes” on our analysis. I replied to Larry positively, and told him my sharing would be through a case study article like this one. My purpose – to allow you, and especially my supportive FEN students, to recognise the different style of analysis, so that they can improve their EON/FEN profiling skills.

[Larry] The screenshot shows four person’s chart that I have selected from my real case study journal. These charts shared one very obvious similarity – lots of fire! And when I attempt to analyse their characters, they share one common characteristic – that is, being very watchful and careful when dealing with things, and with peoples around, even to the extent of being too realistic sometimes. They convey the principles of “No-nonsense talk, what can be of benefit for me?” I could relate this type of characters to FIREa warning signal everywhere, and a sign of heeding and caution.

[Ron] One key personality trait that Larry observed is the “No-nonsense talk, what can be of benefit for me?” In many of my past articles, I’ve mentioned that I could associate this type of behaviours to the “self-beneficial” and “self-sacrificing” mindset of people who has the 8-7-6 or 7-8-6 pattern. Oh, let me clarify before I continue – the 8-7-6 and 7-8-6 pattern does have other characteristics as well, and not necessarily be ONLY about “self-beneficial, or self-sacrificing, or self-giving” attitudes. The 8-7-6 (or any sequence) is found in the charts of Friend-A, Friend-B, Friend-C, and Friend-D. I’m not certain if all four of them knows each other, but if assuming if they do, then when they’re together as a group, the principled mindset of “benefiting myself first before I can sacrifice my time and effort for you” are manifested as the 8-7-6 pattern is in locations M-N-O of their Relationship / Compatibility Chart.  Even if the four people don’t know one another, plotting all four charts in the FEON+ software and checking on them in the “Relations” option, do provide Larry a quick way  to analyse and compare all four people’s charts on one screen. While he might have made his observations sometime back, using the FEON+ software further “double-confirmed(reinforced) his observations as he could identify a person’s true colours visually and rapidly.

Friend-A is more sensitive and demanding, and could hurt others without them knowing. Both Friend-B and Friend-D are more emotional, hot-tempered, and forceful – to a certain extent; it could lead to bipolar disorder and/or domestic violence. Friend-C often likes to hear only the “right words” or inhibited the selective-listening habits, and could sometimes anger others with his bad EQ communication skills.

There are so many extended methods and visualisation techniques that I have shared with my FEN WORKSHOP classes, that you can try out to identify more clues. For instance, when I apply the EFV FLOW Code theory, there are tendency signs that Friend-A might often face more challenges and stumbling blocks because of his sensitive thinking and insecurity feelings. And he has sometimes been feeling more stressful than the others – he controlled or contained his emotions and tempers inside him, unlike the others who simply blasted out their anger vibes and tempers quickly without hesitations. When a person contained their stress, emotions, and tempers inside them, they’re like a dormant volcano that can suddenly erupts. That is worse than the forest fire-like outburst exhibited by the three others.

You can find out more about the EFV FLOW and many other extended techniques, at my coming 7th FEN WORKSHOP class.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the next FEN class in February 2019. I’m excited to share the extended techniques with you. Registration for the 7th FEN WORKSHOP is now opened. Check this link for FEN course details and to register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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