Meritocratic vibes? Nah!


I’d a wonderful discussion with John this afternoon where he brought up the subject of ‘meritocracy’ often hyped by the policymakers to stress that everyone is treated equal to enjoy the benefits. John then quoted an analogy where it means every runner must stand behind the starting line in their respective lanes before the race starts. This means every healthier person has the same distance to reach the finishing line as the less-able-bodied ones.  This isn’t fair,” said John.

A quick check on Wikipedia shows that “meritocracy” conceptualizes merit in terms of tested competency and ability. It infers a person’s progress is a result of their ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth. Every runner in a running marathon is treated equal and that means the less-able-bodied person has the same distance to run as the normal healthy person to reach the finishing line. Most sensible people with rationale mind would know that such meritocratic thoughts are just unequal and benefits only certain people.

Sample slides used for EON COURSEWhile John was sharing his views, I could quickly relate his analogies to people with similar birth dates, birth charts (the numbers in locations I-X), and birth numbers (locations M-R). In the meritocratic theories, these people should face similar circumstances except their outcomes vary depending on the peoples’ ability and talent. All begins at the starting line and whoever finishes first depends on the person’s healthy state, endurance, training experiences, and luck.

Surprisingly when we adapt the ‘meritocratic’ phrase to profiling, we can also say the Universal and Personal vibes are meritocratic-like vibes.  And the numbers and their elemental influences are identical for all people with similar birth charts, or similar periodic charts (Personal Year, Month, Day, and Hour).  Now, let’s recall the statement:  The progress of a person is based on their ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth.” There’s much truth since it implies people with same birth dates may face different outcome because of the family upbringing, cultural and social environment, social influences, habits, attitudes, and perspectives.    How true indeed…

Nah… I’d not want to use the phrase ‘meritocratic-like vibes’ as more often than not, most people correlate the word ‘meritocracy’ to political philosophies and organisational power play.

Let’s be more focused and refer these periodic vibes as the Universal and Personal vibes. Numerologically, it sounds more sensible and logical to profile the life path of a person without political philosophies or inclinations. 

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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