Increased emotional and aspiration vibes in Malaysia


According to THESTAR article, the suicide rate is rising in Malaysia. In reality, the increasing suicidal rate is not happening only in Malaysia. Everywhere else, you may have read reports of other countries (including Singapore) with increasing suicide rates too. Often, suicidal thoughts are a result of uncontrollable extreme emotional thoughts.


Now, let’s look at the Personal Year for 2013 (PY2013) for Malaysia using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The number 4 is present in location I (both natal and PY charts) – these could suggest an inherent emotional vibes. The number 4 is also present in the PY2013 chart – external emotional vibes are showing. There are multiple sets of number 9 (locations O, U, R, X) – the high goals and visions the policymakers have set for their country. Technically, these are all good intents to enrich the country economically and financially; and to expand their investments and exports globally. However, the number 9s (being a Wood element), could also imply ‘multiple sets of’  subtle emotional vibes present this year.

I’ve added new slides for the 1st EON@MY WORKSHOP scheduled next month on 21 Sep 2013. The slides act as visual aids for me to explain certain extended techniques to allow the Malaysia (MY) participants to correlate quickly. These include the ANNUAL CODE, an accidental discovery made while communicating with one workshop participant. I’ve since shared the method at the last two EON Workshop (EON@SG) sessions. The ANNUAL CODE allows anyone to identify the annual influence present in a chart.  

SampleSlides4MYWhen I look at the ANNUAL CODE pattern for MY, the tendency signs suggest the need (for the policymakers) to re-enforce immediate stability (of the country) so they can work together to achieve their country’s goal settings. The ANNUAL CODE for next year is different as the tendency signs suggest challenges ahead and stumbling blocks from the people.

For the forthcoming EON@MY WORKSHOP, I’ll explain more in details the annual influence present on Malaysia’s chart. Of course I’ll also explain the annual influence on a person (from their ANNUAL CODE), and why they might react ‘differently’ at a particular year.

The ANNUAL CODE is one of the many extended methods I’ll be sharing at the EON@MY workshop. I’ve discovered and explored these methods in my research, after incorporating the Five Elements principles and my knowledge in other metaphysics.

I’m aware many of you wanted to buy my book in Malaysia (like at Popular Malaysia or MPH bookstores) but could not. I’m told Popular is interested but concerned with the selling book prices considering the SGD-RM currency exchange rates.

Many of you wanted to learn numerology beyond PON but could not attend my EON@SG workshop sessions in Singapore.

I hear you… and the convenient way is for me to conduct the workshop in Malaysia. Technically, the 1st EON@MY WORKSHOP is my ninth workshop session which means even more discoveries.

Some of you wanted to attend my EON workshop but assumed it’d be just “another PON” session. Rest assured, IT IS NOT. I assure you’ll learn different techniques of numerology beyond numbers (and PON).

When you registered for the workshop, you can buy my book at discounted workshop price (while stock last). Buy it for yourself, buy it on behalf of friends, or buy and give the book as gift. What’s more, if you’ve a compatible Android smartphone… you can install the EON software at no extra cost.

If you’re registering for the EON@MY workshop and needs further explanation on certain topics at the session, do feel free to send me an email now. I’ll explain them, at best effort, at the workshop so everyone can learn as well.

Meantime, please read the many articles I’ve posted since I started this web-blog a few years ago. The articles are free… so read up and gather more insights at no cost. Build up your profiling knowledge and practise them regularly.

Have wonderful and insightful weekend!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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