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As a follow-up to yesterday’s article, “Worrisome 4-1-5,” I’ll be sharing my observations on the number pattern 6-7-4 (or 674) in today’s article.

BetterTomorrow2As always, digest it with an open-mind (especially if you have learned different numerology methods from other Trainers), and you can find considerable similarities in the traits I’m about to describe with people you know who have charts with the 6-7-4 patterns. Of course, the level of similarities and quality of the traits displayed by the person depends on his or her family and social influences, beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets. Oh… before I forgot, the traits you’re about to read do not include influencing vibes from other numbers (or number patterns) present elsewhere in your chart. This means you might not inhibit the traits mentioned, but when the 6-7-4 patterns are present in your periodic charts (Personal Year and Personal Day), the traits could be more obvious.

From basic Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, the 6-7-4 could imply [Money – Support – Plan]. It means money is the utmost motivating factor to encourage the person to socialise (and network with influential people). They visualise the beneficial outcomes before they start their planning and action process. From another angle, it means having the “no money, no talk” attitude – the lack of motivation without materialistic benefits, and seeing little need to work responsibly unless favourable achievements can be attained… easily.

The 6-7-4 could also be interpreted as [Mental – Feelings – Emotions] which implied an intellectual person whose behaviours and outward actions are controlled by the sensivity, insecurity, and emotional attachment. On the negative side, the person might exhibit fiery outburst, temperamental moods, and stressful workaholic-like tendency signs. It’s like displaying habits akin to a self-sacrificing person with a self-beneficial mindset. In short, their follow-up actions depend on the “no gain, no pain” objective.

FUTUREFrom the emotional and mental perspectives, I’m interpreting the 6-7-4 as [Fear – Greed – Anger] and [Doubt – Achieve – Sadness]. When you correlate the keywords to the traits mentioned in earlier paragraph, you’ll find these are similarities but yet there are ‘unlike’ characteristics. From an emotional perspective, The feelings of fear and insecurity come to mind, and these could create the gluttony urge to manipulate others. And when things don’t work out as expected, the showing of anger and tempers is intentional to create the impression of disappointment as they are passionate and sincere. From a mental perspective, the worries and doubts that things might not be what they hope to be could push them to plan ahead to achieve their goals. The driving force is to get others to be envious of their dedications and hard-work commitments, and the extreme desire to get others to “buy-in” their sincerity. In many ways, we can also summarise the 6-7-4 patterns as materialistic and manipulative traits.

If you or someone you know has the 6-7-4 pattern, and you realised much truth in the traits mentioned earlier, then it’s time to put aside the monetary motivation to get you to act responsibly. From the Five Elements principles, there are signs of smooth ‘supporting’ transition on the 6-7-4 (Metal supports Water, and Water supports Wood). However, if you continue to stick to old habits and refuse to change your attitude, you will not receive the rewards and support from others since there are the missing Fire (actions) and Earth (resource and support) elements to complete and harmonise the productive cycle flow.

BELIEFSSure what you might achieve is not what you desire (forget the perfectionist attitude), but the extra gains (personal satisfactions and less monetary rewards) should suffice. There are beneficial hidden patterns that could create better engagement with others, and changing their perception of you as a truthful, sincere, and passionate person. That is, if you can change towards positive attitudes, you will find more meaningful and purposeful life goals other than chasing for materialistic gains.

You can’t change the 6-7-4 pattern (especially if you have them in your chart), but you can change yourself. Reduce the possessive nature. Put aside the “self-beneficial” attitude and work on the “self-sacrificing” or “self-rewarding” acts. Inculcate the “since money is secondary, I can continue to act without material gains” attitude. Plan and execute your visions first before you let others know what you can do (your capacity) and your ability to deliver your promises responsibly. And when you are in better control over your emotions, it means less stress, fewer temperamental mood swings, and fewer materialistic pursuits. In return, the little “self-sacrifice” habit could manifest to more “self-rewarding” signs like happiness, more freedom (and better work-life activities) and healthier holistic well-being.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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