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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the recent two articles, “Worrisome 4-1-5” and “Possessive 6-7-4” posted earlier. Today’s article is on the number pattern 8-2-1 (or 821).

As mentioned in previous articles, what you’re about to read is based solely on the 8-2-1 pattern, and does not include other numbers in close proximity in the chart. More often than not, many of these external numbers could influence the traits associated with the 8-2-1 pattern, and these mean the person may or might not exhibit the traits I’m about to share here.

CONFIDENCEFrom basic Elements of Numbers (EON) interpretations, we could decode the 8-2-1 pattern as [Stress – Talk – Alone]. This implied if you or someone you’ve analysed has the same set of number pattern in the chart, could inhibit traits like constantly feeling stressful before or when communicating to others. You might have the habit to talk more than necessary, the difficulty in explaining in simple words, preferring to take short-cuts, and assuming others fully understand what you said without verifying with them. As such, you find yourself misunderstood or wondered why others could interpret your message differently. That is because the tendency sign suggesting a long-winded person or the frequent need to go-around-the-bush when communicating with others. And because of your quick-temper, impatient, and hasty attitude, others could perceive you as an unconvincing person – you are the person who often talks about one issue but acted on another issue. To them, what you said is not what they hear or interpret. That is why they often found you not truthful in your communications.

Selective ListeningFrom an extended EON interpretation, there are hidden contributing signs suggesting the lack of empathy, insensitivities, and selective listening disorder. This means your hastiness, quick temperaments, mumbling, and taking short-cuts might cause your frequent frustrations when communicating with others. More often than not, you feel your message is more important than others and there is the little need to hear or listen to what others have to say. You talk more than you listen, and these might have resulted in you having to deliver a simple message repeatedly before others finally understood what you are saying.

EMOTIONSFrom the mental perspective, we could associate the 8-2-1 pattern as [Vengeance – Flattery – Resentment]. What this implies you might have a revengeful nature and could not let go of past resentments easily. You also need others to flatter you, probably because of your lack of confidence, negativity, and insecurity weaknesses. You often felt frustrated and insisted that others had acted wrongly. To you, it’s their faults and not yours. You are oblivious to others and might not notice you kept saying contradicting or twisted words. You don’t bother listening to their views and assuming they heard and interpreted you correctly. Because of all these self-perceived assumptions, others could see you as an unconvincing person who often hastily blame others. Others could see you as a “no action talk only” person whose promising words have little substances and facts.

If you have the 8-2-1 pattern in your chart, there are improvements you can work on today if you want better times ahead. Stop talking too much unnecessary and listen attentively to others is the best cure if you want to deliver the message once, so that others could interpret and understand what you said clearly. Think before you talk, and stop mumbling. Slow down your speech as others could perceive them as stammering. Relax, stop the blame game, and reduce your quick-tempered behaviours. From a Five Elements perspective, the harmonising energies suggest the need to be more humble and focus on executing your plans without monetary motivation to compel you to do so. Strive to work on long-term visions and goals instead of preferring to focus on quick and short-term success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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