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Today’s article is special because this is the first time I’ve drafted and posted an article from overseas, over 10,000km away from the tropical city island of Singapore, where I’m from. Regardless, my passion to share regular profiling related articles still lingers strongly no matter where I’m presently at. I understand many of you are eagerly waiting to read my next article, to learn something useful that you can apply to your profiling analysis. Yes, I also noted there are readers from the UK and Europe visiting this site regularly. Thanks for the support!

The weather was warm (and dry) the past few days when I was in London. Thankfully, it’s so much cooler (around/below 21C) here at Exeter. According to the local government agencies in the UK, the country is going through a hot weather recently, with temperatures rising to around 24C-30C in different areas. Back home in Singapore, it is usual to have the temperatures between 31C-34C on sunny days, but with high humidity levels.

What has the weather got to do with human behavioural profiling?

On the surface, the weather has no clear connections with human behavioural profiling. However, there is a connection once you understood the interactions of the Five Elements components (included as key essence of the Elements of Numbers system) and its influence on us. The weather, temperature, atmospheric conditions, and sudden changes with the environment can affect an individual’s moods, emotions, and tempers. In turn, these can influence the person’s character, behaviours, attitudes, and their health. And when the person can take charge and control their emotions, they are well-prepared and empowered to dilute and overcome disruptive energies that came along the way with proactive thoughts and actions. As such, any negative effects coming from periodic vibes could be managed and controlled.

Putting aside the weather, can two or more people with same birth charts experienced identical characteristics and behaviours?

Imagine you are profiling some case study subjects and noticed there are two people with same EON Birth Charts even though they have different birth dates. Usually when we say a person is having the same or similar birth charts, we are referring to the numbers in locations’ I to X on the EON Birth Chartthey are same. When your profiling knowledge is superficial and basic, you’d assume the two people would share similar traits and face similar outcomes. Incidentally, that’s what many external trainers confidently imparted to their students. That’s a naive, primitive, and irrational assumptions. Once your profiling knowledge improves beyond basic levels, your common senses and logical reasoning would be more active. You’d then know that the two persons with similar birth charts can have their own individual characteristics and outlook (in appearance, appeal, and perspectives). From there, you can look further beyond profiling steps, and explore the extended EON methods to find out more profiling clues on the person. Thus, the answer is – it is unlikely to have two or more people with same birth charts to behave, act, think, feel, and talk similarly; faced same health conditions; and experience identical lifestyles. We are not like the non-living indistinguishable products churning out from the same factory floors. Even same gadgets and products from same factor floor can fail due to different parts and QC (quality control) issues.

Understanding the use of birth time.

Besides being mindful of the living environment, land, and cultural beliefs that might influence a person’s outlook on life’s perspective, the Birth Time is equally important. While there might be constant debates about whether to apply the Daylight Saving for countries that regularly adjust their time clock accordingly, it can be subjective for human behavioural profiling and analysis. The energies that you are born is equal to the time of your birth, irrespective of where in the world you are born. This means that regardless of whether three people born at the same “exact universe” period in time and space (like Meily is born at 11pm in China; Thilda born in Yangon, which is at 9:30pm; and James born in New York, which is at 11am), we should not convert the time of birth to any desirable local country time. This implies we should plot the Birth Chart and Time of Birth Chart based on the date and time the individual person is born in their respective countries. Eventually, all three of them (Meily, Thilda, and James) might have identical Birth Charts, while their Time of Birth Charts (and Combined Date and Time charts) are dissimilar.

On the seasonal influence.

Another area to consider in your profiling analysis, is the seasonal influence. A person with many 3s and 8s in their birth chart and born during Winter, might experience different health issues from another individual with similar birth chart (the numbers in I-to-X locations are similar) but born in Summer. Likewise, you also have to factor in whether the person is born in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere as well.

On age gap difference.

A person may have the same birth chart (numbers in locations’ I to X are identical) as another person, but their age might be different, like 24-years apart. You can include the LIFE FORCE method to determine the present-day Qi energy for the different age group that could influence the two people. And if that is not enough to provide extra hints, you can then include the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP) method. Every nine years, and depending on the day we are born, our 9YLCP energies vary from someone else born on different dates, but with a similar birth chart.

Profiling applications and lessons.

It is not complicated or confusing when you possess the proper tools to display the correct information. Luckily, the FEON+ software does provide most of the time- or periodic-critical information almost instantly, which could ease the mundane task of trying to plot various time-consuming charts manually. While the 9YLCP method is considered a “work-in-progress” status, it is very easy to plot the 9YLCP codes. I’ll be providing a simple table chart that you can refer to, if you’re attending the coming 5th FEN WORKSHOP class. Click this link for FEN course information and registration details.

I’ve briefly shared some hot and handy insights into the need to look at time-critical or periodic influences that might affect or boost a person’s Qi energies. The option is up to you, whether to continue adopting a flat-based and everything-being-equal profiling method, or one that provides you with the additional profiling options, dynamically when necessary, to identify more ‘hot’ clues when the basic profiling steps cannot provide sufficient information needed.

Until the next article, have a wonderful and hot week ahead. No, I’m not referring to the hot weather in your country, but the joyful excitement around you. Stay Cool and Have Fun!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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