Are Missing Numbers Really Lacking?

I first started drafting this article yesterday on the plane at an altitude of 40,000ft, and somewhere above the Black Sea. I was on my way to London from Singapore. I’m there for a family celebration and holiday. While I managed to catch up on some recent movies on the plane, the next-best activity on the plane is to relax and sleep. However, with regular interruptions and intermittent audio alert with “seat-belts on” due to slight turbulence, I find it difficult to enjoy a good sleep on the plane. So, I decided to spend more productive time instead – drafting this article even though there isn’t any free Internet access up in the sky.

I decided to share some insights about the “missing numbers” since I noted someone searching for it some days back. While I’ve posted articles on “missing numbers” previously (click this link for the article links), I’m focusing on the missing numbers from another angle – from a different perspective. Oh yes, including a new vertical perspective, up to the sky at above 40,000ft from the ground level as well.

Once again, there are different ways to check a chart and identify the missing numbers. Normally when certain numbers are not presented at specific locations in a chart, we deemed the person to have one or more missing numbers. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives, missing numbers do not imply the person doesn’t exhibit or lack the traits associated with the specific number. On the contrary, we all have the numbers 1-9 present in our charts – it’s simply that the visible traits are stronger, and the non-visible (missing numbers) are weak. For instance, when a chart has missing number 1, it doesn’t imply the person does not have number 1’s traits in them. It merely suggests that the number 1’s traits are weak, which implies they are seldom born leaders, might call for others to inspire them to be more innovative, and could easily be swayed by others through intellectual reasoning. Considerably, it doesn’t mean they don’t readily get backstabbed too. On the contrary, they might experience low self-esteem, unstable but with ego and pride, even though they might have missing number 1. They could still easily get jealous, backstab others, gossip or badmouthing others too.

Next, even though the person might have missing number 1 in the birth chart, we must be mindful that the birth chart is just one of the many charts available that we can use in combination, to profile a person. For example, the Time of Birth Chart and the Combined Date and Time Chart is equally significant. That is why other methods that do not have any Time Charts method, can only rely on the birth chart to ascertain if the missing number is present. It is limiting in many ways to check one chart and assumed the person would lack traits associated to the missing number. Generally, any external method that does not include a time chart, is not as conclusive as methods like the Elements of Numbers (EON) system.

The other chart that is equally important is the periodic charts, like Personal Year and Personal Day Charts. These charts are ‘saviours’ of some sorts, since the missing number 1 in the Birth Chart, could be present in the Personal Year or Personal Day Charts. What this implies is that the energy of say, missing 1, is manifested and strong during that period. If the number 1 is present in the Personal Year Chart, the energy associated with number 1 is then said to be substantial and influential during the entire year. Considerably, as the energies are transient and moving in motion, the periodic year energies do not come and exit in 365 or 366 days. In fact, FEN students know there are overlapping of energies usually felt during the last few months of the preceding year, and the next several months of the following year. The yearly energies depend on the intensity of the person’s Birth Chart and other periodic charts, and could be felt beyond twelve months.

While the missing number suggests lacking of associated traits, it could also be about related Qi deficiency. This means you have to be mindful that when a missing number appears in the Personal Year or Personal Day Chart. A person might feel stressful and uncontrollable at times when the so-called favourable missing number is suddenly present. Another example to illustrate is to use another number, say we use the number 2 as the missing number. When a person has been missing 2, the person might frequent feel dehydrated and might have ulcers in the mouth, and so on. This is mainly due to the lack of water source to hydrate them. The person might dislike drinking water without others’ constant reminders. Now, when the missing 2 is present in the Personal Day Chart, the person could suddenly feel it’s important to hydrate themselves frequently, without being told or reminded by others. they might suddenly become obsessive. Even so, when the greed and desire overcame the practical mindset, the water could come as fast as the Tsunami. It could drown the person, damage their kidneys, or face over-bloated tummy upset, because they drank too much water at one go.

Hence, it is significant to moderate whatever actions you do. When you find out more about life path profiling, and be capable of identifying the Universal and Personal Numbers, the missing numbers could be energised from these pillar charts as well. Once you recognise when these missing numbers would appear, you can then plan ahead as preventive measures. When the missing number finally comes, you are well-prepared and could take charge to control the sudden strength (of the missing number) to your advantage.

In theory, a chart without missing number is like driving on a long straight road with few cars. When we associate that to a person from one perspective, it’s like the person has little problems throughout his life – complacent, dull, and his life is rather straight and smooth. We could associate that to a person who likes driving with automated “cruise” mode. Cool, isn’t it? Well, if you drive for hours on a straight long road, what might be a possible consequence? Chances are, the possibility of the person dozing off while driving or being inattentive, is high.

On the other hand, a person with missing number tends to be more alert, attentive, and observant as the road ahead is not long, straight, or smooth. Because of that, they are often well-prepared for crisis that might arise, and mindful of the energies that could affect them. This means people with missing numbers usually took steps to enhance the associations to the lacking numbers, to create a more harmonised chart. Many successful businesspersons and wealthy people do have missing numbers in their birth charts. Thus, the urge and desire to work harder (and smarter) to realise a better outcome is strong. Using the road as an analogy again – they could be driving on hilly roads, roads with potholes, winding roads, and so on. They don’t drive in “cruise” mode, and prefer switching gears early to adapt to the situations… ahead.

It doesn’t actually matter whether you have a missing number from the EON perspectives. Don’t worry too much unnecessary. As cited earlier, learn to identify other significant charts as well for a more proportional analysis. Even if you’re worried about facing the sudden impact of the Tsunami-like effect influencing you, knowing the behavioural inclination trends (of the EFV FLOW Codes) earlier could create plentiful opportunities to help you avoid inclining towards the negative sides. You can then decide the best options to empower you to identify and grab opportunities as they come along. And when you learned and applied the visualisation techniques and extended EON/FEN methods for profiling, you are well-equipped with the knowledge and skill sets to profile a person or yourself, better.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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