Ralphie May: Another Double Effects Year

According to the RollingStone online page, Ralphie May died on Friday (6 October 2017) of “cardiac arrest following a brief battle with pneumonia.” He was 45.

Ralphie was experiencing the Double Effects vibe this year, with the 1-1-2-3-3-6 pattern appearing on his Personal Year (PY2017) and Birth charts.

From extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method and Five Elements principles, Fire element could control the Metal element – like a laser machine cutting solid metal into parts. Besides that, strong fire is used to melt and mould liquid metal into different shapes, just like the making of gold bars, metal sculptures, and ornaments. Strong Fire elements could weaken the Wood element, just like a typical forest fire burning up the trees. And strong Fire element could exhaust the Earth element, like the ground is dry and cracked after a fire or due to extreme hot weather, especially during a drought.

I could continue with the Five Elements theories, but decided to stop for now as you can always read up about the elemental effects in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” You can purchase the book direct from me if you are staying in Singapore, or nearby countries.

Now, let’s apply the Five Elements principles to our body organs and health. We could associate the Fire element to our heart and the blood vessels – our cardiovascular system. We could associate the Metal element to our lungs, brains, and skin – our immune, mental, and respiratory system. This means a person with strong Fire element could have potential heart-related problems, and as well, having respiratory-related health issues – like a cardiac arrest or heart attack, and breathlessness or pneumonia symptoms.

The multiple 3s are present and strong in Ralphie’s birth chart. The same RollingStone article also mentioned, “Ralphie had been battling pneumonia and had cancelled a handful of dates over the last month in an effort to recover.” Together with the unfavourable influences from the Double Effect vibes this year, whatever is good is doubled, and whatever is bad, is as well doubled. While we could associate the 1-2-3 patterns as easier opportunity to attain wealth and assets, especially this year, his health condition is, unfortunately, doubly weakened too.

That is one main reason I had always emphasised the importance of taking extra care of your health, or at least, be conscious of what you are doing that might affect your health, especially when you face the Double Effects vibe in the year, month, or day. Avoid exhausting yourself or venture into extreme sports aggressively unless you are certain your health is “well-protected.” Oh, before I forget, please ensure you have active medical or insurance policies. Even if you don’t care much about your health, at least your loved ones and family members can use the insurance payout for their welfare and living expenses, after you’ve ventured into another world.

There are other traits and signs present in Ralphie May’s chart, like the cancerous and diabetes tendencies. However, as the focus in today’s article is on the impact of the Double Effect vibes, cardiac arrest, and pneumonia health signs, you can read my other articles posted earlier on other traits, including a sensuous person having multiple 3s.

Alternatively, get a copy of my book and read the basics. If this is still not enough as you need advanced techniques, then come to my class. I will impart the FEN Profiling knowledge to you in the 2-day weekend class on 28-29 October 2017. Let’s be practical – you won’t be a profiling master immediately, but with right EON/FEN knowledge and through regular practices, you can be a profiling expert whose analytical skills could even be better than mine next month, or soon.

Get into the action today, and get to enjoy a better and healthier tomorrow. Register now and give yourself the opportunity to know your life path in a refreshing way. Learn the profiling knowhow and empower yourself to act responsibly, so that you can take good care of your own health and destiny.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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