On EON Time of Birth

Somebody searched for “Time of Birth” this week, and I felt it’s good to explain, based on my research findings, to include the birth time, whenever possible, in our profiling analysis.

The birth time is substantial. I added the 5th pillar (Minutes, like the seeds) and afterward, the 6th pillar (Lunar, like the pollination), in BaziCalc (Palm) title sometime in 2004, to enable enthusiasts and professionals to use it to identify extra clues to a person’s hidden characteristics. Both pillars are also included in an unreleased version of BaziCalc+ that support mobile devices including iOS, Android, and… the discontinued Windows 10 Mobile.

Take a look at the above screenshot that I’ve included in an earlier article “About EON and Bazi Day Master” showing Donald Trump’s Bazi chart, with the 5th and 6th pillars. The Heavenly Stems of his Hour, Minutes, and Lunar pillars are showing identical “Ji‘ character, all associated with the Earth element. These could suggest a self-centric, egoistic, critical, “everything also want,” and principled-minded person – his mindset and beliefs. He has many “friendly” supporters (that he could control and manipulate, at times) during peak and off-peak periods. In many ways, I’ve made profiling easier with the BaziCalc+ software – once you understood the “10 Gods” meanings and the Five Elements principles.  You’ll notice, from the above screenshot, that the BaziCalc+ software do provide fast and easy clues that could influence a person’s behaviours and beliefs, and subsequently, their reactions and/or responses.

I introduced the birth time in my FEON+ software (see above screenshot, left side), due to my earlier exposure in researching, devising the 6th pillar, and developing  BaziCalc (for Palm, Windows CE, and Symbian S60 devices) and BaziGua (for divination using the 5th pillar). It took me a while to derive the workable formula for the Time of Birth for the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I felt I could retrieve extra relevant clues from the Time of Birth chart to understand a person better.

That was why I decided to share the steps to plot the Time of Birth (ToB) in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” published in 2010. I also allowed external trainers to adopt the formula as long as they informed me early. One UCMHP student emailed me and commented my ToB method is more  “accurate” than what he learned from his UCMHP mentor. I responded and told him what’s important is not about the accuracy of the ToB chart formula to enable a person to identify more clues, but the usefulness, practicality, and understanding of having such information to assist in profiling. The UCMHP mentor might have his reasons to derive his steps to plot the birth time, founded on his perspective. I began educating the importance of the Five Elements principles in my EON book. Subsequently, I noticed many external trainers began to include their version of the time of birth chart, and the interactions of the five elements cycles and principles, in their classes. I don’t fault them for “copying my work and ideas” as they’re commercialised trainers/teachers with surface-level profiling capacity, and not passionate researchers with in-depth understanding of the underlying fundamentals.

Take a look at Donald Trump’s EON Chart again, and as well as the ToB and CD&ToB (Combined Date and Time of Birth) charts. The tendency signs are there – the multiple 3s, suggesting a person with hasty and quick temper, sexual and passionate, critical and temperamental traits. Then, there are other  tendency signs (like the 3-6-9) suggesting a person who tend to rush for quick completion, greedy and competitive, and arrogant.  That’s also due to too many 9s. There are tendency signs in his chart suggesting the characteristic of an over-zealous (2-2 in Birth Chart) plant (Birth Root 4) constantly envisioning it as a robust and tallest tree (number 9) in a friendly dense forest (multiple 9s). The person would not hesitate to take down others, while they try all means to ensure their sensitive plant could quickly grow to be the only tree to survive, or be the highest tree that gets the optimal sunlight possible. As we all know, when there are many trees in a dense forest – it’d take time, patience, and constant nurturing to grow an insecure, sensitive, and wind-swaying plant to become a tree.

A person with double 3-6-9 patterns in his chart, tend to be lacking the “patience and tolerance” habits, and would hastily uproot one or more trees from somewhere else and planted them in his favourite locations. Quick and dirty way, so to speak. Some trees could not survive for long due to foundation and root problems, and “chopped off” quickly. Yet, some trees survive longer due to its rooted foundation – its ability to be flexible, like a plant, a creeper or weeds that cling on a strong tree for support, to manoeuvre skywards, for self-benefits. We could interpret the 3-6-9 pattern in his CD&TOB chart as [Accelerate – Power – Completion] which suggest a person who’s constantly looking at short-termed visions, to complete his visions in the shortest possible time. That could be one reason why it can be easy for the media to identify, associate similar behaviour or reactions, and reported them accordingly.

Trump has similar 3-6 patterns in his other charts – Birth Chart and ToB charts. That implies a strong-willed individual who concerns more about achieving his goals (mostly for self-benefit) than showing care (humility) for others. The number 9 is also about humanitarian and charity, just like a lonely tree growing up and loudly showing off its branches and flowers, and providing shades/shelter. However, when there are multiple trees, the feelings of being overshadowed, stifled, and being out-beat by others, are felt. Hence, the greediness and competitive arrogance came about – to cover the insecurities and fears, and swaying  habits of a plant. It’s like publicly showing off the “I am always the best” mentality.

Now, having described the tendency signs relating to Donald Trump’s EON charts, it doesn’t imply he will behave or act like what I’ve mentioned. That is because he could be influenced by the positive energies of selfless pursuits than self-beneficial gains. Remember, the birth chart (and other charts) does not define his personality. That stated, we could always correlate the tendency signs, as identified on the charts, with the behavioural actions and responses of a person to a situation, to determine the quality levels, relevance, and focus directions of our profiling observations.

Having the birth time information might not be precise for those born before the year 2000,” according to a fellow FengShui associate of mine. He’s not wrong based on his perspective. The reasons – like what is described in my EON book, the actual time of birth is subjective during pre-Internet periods. When a child is born, when did the midwife or nurse record the time? Did they record the time of birth only after cleaning up the baby? Or was it done only when the baby had his or her first cry? Then, was the wall-clock or their wrist watch showing accurate time? And for those babies born at home, was the birth time recorded correctly in the birth certificates at the hospital?  

The principles and applications of FengShui and Bazi were introduced in China centuries ago; and the hour-range is based on a 2-hour period. The modern-day timing, the clock and wrist watch that we use today, were not invented then. In ancient China, people used various manual ways to “retrieve” the time, which included:

  • Checking the moon phrases and angle (degrees) of the moon. Not practical when sky is cloudy and blocking the moon, or when it’s raining heavily;
  • Looking at the shadows reflected on the sundial. Useful only during day time and when the sky is not cloudy;
  • Listening to the sound of cymbal-like gong made by an appointed person passing by every 2-hour. Can only provide a 2-hour estimation as the pace and distance of walking varies; or
  • Hearing the roosters making their “cock-a-doodle-doo” sounds during dawn breaks.

There are just too many assumptions and variations that often lead to misleading references. It’s common for a person born in the “grey areas” period between transitional hours, like 2:45am to 3:15am, might have similar birth time recorded, or like having same Hour Pillar in Bazi. These could be a reason why many Bazi analysis on the HOUR pillar are subjective, and relevance is purely based on the knowledge and experience of the person reading the chart at that time.

When I presented the 5th pillar in 2004-2005, breaking down the 2-hour periods into the 10-minute range, many FengShui professionals using my BaziCalc, HsiaCalc, or CAlmanac titles (for Palm PDA) found it a modern-day, double-blessing as they could now fine-tune their FS auditing, or chose a practical optimal time to conduct FS activities where the energies are maximised during the shorter 10-minute period. This is especially handy and useful in countries with varied weather within a 2-hour period. For example, in S.E.Asia countries like Singapore and Malaysia where the weather can be “erratic”  – we could experience hot sunny and cloudy skies on one moment, and then thunderstorm and heavy raining at some other moment; and the changing weather could be repeated during the 2-hour period. That’s why it’s common for experienced Bazi professionals providing paid profiling services, to fine-tune and adjust the birth time pillar by correlating chronological history of events faced by the clients during in-person consultations.

With the Internet becoming mainstreams around/after the Year 2000, many computers and smartphones have automated option to adjust their device/system clock with the “Internet clock” which provides more consistent time across devices. Today, we could enable any Internet-connected device (like smartphones, smart watch, tablets, PCs, and digital clocks)  with automated option linked to the “Internet clock.” Time information, including the recorded Time of Birth of a baby, is accurate and consistent today than it was before 1990. That stated, if we are still wearing battery-operated watches today, including no-battery, kinetic-powered watches, it’s common to notice the time difference (after some time) on our wristwatches. And when the nurse relied on their traditional watch to record the time of birth of a baby, the profiling observations could vary. Anyway, we should use the official time of birth recorded in our birth certificates, just like our given name, for initial direct profiling.

I’ve  shown a “Time of Birth” slide (see screenshot on the right), in my FEN classes, showing the charts of the late twin brothers – Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb. Although they’re born 35 minutes apart, the extra information derived from their ToB chart and CD&ToB charts provided clues to their unique characteristics and behaviours. It’s just like analysing a Bazi chart without the Hour pillar – you have only up to 75% information, without extra information to distinguish their unique characters. However, when the Hour pillar if available, you’ve up to 100% information. That is why a Bazi expert proclaiming his analysis, without the hour pillar; or a numerology professional/trainer relying on charts without the time of birth; and concluding their analysis are affirmatively within 90%-100% accurate, is subjective and debatable.

We shouldn’t stereotype people or grouped them into category boxes, as every individual born in the same day, do have unique characteristic and behaviours. Here’s an analogy – think of the smartphones manufactured on the same day in the factory. As we all know and could have experienced before, the devices could have different “material-defects” problems depending on the way we handle and use the phone. Similarly, the external Qi energies influencing your internal mind, behaviours and actions, are not always identical with someone born on the same day, because you are exposed to different external factors. For instance, even though Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb passed away nine years apart, the Personal Year charts of the year they died, are same. However, the contributing factors leading to their death, were different because of the difference in their birth times.

Irrespective of which numerology methods you adopted, use your own judgement to decide the relevance of the Time of Birth chart. And when you adopt the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and installed the FEON+ software, you could check out other supplemental but essential charts, including the Reflection chart. While the Time chart do provide extra clues to aid in your analysis, do remember that they don’t represent the personality of the person every time. It’s just like our ‘bad’ habits that do not stay forever, after we’ve made a positive change. When you analyse the birth chart, ToB chart, and CD&ToB chart, of an individual, you’re only identifying relevant information based on the date and time the person is born. You should not naively assume that constituted the individual’s personality, as the energies influencing the person in the past, today, and the future, is different. And these external energies could affect their behaviours, mindset, and reactions in distinctive ways too. That is why you’d have realised that your experiences, including your mental alertness, emotions, health states, visions, food intake, personal taste, and memory recollections, etc. – they’re different every day.

Give yourself the chance and opportunity to learn more about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Allocate some productive time, putting the lockdowns and COVID-19 fears and stressing moments aside, to improve your profiling skills. Make full use of the FEON+ software if you’ve already registered and installed them in your Android smartphone. What’s more significant is to identify the periodic energies that could affect your health, wealth, life history, academic strengths, resourcefulness, alertness, adaptabilities, and capacities to accept disruptive changes influencing you. This is more important information you need today to decide the options you can take action for better times ahead, rather than debating the accuracy of who you were, yesterday.

Be realistic and practical. Before you profile for others, take some moments to profile your own charts, and/or that of your loved ones. Even if you have biased assumptions that “you’re never like that” for negative clues, and “yes, you’re always like that” for positive clues, do factor these “yes/no” perspectives into your profiling analysis on others.

Stay safe. Protect yourself and others. And profile others sensibly…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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