Double-Effect vibes on USA

Wow, I need to check on this,” I said to myself excitedly, after reading the article “US’s global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump’s coronavirus response” posted on TheGuardian online site.  What drew me was the sentence, “Call it the Trump double-whammy. Diplomatically speaking, the US is on life support.

I started to check on USA’s EON chart to see if there are signs of Double-Whammy effects, usually an outcome situation due to the Double-Effect (DE) vibes in a particular year.

The chart is showing USA has the DE vibes in PY2019. Now, before anyone suggested that we’re presently in 2020, and have nothing to do with 2019, let me explain why it’s as important to perform an annual analysis to include preceding year (2019), current year (2020), and coming year (2021) into considerations. As we all know, the coronavirus or COVID-19 was made aware since late last year, and like any normal respiratory health issues, the symptom does not appear on 1st Jan and ended on 31st Dec of the same year. Instead, it’s common for the transient energies to have a spillover, before-after effect. Yet, in another separate article posted elsewhere on the online MIRROR site, it was reported that the “Coronavirus ‘mutates’ into three types.

Putting the argument on the origins of the COVID-19 aside, and the disruptive challenges faced by other countries in 2019, the DE effect on USA is still felt this year, although there are tendency signs suggesting it might be better, especially during the last few months of the year.

When I applied the visualisation technique, we could interpret the 2-3-5 pattern as [Communicate – Fast – Obstacle] which indicate some form of disruptive communication is at play. It’s like a chaotic, yes-no-yes-and-then-no message the USA is sending to others. When we consider the 2-3-5 pattern for a person, it could also suggest [Talk – Fast – Fuzzy] which implies the person might display tendency sign of stuttering or stammering symptoms, such that it’s difficult or confusing for others to understand what the person is talking or saying about. Now, when you doubled that symptom, the manifestations are higher and firmer. And as described in many of my articles on Double-Effect signs, it could be a Double Blessing, or it could be a Double Whammy. In most cases, while a person is pursuing self-interest to achieve their goals during a DE year, their health is normally at stake, unless they consciously take care of their health as well along with their pursuits. Otherwise, the health would weaken or deteriorated, and might become a ‘Double Whammy’ as a consequence. As covered in earlier reported TheGuardian article, the “health” of USA is now becoming weaker.

When we look at the 8-7-6 pattern, it suggested both self-sacrifice (on one side), and self-serving (on the other side) tendency signs. On one side of the coin, we could interpret it as [Managed/Controlled Responsibility – Supporter Confidence – Stability of Country] for people who put self-interest and self-benefits aside, and acted responsibly for the country’s sake. Any tangible benefits gain as a result of good leadership, is considered as a bonus to the country, and not an entitlement for the person. On the other side of the coin, we could interpret the 8-7-6 pattern as [Complacency – Knowledge – Instability]. This suggests the opposite of control and management – the complacent attitude; the notion of a knowledgeable person (or lack of); and the extreme opposite end of the stability line – the chaos and instability of the people and the country.

Once you understand the fundamentals of the Five Elements, it’s easier to understand why/how I could interpret the 8-7-6 and 2-3-5 patterns in a different way. For instance, we associate the number 8 with FIRE element, and positive traits like passion, creativity, warmth, hope, light, focus, motivate, and manage. The negative traits include exactly the opposite – complacency, forceful, temperamental, erratic, sexual, distraction, furious, violent, hurtful, and mismanage or uncontrolled. Of course, what I’ve described on the number 8, is just a subset of what you can associate. It entirely depends on your vocabulary and dictionary, the knowledge and insights you received on the profiling method.

The FEON+ software provides relevant information to allow anyone to profile or analyse a person, country, and even a company (corporation) as long as we have access to the correct information on their birth dates (for humans), national or independence day (for countries), and incorporated business registration date (for companies). You can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile anything you want, once you’ve attained the confidence, knowledge, and perspectives.

The 2-4-6-1-8-9 pattern in the USA’s PY2020 chart could suggest [Talk – Plans – Stability – Leader – Responsible – Completion], which basically implies the frequent communication on the responsibilities made by country’s leaders; and the vision for early closure, perhaps relating to the COVID-19 virus and internal and domestic problems faced currently in USA.

The 2-5-7-3-6-3 pattern in the USA’s PY2021 chart could suggest [Talk – Stubborn – Support – Fast – Stability – Action]. This could imply, the supporters (like US citizens and international leaders) are not still not convinced (Stubborn) with the messages (Talk) given by the US leaders for their immediate action plans (Fast – Stability – Action). In a way, it might take a while for damage control to restore confidence and acceptance…

Lastly, if you have registered and installed the FEON+ software on your Android smartphone device, do a “Relationship / Compatibility” chart on USA and Donald Trump. Then find out on their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2020) and see if you can identify more tendency signs.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Practice social distancing when in crowds…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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