Double-Effect (PY2020) on Kim Jong-un

There have been speculations and rumours in the media about Kim Jong-un being “gravely ill” as reported in this Yahoo online article. For all you know, it could be another series of over-exaggerated information produced by the western media for popularity – to boost views and readerships.

Today’s short article is not to debate, ponder, or dispute about Kim’s health conditions as speculated by the western media. Instead, I’m sharing observations on the potential influences of the DOUBLE-EFFECT vibes, from a profiling perspective, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

As mentioned often in many past articles posted here, when you are facing a Double-Effect (DE) Year, it is equally important for you to take extra care of your health while you pursue other areas of interest, be they on your project, career, passion work, and so on. Do not neglect caring for your health, as when you have a DE-year, your health is usually the weakest connection.

In a DE-year, the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R on the Personal Year (PY) chart is identical to the numbers in the same locations of the Birth chart. There is a dual-layer manifestation, i.e., double effects of the energies influencing you. The energies (both positive and negative vibes) are duplicated. On the positive note, you might attain and succeed in what you’d hope to achieve, which could lead to some form of “Double Blessing” for you. On the negative side, it could also lead to some strain of “Double Whammy.”

As cited earlier, the weakest link is towards your health. That means, in a DE-year, your health condition might worsen; you might feel weaker; undergo medical operation; visiting the doctor more frequently – thus, the conscious “extra” need to upkeep and maintain your health and wellness. Oh, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your health during non-DE years. What I’m stating is that you should take extra care during a DE-year, and not neglect thinking it’d be just like any ordinary year.

One more thing, as stated earlier, you shouldn’t be stepping up on caring for your health only during a DE-year. As the energies are transient and constantly in motion, you should at least start consciously reminded yourself to take extra care before-after a DE-year. And depending on the Yin-Yang energies and elemental strength of an individual, the DE influence could be felt before and/or after the DE year. This implies you might face the potential effects (both positive and negative) around the “before-during-after” DE year.

If you have a DE-effect in your PY2020 chart, you should include the before-after periods as well, to safeguard your health, like during the PY2019 and PY2021 periods. Some people only started working harder during a DE-year, aiming for Double-Blessing outcome; however, the results could only be attained a year later. That is why some politicians only got their recognitions a year after.

Remember to start taking action to pursue your goals a year before the DE-year takes effect, while you step up to monitor your wellness. This means, while you consciously take action, you could “ride with the flow” during a DE-year – and enjoy its positive outcome quicker, while you maintain the good holistic health.

Let’s look at Kim Jong-un’s EON chart, assuming if his birthdate is correct.

Oh, by the way, if you have a similar chart as Kim’s or born on the same birth date, you might face “same, same, but differentvarying effects as well. This is partially due to external contributing factors, including environment, family upbringing, lifestyle, life purpose, and social influences.

The 9-4-4-8-4-3 number patterns on his PY2020 chart are identical to the numbers in same locations of his birth chart. This suggests Kim is facing the DE vibes in the year 2020. In addition, Kim is also facing DE vibes in PY2021 too, based on the 9-5-5-1-5-6 number patterns with his Reflection Chart. The Reflection Chart is like a ‘shadow’ chart. The tendency signs are suggesting Kim needs to take special care of his health during the years 2019-2022. All in all, due to the overlapping of the transitional energies of PY2019 and PY2021, this year (2020) is an important period for Kim Jong-un to consciously take extra care of his health, even if he is currently maintaining good holistic health.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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