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I was hesitant about sharing my observations immediately when I first received an email from Serene on 31 Dec 2013 even though I’d described them on Page 228 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and posted many articles on this site.

Serene wrote, “I read about the Double Effect in the birth chart and/or in the year/day chart. You have cited a few examples in your book. Looking at the F1 Michael Schumacher’s accident, I can’t help but to do a quick plot and realised 2014 will be a Double Effect year for him 🙁   Every one of us will go through this Double Effect after certain years… just thinking how we can be more mindful knowing these information in advance?

CaseStudy_Michael_SchumacherI delayed my case study observation until now as it was rather sensitive then. What Schumacher needs now is the universal spiritual energies from the global supporters, and his own willpower to wake up. According to this Daily Mail online article, doctors said that Schumacher is no longer in ‘critical condition’. Let us all bless Schumacher with a speedy recovery.

I’ve decided to post this article now as I felt it was necessary to prewarn everyone on the potential health hazards in a particular year when the ‘double effect’ vibes are present.

DOUBLE EFFECT YEAR.” That was one terminology I’ve coined while doing my research on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. It was straightforward and easy for me to correlate the Bazi’s ‘FuYin” significance to the EON’s “Double Effect” vibes on a person as I’d studied Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) and learned many useful techniques from my mentors. I’ve noticed its significance, including its detrimental negative effects especially on a person’s health.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyFrom EON perspective, a person facing a ‘Double Effect Year’ in a particular year has to be mindful of his or her health. They must consciously be aware of the probable negative vibes that may affect them. At the same time, this person can take action to manifest on his or her positive vibes to reach the goals needed. It’s like the phrase I’ve used in my book – “Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.” You must always take care of your health while relentlessly chasing your successes and goals. If all goes well, you can expect a ‘Double Blessing’ year. And if the negative vibes are overwhelming or you didn’t take acceptable precautions, then it could lead to a ‘Double Whammy’ year.

Either way, you have a choice to control the influence you want to receive (the Double Blessing) and reduce (the Double Whammy) by taking the right healthy actions.

YearEnergiesThe periodic energies do not become active or only effective on 1st January to 31st December in a specific year. The vibes can be present in the last few quarters of the preceding year. This means we can easily be influenced (and affected) by the vibes of 2014 during the last few months of 2013. That was why there are tendency signs suggesting an increase in the number of people suffering from diabetic health conditions, liver and kidney problems, and even mental-related issues. Similarly, now that we’re in January 2014, it doesn’t mean the vibes of 2013 are long gone. On the contrary, we’re still seeing the essence of 2013 vibes. And the energies of 2013 can still be felt in the next few months. That’s why you could still see negative signs of protest, strikes, riots, furious weathers, shootouts, and fires.

CaseStudy_Michael_Schumacher_CDayThere are tendency signs suggesting some emotional vibes and separation on the day of accident for Schumacher. When I plotted the Combined Day Chart, the presence of 8-4-3 and 9-4-4 are strong.  He must continue to stay strong as the 2015 vibes are less favourable and challenging.

Whether Schumacher will survive this critical crisis depends on his willpower and the blessing and spiritual vibes from the supporters.

Once again, let’s all unite and give him our spiritual support, and wish him speedy recovery.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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