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Roy sent me a text message last week requesting if I can do a case study profiling on the Indonesian billionaire and philanthropist, and share it with others. He wrote, “Tahir born on a right date. He is also a smart medical student but needs to help, so he quit. How to find out and explain the reasons? I am curious only.

Roy’s observation was short and vague. So I decided to probe further by reading up more about Ang Tjoen Ming (or Dato ‘Sri Tahir as he’s popularly known as) from this Wikipedia page. As the information is in Bahasa Indonesia, I accessed the page via Google Chrome browser and enabled the Translation option to convert to English.

I love reading real-life stories on people who became rich and successful through their own effort, relentless pursuits, hard work, resilience, and tenacity. It’s inspiring and motivating to me, and reminded me of the three quotes:
Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.
• Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle.
• Transformation of a person starts from the inside. If successful, it starts to show on the outside.

CaseStudy_Dato_Tahir_AngTjoenMingYou can read up more on Dato Tahir on the Wikipedia page, like knowing he’s the #906 billionaires in the Forbes List, and so on.

Now, let’s analyse Roy’s observation about “born on a right date.” Technically, every day is an excellent day, depending on which perspectives you are looking at. There is no such thing as a right or good day as it’s subjective between individuals. On a specific day, some people may strike lottery, and they deemed that day as a blessed and wonderful day. However, for another person, they might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment or got robbed, and they then said that day is a bad day. In office, some colleagues might have gotten promoted while others could be retrenched or asked to leave. The day’s energies are the same, but it depends on how the impetus vibes could affect a person’s attitude and mental state. More importantly, it’s all about whether the day’s energies are beneficial and favourable to you. Dato Tahir might be born on a day where there are more positive energies (at the later years) and destined to be born to a poor family. Even so, if he’s born to a wealthier family, his wealthy status today might be different because he was not ‘hungry’. There was no compelling urge for him to take risks, to push himself to the limits, to discover his strengths and foresights, and to improve his financial needs.

Taking RiskIn the same Wikipedia page, it was quoted that Dato Tahir was born in “an environment where the communities are poor, and his parents have to work extra hard to support the family.” If you look at his EON chart, it shows stress-related energies when he was young, with the numbers 8-3-1-7 present in locations IJKL of his birth chart. In basic interpretations, it denotes [Stress – Critical – Lonely – Supporters] which imply he might have stressful and demanding experiences, and loneliness when young, especially during his formative years. The 8-3-2 in locations IJM could suggest some form of responsibilities and passionate pursuits his father might have inculcated, or he might have difficulties communicating with his father whose often critical of his actions due to their poor financial state. The 1-7-8 sequence in locations JKN could suggest [Alone – Supporter – Financial Responsibility] tendency. His mother might be a more enterprising person that could have directly or indirectly influenced him to act alone (self-reliance) to gather the support of others for better financial management. The 2-8-1 sequence in locations MNO could suggest the need for him to communicate with others doubly hard to be recognised and acknowledged for his talents, innovative acumen, and leadership. The 1-5-6 in locations STU could suggest venturing overseas is the ideal way to improve his financial state. The 9-6-6 in locations VWZ could suggest whatever business he ventured into, there is a likelihood it could generate more money and possibly better homes for others.

AnnualCodeDato Tahir might not be aware of his hidden Birth Code, but he has unconsciously acted on them “accordingly” which is why he is now a billionaire and philanthropist. A person’s Birth Code (only included in the EON method) is akin to the life path a person has to take to harmonise the energies throughout his living years. It’s like understanding their LIFE almanac, and finding out what they need to achieve in this life. The Annual Code is what the person can do during a particular year. For Dato Tahir, his Birth Code is all about the need to be self-reliance and focused on what he wants to do; and to plan and carry them out so that he can achieve a better mental and holistic state. This means money is not the key focused at the latter part of his life path. That could be the reason why he continues to pay back to society through humanitarian and philanthropic activities. This year (2016), his Annul Code is suggesting the need for him to control his emotions, tempers, and stress over his non-stopping enthusiasm on financial or family responsibilities (could be for personal, or for the sake of other people like build better homes for them) and to take care of his mental health, respiratory and immune system.


From a separate NSQ Profiling perspective, Dato Tahir has the action-driven and strong determination traits. Fortunately, he has “worked” on practicality, pursued on knowledge building, and focused on philanthropic responsibilities to harmonise the energies influencing him.

Let’s look at Roy’s other comments, “He is also a smart medical student but needed to help, so he quit.” There are tendency signs in Dato Tahir’s chart that suggest he might be more of a resourceful and street-smart person than an academic, book-smart person who follows what the book states. He also has the Intuitive and spirituality traits that could have contributed to his actions based on ‘gut feelings‘. That could also have manifested the urge for more risk-taking and treating all challenges as opportunities for him.

HAPPYAnd now, something that I hope Dato Tahir can do if he hasn’t already done so, that is, to take care of his health. There are tendency signs suggesting he might be in the “high-risk group” of people with diabetic health conditions, besides the occasional OCDlike habits that could have frustrated others. Although he could have gone through the “been there, done that” experiences, he might unconsciously forget to remain empathetic and listen to others attentively as there are signs he might have “selective listening” habits. He might have asthmatic conditions when young. Even if he has recovered now, or does not have previous asthma conditions, he still needs to take care of his emotional and mental health as there are signs (present in his chart) suggesting he might experience some form of illness anxiety.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to negate and dilute the unfavourable and detrimental energies. That is to change our perspectives, attitudes, and self-beliefs. The easier way is to redirect the excess negative energies towards humanitarian and charities projects. Dato Tahir has done well, and I’m glad he has improved many people’s lives and made them happier by continuing on his philanthropist journey for many years to come.

That’s briefly my analysis on Dato Tahir. I wish him good health and happiness while pursuing his life goals.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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