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I hope you have enjoyed reading my earlier article, “Peak Performance: Joseph Schooling” and found useful information to enhance your profiling knowledge. I’d also like to encourage you to learn and apply the Biorhythm method to look at a person’s performance attributes. You can check the Internet for more details on the biorhythm method. For now, put aside the EISP QUOTIENT biorhythm chart as the extended sine waves are formulated by me based on my research observations, and is currently not available elsewhere.

Today’s article is about Michael Phelps. By now, many of you would have heard, read, or seen Michael’s excellent performance at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. He won 22 Gold medals, and many people expected him to win the 23rd Gold medal at the Men’s 100m Butterfly Swimming event on 12 August 2016. However, he lost the Gold medal to Joseph Schooling (from Singapore) instead.

CaseStudy_Michael_Phelps_20160812Let’s look at Michael PhelpsEON chart. The obvious signs are found in his Personal Year 2016 (PY2016) chart. Can you see that? If you cannot notice the obvious signs or unsure where it is, don’t fret unnecessary as you can just read on.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate the number 9 with traits like humanitarian, success, competitive-spirit, visionary, growth, and healthcare. Michael has the 9-9-9-9-9-9 patterns in his PY2016 chart, and these imply the year energies are influencing or rather, manifesting the Success streak in him. Nothing matters to him except the competitive spirits, the successes, and the vision to achieve higher attainment.

Why couldn’t Michael get the 23rd Gold medal then, if the multiple success streaks are on him?

That’s a good question, and once again, I’ll happily share my observations with you. Furthermore, I wanted you to know you can enrich your profiling knowledge through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and understand the core essence in using numerology for profiling is more than just identifying and interpreting the numbers and number patterns.

A person’s periodic behaviours and actions are constrained by various factors. Though there might be stronger than usual Universal energies coming from the Year, Month, and Day energies, we cannot ignore the person’s core energies when things don’t work out as expected.

Let’s look at Micheal’s Combined Day Chart. The 2-5-7-3-9-3 pattern is present, and we could interpret that as [Feelings – Obstacles – Supporters – Fast – Success – Fast]. What this implied is that Michael could be overwhelmed or burdened with the responsibilities from supporters to get the 23rd Gold medal, and as a result, he might adopt the hasty approach to reach his goal rather than focusing on the process itself. From extended EON approach, there are tendency signs suggesting he might have injured his legs, hands, or body (sprained, or pain due to tiredness or over-exertion) before or during earlier swimming events. Could that be a reason where people noticed the cupping or coining marks on his shoulder and back at the Rio game? That’s the 2-5-7 in locations MNO on his Combined Day chart, and it could imply some form of strained or painful symptoms surfacing. As a result, the tendency signs are suggesting that it might not matter much to him whether he could get the 23rd Gold medal or not as all he wants to do is to complete the competition as soon as possible. So that he could rest and recuperate.

Loss_of_DirectionsBesides looking at the periodic charts, it is equally important to know the person’s character, traits, and behaviours. The 5-5-5 pattern that is present in Michael’s birth chart is suggesting a stubborn, mysterious, easily distracted, and profound person. On the other end, it portrays a humble, practical, and philosophical person, and someone who believes in Mother Nature, traditional healthcare medication, and meditation. In this TodayOnline article, Michael is reported to be a strong believer of the ancient Chinese therapeutic treatment. The stubbornness nature could also create a double-edge effect on him, manifesting the overconfidence, complacent, or relaxing mode. Outwardly, he might be seen as a victim of his own success. Inwardly, he could be suffering from pain, stress, and emotions, probably as a result of his OCD-like attitudes or lack of adaptability on his perceived beliefs.

Biorhythm_Michael_Phelps_20160812Now, let’s look at Michael Phelps’ Biorhythm chart. The INTUITIVE and INTELLECTUAL lines are intercepting around the 10-11 August period, a day or two before the 100m Butterfly final event on 12th. Could this imply some form of decision-making gone wrong or overconfidence? The PERCEPTION line on the lower chart is on an upward active trend. Could this reinforced the perceived mindset that he could get the 23rd Gold medal easily? Furthermore, the PSYCHIC line is on the Critical Days, which imply there might be some form of confusing and distracting thoughts and feelings.

Now, when we combined both the EON and Biorhythm charts, could Michael Phelps’ health have indirectly affected his intuitive senses, mental and physical strengths, causing overexertion consequently? Although the tendency signs are present, it’s hard to know what I have mentioned earlier is true unless Micheal Phelps could verify that.

In any sport event, it’s not all about focusing on the person’s physical and mental strengths to compel them to go beyond the limits and win the Gold medal. At times, strategy plays an important part which is why some sportspersons prefer to adopt the “lose to winperceived strategy, intentionally to preserve their energies for the “last mile.” Know your competition’s strengths and identifying their weaknesses. It’s just like some stratagems in Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

HAPPYJoseph Schooling was reported to have said he did not put in much efforts at earlier swimming events, as he wanted to preserve his energy for the last event. He was quoted to have said, “It’s all about winning the gold medal” after achieving his goal. Joseph Schooling has a mission to accomplish – to win one Gold medal. Michael Phelps has a mission to accomplish too – to win all Gold medals in the events he participated. Joseph hit his target and completed his mission. Michael did not complete his mission. Whether the intent is to collect one Gold or twenty-three Gold medals, both are true Olympian winners in their own unique ways, and their professionalism and positive outlook shows. In an article from TheGuardian online site, Michael was reported to have said he wasn’t too cut up about losing the Gold medal to Joseph, and felt he could spare it. He admitted he was not happy, but was proud of Joseph. That humbleness, pride, and truthfulness attitudes are reflected in Michael’s EON birth chart.

Whatever it is, Michael Phelps is an Olympic legend. Getting 22 Gold medals is a great achievement. He could have done better when he’s at his optimal peak performance level throughout the Rio swimming games. However, he could not as he might have somehow been affected (physically and mentally?) probably during the last few earlier events. Anyhow, he has done his best and made his country and supporters proud.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


Update (15 Aug 2016): Michael Phelps won his 23rd Olympic gold medal



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