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To my fellow Singaporeans and Olympic fans, let’s congratulate Joseph Schooling for winning the Gold Medal for the Men’s 100m Butterfly swimming event at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. According to this TodayOnline page, Joseph was quoted as saying, “It’s all about winning the gold medal.

FUTUREI met a casual acquaintance this week on Thursday (11 Aug) asking how to determine the days when a person has positive energies influencing his performance level. That was after I’d told him, a real-life story that happened around 2005. I was developing various Chinese metaphysics software tools for the Palm PDA, and worked with a friend on a special project – Soccer match predictions. My role was simple – share my analytical techniques with him, and he will do the rest and conclude the findings on which team has stronger chance to win the match. We were excited after few months of testing and had wild ideas about setting up an online match prediction site where people simply pay a small token sum to retrieve our forecast. And as a precautionary measure to protect ourselves, there would be a self-benefiting disclaimer and acknowledgement. We had nothing to lose, but everything to win. We could imagine the wealthy visions, but decided to cancel the project. No, it’s not about the functionality of limited on-line micropayment (at that time) or the difficulty in getting the birth date of each team player. Instead, it’s all about our morale conscience and our values, as we dislike promoting online gambling and do not want to be part of this easy money-making winning creations that might destroy families and their loved ones.

It is not that difficult to find out a person’s performance levels as long as you are resourceful, focused, and understand how to interpret the signs. Yes, amid all the technicalities and the usual sports forecasting pattern techniques professionals made, there is still an extra level of analysing that require us to rely on the person’s birth date for extra clues on his or her performance levels at a certain period.

In 2005, I used Bazi and Biorhythm methods to gauge the performance levels of a person. These days it is even easier to check by using the Elements of Numbers (EON) and Biorhythm methods. In fact, you can also apply the NSQ Profiling method as well. Anyway, I’d wanted to work on a case study article on Michael Phelps but decided to start with Joseph Schooling first after his historic win at the Rio Olympics.

CaseStudy_Joseph_Schooling_20160812Look at Joseph’s EON chart. Let’s put aside his Birth Root 1 and look at his Personal Year 2016 (PY2016) chart. The first thing that comes to mind is the 4-9-4-4-8-3 pattern. That’s confusing to many students who learned the PON/UCMHP or similar methods as they learned that the 4-8-3 (483) is about divorces, strained relationships, and separations. By the way, life is not only about EQ, divorces, quarrels, and separations – we shouldn’t be naive and always checking on the extreme negativistic.

I have shared to my EON/FEN students that the 4-8-3 can also be viewed from a positive perspective, and not just from a pessimistic perceived mindset. In fact, when you have a 4-8-3 pattern in your PY chart, you can interpret them from a Yin-Yang perspective, i.e., from both positive and negative views. At worst, you might end up having disagreement and argument with someone, and if you don’t take remedial steps to avoid straining the relationship, you might, at extreme cases, create disharmony and conflicting experiences. Now, on the positive side, the 4-8-3 is also about non relationship separation or breakaway, something that’s extraordinary and unusual from the norm. Like I told my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, we can interpret that as breaking away from traditional beliefs, a deviation (a departure from a standard), or in this case, Joseph is breaking away from many people’s mindsets that Michael Phelps would get his 23rd Gold medal. The 4-9-4-4-8-3 is all about the [Plan – Success – Strategy – Emotional Control – Responsibility (Focused) – Action]. What it means is, the PY2016 energies are somewhat influencing Joseph to focus on achieving his ultimate goal, putting other distractions aside. And Joseph Schooling finally broke away the trend with a historic Olympic win – for self-attainment, for his family and supporters, and for Singapore.

KnowingPatternsLook at the 2-9-2-2-4-6 pattern on the Selected Day chart, and the 6-6-3-9-9-9 on his Combined Day Chart for 12 August 2016. It’s all about focusing his thoughts and feelings to carry out his plan for the medal (2-9-2-2-4-6) and mentally-focused (with the Gold medal in mind) to achieve his visions (6-6-3-9-9-9).

That’s easy to interpret since the results are known. Yes, more often than not, you can always “reverse-engineer” a known outcome by comparing the identifiable signs from the various charts for a start. Given enough practices, you can build the confidence to forecast a future event and fine-tune your analysis along the way. Through regular practices, you could also apply the same analogical approach to look at your past actions and the negative events that happened previously. Understand what happened and how you’d reacted subsequently. After that re-look at how you could have better managed if you are faced with a similar situation tomorrow. Chances are, if you are keen on taking practical steps to improve your life, you would have acted differently, and probably in more favourable and emotionally-controlled ways. And the outcome would not be as bad as it was previously.

Biorhythm_Joseph_Schooling_20160812So far, I have briefly discussed about Joseph’s chart from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. Now, I’m about to share another technique to look at his peak performance strengths. And yes, that’s through using the Biorhythm method, but with a difference. Look at Joseph’s Biorhythm chart. The upper chart (Primary) shows the Physical and Emotional sine wave lines intercepting on 12 August 2016 period, and at the Critical Days line (value 0). This implies a sudden change of energies, and for him, from “Low days” towards “High days” signs, onwards to positive upward trend. And when a sportsperson is facing a critical day period, and there is the potential for outstanding achievement – the possibility for a breakthrough in one’s life. It could be good, or it could be bad. For Joseph, as he’s onwards towards the High days, and there was the breakthrough in both his Physical and Emotional energies. The lower chart shows something that’s uncommon in most Biorhythm charts. It’s based on various factors contributing to the extra signs – Perception, Psychic, and Success. The Perception and Psychic lines are intercepting on the same day, towards the high days‘ side. In addition, the Success line is at its prime level. This means the beneficial energies are around and within Joseph, and all he needs is to focus and carry out his action to achieve his goal – the Gold medal.

Over the past year, I have enhanced the Biorhythm “formula” with new energy sine waves to plot the standard Secondary and I-Ching charts. I’ve formulated my own EISP Quotient chart displaying a person’s relevant performance levels on specific days, focusing on the knowledge and resourceful, emotional intelligence, and mental intelligence attributes. I’ve formulated the ESQ/SEQ, EISQ, EIQ, ISQ, PQ, and EISPQ energy sine waves and will continue to do more research on my extended BIORHYTHM method to determine its usefulness and relevance in Human Behavioural profiling.

That’s all for today’s short case study article on Joseph Schooling, focusing on the energies, patterns, and numbers that contributed to his performance level attributes. Oh, I could sensed some of you might be wondering if I will post article on Micheal Phelps. Sure, why not?

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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