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I often checked the SEARCH Meter section on this web-blog site to gather information on the searches users have made. Besides the curiosity part, the information helps me understand what users are searching for and it creates the “what users want to know” list where I can refer to when focusing on new areas for my EON research.

Many of you tried searching for number patterns (two-digit and three-digit number patterns) while others searched for phrases like “Life Code,” “Power of Numbers,” and “workshops.” I noticed one search entry that stands out recently for its “originality”. This user is from USA (based on the IP address) and searched for “10 July 1974.” Naturally he received a zero result.

Traits_5n8I thought it’d be a fun way to introduce the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to this person (let’s call him John); and let him knows there are alternative methods to identify the influencing vibes that may affect a person. When John is keen to learn how to profile a person’s personality traits easily and fast using the EON method, he can buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” from online stores like Amazon. For those who’re new to the EON method, don’t worry… I’ve also described the steps to plot and profile the chart, with explanation on numbers and patterns, and sample case studies in my book. If you’re staying in Singapore or visiting Singapore soon, you can buy the book direct from local major bookstores like Kinokuniya, Popular, and Times.

CaseStudy_10July1974Here, I’m describing the tendency signs based on the numbers and patterns present in John’s chart, and it doesn’t imply John will exhibit all traits openly. The 8-3-2 [Stress-Fast-Talk] pattern (M-N-O) could imply a stressful and quick-tempered person who easily gets frustrated and moody when communicating with others. Although John could frame his thoughts usually, it’s a little harder for him to deliver his message across to others. He usually acts on feelings (about others) and these could create stumbling block unnecessary to chase his goals. However, because of the persistent traits in him, he could eventually managed to gather the support needed and convince others the challenges ahead can be financially positive.

John has the intuitive traits and often relies on them and his inner feelings to frame his thinking. However, he needs to improve his communication skill or EQ towards others if he wants to deliver his message clearly the first time.  He needs to stay focus in his life purpose and work out his goal settings. He needs to create his own opportunities and driving spirits if he wants to live a better and healthier lifestyle, and not depends on others (as a follower) to ‘start the ball rolling’ to pursue the plans.

OCD2aThere are also signs present in John’s chart suggesting he could have OCD and high anxiety (and panicky) tendencies. And these could strain relationships with people who cannot tolerate his occasional obsessive-compulsive disorder habits.

Career-wise, John has to put in more effort to let his skills and abilities be known to others especially his bosses this year. There are signs he could be facing stressing times at work this year (2013). If he’s his own business, then he must put in more effort to promote his product awareness, features, and benefits to his customers. Fortunately with his resourcefulness traits (Street Smart tendencies), he might be able to win the support of his bosses (or customers) in the coming months (and next year), if he’s not already felt it yet.

Diabetic_TendenciesOn health matters, John needs to take care of his health, especially his tempers and emotions as these could aggravate health conditions related to the heart and respiratory. Cutting down on sugary food is recommended as there are tendency signs the blood sugar level may be higher than normal, especially with the increasing urge to binge drinking and smoking. If he’s not a habitual drinking or smoker, then it’s great to hear that… but he still has to refrain from drinking excessive soda drinks (including alcohol or sweet drinks) and eating high-carbohydrate foods.

EON_AnswersStarting with a positive mindset change could help increase the happiness level. Perhaps he could start practising meditation and actively involved in other relaxation exercises. These could manifest the positive and healthy vibes allowing him to control his emotions, tempers, and hastily mood swings. The positive and healthier thoughts and actions could create the confidence in him to deliver his message across clearly to others, and reinforcing his abilities and achievements.

That’s a brief analysis of John and the tendency signs that may be present. John, if you’re reading this article, let me know if you’re showing the traits and tendency signs (on health conditions) I’ve mentioned. And if you do, don’t worry and do not excite yourself unnecessary. Relax and stay focused.  Get a copy of my book and know yourself better. And remember to spread the good feelings around to others when you’ve experience the benefits of applying the EON methods to better your health and life.

Happiness when shared is doubled.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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