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In an earlier article, “On Yvette: Checking on Career Vibes – Part 1,” I shared some findings of possible behavioural traits and actions from Yvette’s charts.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONI told Yvette that I would start drafting the Part 2 article, only after getting her feedback on what I’ve observed and mentioned in the Part 1 article. Yes, Yvette has provided her feedback. However, during the drafting of this article, I felt there was a need for an in-between Part 1.5 before I shared my career findings in Part 2, to address some of the questions and observations. The intent of posting articles is to ascertain the relevance of my profiling observations and true purpose of teaching. It is important for trainers to go beyond profiling, and at times, provide guidance and advise on how to tackle issues from a rational standpoint, minimising the use of symbolic ornaments and theories like the LifeCode that’s promoted by some trainers. Of course, the more a trainer knows about other methods of behavioural effectiveness and is exposed to their different techniques, the better equipped they will be.

Do not read this article, and most, if not all of it, as a short life story or textbook case-study material. Learn to be more observant, and try to correlate my replies to Yvette, with the tendency signs present in her charts. Hopefully, this will allow you to be aware, observe and understand how to do your own “profiling mapping” on the charts. While I might at times, seems to act as a counsellor whom I’m not, it’s done to allow Yvette to be aware and accept her vulnerabilities and do something about the problems she faced. It’s like a wake-up call for her to start turning her life around. Whenever we think we have conflicts with other people, we should always look inside ourselves… as, most often, we ourselves are part of the problem and the solution. It is important not to let mistakes define one’s life or erodes one’s self-confidence.

Here are edited excerpts of our conversations, and my additional comments:

[Ron] Change your focus and have overview visibility on each project’s start-to-completion state, and not just at the start of a project.  Even in the so-called 10-year bad luck cycles in Bazi’s theory, there are several good-luck periods that come from the year, the month and the days as well. Focus on using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method right now to get to know yourself better and change the way you think. It’s important, as I said, that’s the enormous hurdle you have to overcome. If you can identify the problems and split them into smaller pieces, you have the flexibility to manoeuvre towards your objective.

Then try to adjust your perceived attitudes towards the boss… as he is who he is; and there is little you can change him, unless he wanted to. So change your attitude toward him. Hmm… that reminds me of a sticker I collected when I was young, that states, “love your enemy; you’ll drive them crazy.”

That’s one indirect aspects of chart having too many 5s. Too many disturbing thoughts, apprehensions, and frequent distractions, such as starting another project before the current project finished, and context switching (like multitasking) would lead to half-baked project qualities. As Yvette is the head of the department, it’d be great to assign a team member or employ a project manager to manage the project. Alternatively, in today’s popular Agile practices, assign a “product owner” and work with the Scrum team to close backlogs. Yes, Agile frameworks and practices is not only for software development; it can also be applied to the Education and HR industries.

Next, before we try to change others, it’s important that we change our perception first. It’s like “self before others” but in a positive manner, and nothing to do with self-interest or self-serving. Rather, it’s the self-awareness and self-reflections to act towards better tolerance and credibility. Thus, when you “love” your enemy, you free yourself from the perceived stereotyped mindset and prejudiced of that person, and you become more accessible or accommodating. It’s not about manipulating, but learning to be more tolerant and acceptance of each other’s faults. Again, that’s attributed to the multiple 5s in her – as an analogy, it’s like the three big mountains up in her mind, and she needs to dig a tunnel and build a railway communication track to pass through the mountain, to reach to the other side smoothly.

[Ron] The webinar might not be suitable for you to attend, for now, as I’m focusing on the specifics area, and assumed participants already know the basics. Even if you want to support me, do yourself a favour – learn to understand your behaviours and actions, identify why or how you’d have done differently so that your office environment is not as toxic. Simple clue – if its toxic, many staff will feel likewise with the boss… but if it’s only between you and him, there is a perception issue that needs to be fixed. So start shifting your perspective and get better. Once you have done that, you will find you have missed many of life’s greatest moments. You can then attend my webinars and classes anytime and find out more…

Yvette bought a copy of my EON book. The purpose of the webinars is to enable those who already know the basic principles of EON or other numerology methods to maximise the learning experience. Otherwise, it could create the “confusion” that Yvette may have, as she is still relatively new to EON. For me, it’s passion and joy of seeing people learn from me, and in return, share their perspectives with others.

[Yvette] The most important thing is the most complicated. Every time I reflected on my actions, I sometimes felt regret, sometimes shame, and sometimes I just can’t get over it. So, when it happens again, I have this conscious focus not to make the same mistake, but ended up putting myself in difficult situations, or not capable of handling the situation.

[Ron] Get out of the mind trap. Don’t be so self-principled. Learn to let go and let other people win, even if you think they’re wrong. As you said, your self-reflections always caution you but the “spur of the moment” action is the trigger.

[Yvette] Yes, many staff felt the same towards the boss, whether we are his direct report or not. I realised that other people tolerate it better, as I would voice my thoughts and tell the truth. However, yes, I think I have my own perception of him, and that the team also tends to influence each other to have the same perception of him? Here I go again, thinking too much.

[Ron] There’s a reason behind how people behave toward other people. The way we communicate with other people has an impact on the way they react to us. Sure, for those always wanting to win kind of people, sometimes it’s better to get them to suggest your answer, but through their mouth.

[Yvette] To set the context, I’ve spent unnecessary amount of money on several Bazi and ZWDS readings just to understand why I behave the way I did/do. I have to say this is the first time ever; I see myself in the mirror, that resonates from work and personal life, explaining WHY in application. Some of the analysis you’ve mentioned WERE me, a lot IS still me. But one thing – I was never book smart. Well, except between Std 1-4 when I was always in first and second class. I might have been intelligent then, but something unfortunate happened and since then I never excelled in school until I completed University.

[Ron] The book-smart is present. If not how else can you do well in Std1-4? It’s unfortunate something that triggered the focus of your study (indirectly related to your mum, financial or some health issue?) The signs are there but, in your case, paused midway too early.

Elements of Numbers: Change your LifeI’m glad Yvette could resonate with what I’ve shared with her, both at work and in her personal life. To me, everything has to do with the divine connection, where we cross paths during our destiny journeys. It could be through spiritual divine help that ‘led’ Yvette to me. And there is a spiritual calling for me to profile charts for those in need, identify clues and share them through insightful stories. Anyway, I’m happy I could provide more insights for Yvette, to empower her to know more about herself.  She doesn’t have to spend unnecessary money anymore as changing mindset is free. Oh, plus some actions on her part to set things right on track!

I’ve shared the SMART GENES in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and explained the strengths of both book-smart and street-smart genes, depending on where the smart genes are located in the charts. Smart genes do not have to be present in the birth chart, although preferred, as having such innate smartness characteristics would help during the academic years. Do watch out for a future webinar on “smart genes” which would come handy for those with schooling kids, and those older ones who want to know when is a good time to take certification exams. Age is no barrier to lifelong learning. Even so, if you can identify the tendency signs that could manifest the positive vibes, go for it.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling[Yvette] Yes, I’m not street smart too – which is why I always feel myself incapable and afraid to take on bigger roles. I also stupidly rejected two very good job offers because I was not confident to do so.

[Ron] You already have a degree, far better than many people, and being the head of a BU. Build and gain confidence. Take a course on effective communication and self-management, apply it, practise it and acquire the necessary skills.

[Yvette] Am very shocked/surprised you listed the trigger so specifically. Yes, the unfortunate incident was my mother’s passing when I was 10. Furthermore, my dad was in the midst of bankruptcy. The entire incident seriously affected me and my perception of life afterwards.

The signs are there on the charts, which is why I could identify them. However, there are no absolute findings unless proven, usually through feedback. That’s why it’s important to gather feedback during the profiling analysis, instead of naively assuming that everyone will be “like that” just because the signs are there. That’s why I’m concerned about the mentality (and mental health) of some external trainers who insisted – for many years – a person is a “divorced, bankruptcy, mistress, and so on” when certain number patterns are present. Over time, these trainers are compromising their integrities and would become more selfish, boastful and self-centre; and could not share their profiling knowledge based on reality and logical reasoning. Their behaviours are similar to politicians who kept telling lies so frequently that it became an “accepted” belief – possibly, manipulating the cognitive bias based on the bandwagon effect.

Elements of Numbers: Don't put your happiness in someone's else pocketThis year Yvette is facing the Double-Effect vibe. The energies are manifested twice, relatively. In other words, unless Yvette changes her attitude quickly, she may even feel depressed and emotional and, to some extent, the overly worrying characteristics may lead to “suicidal” tendencies. I suggest Yvette seeks professional assistance before her mental health started or deteriorates. Learn to meditate or go for regular relaxation or calming exercises. As in a popular saying goes, “Happiness when shared, is doubled; sadness when shared, is halved.” It’d be great for Yvette to share her problems and discuss them with her family members. Don’t keep her problems to herself, learn to let go and let free the worries…

Elements of Numbers: Learn to control your financesThe excessive 5s are related to the fear of failure, and she should try to overcome this uncertainty, because fear is the killer of the mindset.  She shouldn’t blame everything to herself, or the number 5 in her charts. Many people I know, or from my case-study exercises, have root number 5 or have similar multiple 5s in their birth chart, and they could manage their lives happily. It’s all about better self-management. Next year, Yvette is potentially facing another Double-Effect vibes with her PY2022 chart and her Reflection Chart; potentially influencing her subconscious and unconscious minds. The multiple 6s doesn’t need to be all about finances or money; it can also be about responsibilities, joys, and family happiness. Perhaps Yvette could start focusing on “chasing happiness” rather than money, to allow her to control and manage her finances easily.

I added both a basic Enneagram and enhanced EONnegram diagrams in the FEON+ PRO software (not available for public release yet), because I felt that there is relevance when applying the techniques of enneagram from an EON perspective. This is similar to my approach to the DISC-EON principles – no need for MCQ (multiple-choice questions) assessment tests that are often captured with a conscious bias at the time of entry. As seen on the screenshot, the basic Enneagram signs are suggesting Yvette could focus towards the positive signs of number 8 (self-management, control and manage, setting priorities, and focus) rather than manifesting on the negative signs of number 7 (like sensitive, insecurity, fear of others taking over her role, manipulations, badmouthing, etc.). 

And yes, I’ll share more on the Career vibes influencing Yvette in the Part 2 article, and how she could manifest the vibes to her advantage, after completing the transformation changes from a worrisome, stubborn and inflexible person to someone with better humility, caring and sharing, tolerance, adaptable, and humbleness.

Agility in Profiling Webinar: Elements of Numbers

If you’ve attended UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other numerology methods, here’s the opportunity to learn more about the Career elements and vibes that might influence you, or others, through an engaging session with me at the coming webinar on 17/6/2021. Get to learn how the Career element – and not the suitable career or business – could help you to identify both positive and challenging (negative) signs that might influence you during a year.

AGILITY IN PROFILING Webinar: Elements of Numbers

Knowing the EON/FEN techniques could help you increase your confidence and competence level, especially if you are currently providing profiling services to others. As there are so many techniques that I’ve planned to cover in future webinar sessions, it’s unlikely for me to repeat the “Career Profiling” topic for the rest of this year.

Click here for more information about the webinar and register. I’m looking forward to sharing more EON/FEN techniques with you at each webinar.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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