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This week, we have seen another impressive Olympian winning multiple Gold medals at the Olympics Games Rio 2016 event. This time it’s the fastest sprinter Usain Bolt, winning nine Gold medals in all, according to this Yahoo Online article. And just like my earlier “Peak Performance” articles on Michael Phelps and Joseph Schooling  posted last week, I will again share similar observations on Usain Bolt from both the Biorhythm and Elements of Numbers (EON) methods.

CaseStudy_UsainBolt_2016081919 August 2016 seemed to be a great successful and eventful day for many people, with the Day chart showing  the 9-9-9-9-9-9 pattern, which we could associate with the success energies and luck. Nevertheless, for Usain Bolt, there are the added Oomph and energetic vibes that influence him to go for the extra mile over his competitors on that day.

The 2-6-8-5-1-6 pattern is present on his Combined Day Chart, which we could associate as [Movement (Run) – Metal (Gold medal) – Stress (Extra effort) – Obstacle (Adapt, Focused, Mind over Matters) – Alone (Leader) – Metal (Prestige medal)]. That means the day’s energies are influencing him somewhat to push himself beyond the limits and accept challenges, as they are, and simply focus on achieving his goalthe gold medal.

The energetic vibes on his Combined Day chart is not the only factor that pushed him towards his pursuit for excellence. In case you haven’t already noticed, Usain has the same number pattern present in his Day chart, in the locations MNOPQR. What this means is simple – he is facing the “Double Effects” vibes on that day. He has experienced the “Double Blessing” vibes; thanks to the influencing output energies present in locations KLNVWX, the 3-3-6-9-9-9 patterns. What does the 2-9-2-2-4-6 in his Personal Year 2016 (PY2016) chart imply? Yes, in short it’s all about just training (running) towards achieving his vision (goal).

Oh, one more thing, the Universal and Personal pillar (9-2) for Usain is about Success luck (number 9), and the need to move (run) as fast as he could (number 2). And if you check the “Selected Day” section, the 9-2 pattern is present in both his Year and Day pillars too. Again, it implied some form of “Double Effectpillar vibes influencing him on that day.

Biorhythm_Usain_Bolt_20160819Now, let’s look at his Biorhythm charts. His PHYSICAL, EMOTION, PERCEPTION, and PSYCHIC sine wave lines are at its peak this week, which implied his body and soul (spirit) is at an optimal energetic level. His INTELLECTUAL line is at the Critical Day crossing, moving upwards from passive to active trend. This implied the mental state of the mind, which could suggest Usain was focused and only had one thing in mind – to get the gold medal.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method can change your life and profiling mindset. Many students who completed PON or UCMHP methods taught by other trainers. would find my Elements Of Numbers (EON) analysis almost similar (in the basics) but yet different (in the advanced analytical techniques). My FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students could recognise the difference easily.

As long as you are willing to profile someone to a greater degree than others, and analysing charts beyond number patterns, I will be there to guide you to experience the process journey. Whether you reach your eventual goal depends on your efforts and willingness to ACT (accept, change, and transform) and create a better future ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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