On Brad Parscale’s 4-8-3 Suicidal Vibes

The numbers don’t lie. What you see in the numbers displayed on a chart, is what you get. The elements and traits associated with the numbers don’t change. All numbers are interdependent and independent, where each number has its primary influence, Yin/Yang energies, and occasionally, displayed behavioural traits associated with the secondary influence too. For example, the number 5 could display both primary and secondary influences anytime, which means it could display the secondary traits and behaviours gathered from numbers in surrounding areas, usually those in close proximity.

If the numbers don’t lie, why do many users still feeling uncertain about their profiling analysis? While there might be several reasons contributing to such inadequacy signs, one reason is due to the lack of information provided. And this information is gathered mainly from various sources – your trainers, books, websites, discussions with like-minded friends and course mates, and your desire and attitudes to understand the profiling method better. Frankly, by the time you’ve completed a course, or read a book,  the information is frequently outdated.

You need to keep abreast with the latest developments in profiling techniques, learn fresh perspectives to widen your profiling horizons, learn from a responsible mentor who could provide after-class and continuing learning support, and think smart by using automated tools to plot reliable charts quickly.

In this recent online Yahoo article, titled “Trump’s ex-campaign manager had 10 guns, allegedly hit wife: police,” Brad Parscale was reported to have attempted suicide and “had 10 guns in his Florida home, and his wife accused him of beating her.”

In an earlier article “The Search for Innerly Different,” I mentioned Kayleigh McEnany having the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern, and the number 5 could display the secondary influence of the numbers 4 and 9 vibes. Eventually, it could transform potentially into the 4-4-9-4-4-9 or 4-9-9-9-4-9 patterns – these are all the Wood elements. I also mentioned that strong Wood  could “lead to uncontrollable emotional and mental depressions, including self-inflicted injuries, suicidal inclinations, instabilities, unsound mind, and manifestations of cancer-like symptoms.

Brad Parscale has the same set of 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern in his Birth Chart. It could invoke similar uncontrollable emotional behaviours and cognitive disorder. Most trainers conducting other numerology methods, simply correlate the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 patterns with “small gamblers, big gamblers” concept, suggesting a person likely to take the small or big risks, and/or the risk-averse (dare not accept the risk) and risk-adverse (dare to take risks) kind. However, when you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you are fully utilising the knowledge and understanding of the Five Elements principles, which in this case, is all about Brad having strong Wood elements in his Birth Chart.

In many past articles that I’ve posted, I’ve shared the effects of the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern, which we could associate with different behavioural traits, including poor EQ, lack of communication skills, quarrelsome, untactful, and others. And at extreme events, it could lead to separation of some sort (like business, career, partnership, social groups, and life/death); or divorce for married couples.

Brad has two sets of 4-8-3 patterns in his PY2020 chart, crisscrossing together. There are three sets of 4-8 patterns in the Y-M-D pillars as shown near the top right corner of the screenshot showing his ‘Life Path” charts. The Selected Day Chart and Combined Day Chart, also shows strong signs of 4-8-3 patterns. This exacerbated the problem of “Strong Fire destroying the weak Wood” concept, invoking the suicidal fears leading to the “be-all and end-all” thoughts of solving the problem(s) he’s currently facing.

In previous articles, I described about the potential impact on a person’s health when they’re facing the Double-Effect (DE) Year. The DE energies do not begin on 1st January and ends on 31st December of the same year. Due to the transitioning of the transient energies, there are overlapping of incoming energies, particularly during these periods where the year 2021 energies could be felt very soon.

Brad’s PY2021 chart shows a similar 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern as his Birth Chart, causing a Double-Effect (DE) impact on him. Furthermore, a chart with strong Root 9, manifested by the DE vibes from PY2021, could depict the hard-headed beliefs on his power to envision and succeed. When the beliefs are thrown off and destroyed, it created the  “all hell broke loose” mindset.

Brad has to take extra care, and be closely monitored, as otherwise, more innocent people, including himself, could be hurt unnecessarily. If possible, I’d suggest Brad goes for regular mental health checkups as well, as the Wood element is increasingly becoming stronger; and it could also hurt or restrict his limps and body movements, including chest tightening and breathing. Strong Wood will affect the Metal element, which could be associated with cognitive disorder, mental depression, bipolar disorder, unnecessary worries and anxieties, hyperventilating, respiratory, hallucinations, and unsound mind. Oh… the tendency signs in his charts are showing some sort of cardiac arrest symptom.

The EFV FLOW (PY2020) is suggesting Brad should not be afraid to seek help from others, to strengthen his emotional resilience. Like the idiom, “Failure is the Mother of Success, “ he should avoid worrying too much about his failed career, or start planning excessively without discussing with his loved ones and closed friends.

The EFV SPAN (PY2020) is also suggesting him to abstain from being stubborn and keeping everything inside him. He should learn to let go from his negative ideas, and let free his unfounded fears. He should speak to others truthfully, and perhaps, to regularly seek medical help from professional counsellors and/or psychiatrists.

Let’s hope Brad could strengthen his emotional resilience, build his character and confidence, distinguish the rights and wrongs, and walk the right path ahead… with a healthier, happier, joyful, peaceful, and stable mind. And a sincere smile.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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