What’s with 1-2-1 and not 1-2-3?

I’m glad Gan’s recent comment posting on my site comes handy as it allows me to explain the difference between direct and indirect number patterns. Gan asked, “I would like to know how you got this 1-2=1 and not the usual 1-2=3, please advise?

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can say the numbers connected closely have stronger vibes and influences than numbers located separately. A series of connected numbers in a person’s chart can form a “Number Pattern”.

Take a look at the screenshot.

Let’s say we want to focus on identifying the effects of two connected numbers. The numbers 1 (M) and 2 (N) are connected (direct-linked) because of their adjacent (next to) locations. The numbers 3 (L) and 1 (M) are not connected as it is “separated” by the number 2 (N).

I’ve described different qualities of 1-2-3 in many of my articles posted on this site. You can also check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information. The number pattern 1-2-3 (M-N-O) has strong vibes because it’s considered as directly linked to one another. In addition, we can also look at the number 3 (O) to be the sum of numbers 1 (M) and 2 (N). Can you identify four sets of 1-2-3 in the sample chart?

The traits and characteristics of direct-linked connected patterns (like 1-2-3 in M-N-O) are often more obvious than the subtle ones of an indirect-linked patterns (like 1-2-1 in M-N-V). However, you cannot assume the traits are similar for every profiling case study. The vibes of the numbers in a person’s birth chart (or Personal Year charts for that matter) do have influential effects. External factors like social lifestyle, environment, family values, perspectives, and life purposes can also influence a person’s eventual behaviours and actions.

It is helpful and important to focus on the tendency signs (traits and characteristics) in a number pattern to help us identify the person’s personality, behaviours, and habits. Often, a person with 1-2-3 has tendency traits of arrogance and forcefulness. The vibes manifested from a cumulative series of numbers 1, 2, 3 (1+2+3=6) could influenced such behaviours. The person usually has materialistic goals in their thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. In EON, we can also identify more traits – the person often feels stressed up because of their impatient and temperamental attitudes whenever they face challenges and obstacles while chasing their goals.  Oh, you can check out my book for more key meanings on the numbers if you’re new to EON.

There is no 1-2=1 (1+2=1?) pattern since 1+2=3. Perhaps Gan could be thinking of three-numbers pattern like 1-2-1. The easiest and faster method to look at 1-2-1 pattern is to associate the key meanings to it, i.e., [Alone-Talk-Alone]. I noticed many Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery-Level students are still profiling a person using this elementary approach. Technically, they are not wrong but they’ve missed the opportunity to look beyond numbers to improve their profiling observations. These could somehow limit their profiling capacities. Anyhow, a person with 1-2-1 pattern has the tendency signs of “No Action, Talk Only” traits. They often talked about the plans, visions, dreams, and goals – invoking the feelings side. In EON, we can also identify the passionate traits of the person with materialistic goals.

In this example, a person with 1-2-3 and 1-2-1 patterns in their chart would need to take action and willing to take challenges to chase their goals. They should learn to be more humble, tactful, committal, and focused in delivering their promises as they’re easily distracted by their inner traits of bluntness, direct forcefulness, and arrogant attitudes.

I hope this article could bring another insight on the fundamentals of EON. There are new patterns that I’ve discovered since I released my first book. I’ve also shared many discoveries at the EON WORKSHOP sessions and taught participants to identify tendency signs related to health, spiritual, career, education, wealth, and few others. As in all my workshops, you don’t just learn about the patterns – you also get to learn the underlying fundamentals behind such patterns to strengthen your profiling knowledge.  

I looked forward to share more discoveries with you at my next EON WORKSHOP sessions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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