Staff and Behavioural Profiling

According to this online ZDNet article, more companies are seeking behavioural experts to know their customers better. Buzzwords like “data analytics” and “consumer profiling” are gaining popularity in various business roles to improve profitability. My friend Tom was so excited he could now work on his BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) vision after convincing investors to inject funds into his data analytics project. Tom’s project has great potential in enabling companies to know their customer’s profile, behaviours, and buying patterns. I could sense Tom’s passions and enthusiasm to transform his dream into a reality.

Many large companies hire behavioural experts or uses profiling strategies to analyse targeted consumer patterns. Other companies are also adopting similar innovative ways to stay ahead of their competitions for operational sustainability. While these innovative behavioural methods have both short-term intangible and long-term tangible benefits, smaller companies are not willing to follow because of limited budgets. In short, hiring behavioural experts are not cheap.

Companies could always look inward at their employees for their first customers. When employees are happy with their jobs, they are usually the ones who embrace the company’s products. “Word-of-mouth” marketing is cheap and effective. And when employees spread the good feelings around to friends and relatives, the customer base widens. A happy employee is a satisfied customer!

When bosses reassign employees to perform other tasks even though they lack the relevant skills and experiences, work productivity decreases. The frustrated ones would soon adopt the “office politics game playing” tactics, and gradually contributes less to their work. These negative vibes would affect the business eventually. Often, we heard of complaints on “staff mismatching” where the individual staff’s abilities and experiences do not match their appointed role. Many of these mismatching roles and skills could gradually affect the companies’ profits.

Some years back, I read a newspaper article on how some Taiwanese companies are paying behavioural experts (in Bazi, Four Pillars of Destiny) to look at the birth dates of job applicants to decide the right candidate for the job.  These companies have enjoyed the benefits of having happier and productive staff, and better business profitability. Some businesses could not hire behavioural experts because of the high cost, or were unsure getting the right employee with the preferred personality to do the job would benefit the company. It’s a “chicken-and-egg” issue – if companies don’t spend the money, they may not be able to increase their employee’s potential to the ideal competency.


Fortunately, times have changed and behavioural profiling are getting more common and affordable. Companies are now treating their employees as an important pillar to business strengths and profitability. Management and HR staff can now learn of the different personality profiling traits they can adapt to know their employees and customers better.

Today, anyone can easily profile a person’s personality and behaviours with the various profiling methods available like DISC and Enneagrams.  Many of these methods adopt multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and need the user to tick the choice closest to their “assumed” thoughts and actions. People are now seeking for refreshing behavioural and profiling methods to identify a person’s characters and traits quickly without relying on MCQ types which may not reveal the person’s true personality.

I’m glad more people are using the Elements of Numbers (EON) as an alternative profiling method. The personality basics are easy and within reach by getting a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Many people who bought my book have realised they could quickly profile others and identify behaviours by analysing the birth charts. Similarly, if you’re working in an HR (Human Resource) Department or the Head of Department, you can also profile any employee under your charge and delegate tasks that is more suitable to their traits.

Like the popular phrase, “Rome Was Not Built In One Day,” all goals take time to complete. Many behavioural experts build up their profiling skills through years of experience and regular practising. You can now shorten the time by getting the essential information from my book to build up your own profiling knowledge. You can identify a person’s personality and traits easily and fast with regular profiling exercises using the EON methods.

You can use the EON method to profile others for job-matching or to check on specific customer’s traits. You can also use the EON method to know the “inner” you – the vibes that could influence your behaviours and actions, and the potential health conditions that could exhaust your strengths. Be aware of the potential problems that may happen and change your perspective positively.

Learn to improve your lifestyle and be the person whom you want to be.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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