Two 5 + One 4 = Happy @Work?


I received an interesting email from Celine the other day asking about relationship compatibility of three people working together. She asked, “If two colleagues have same Birth Root number 5 and the third colleague has Birth Root 4, will there be happy working relationship among them?

Let’s begin using a simple approach of adding the three Birth Root numbers together: 5+5+4=5.

A person with Birth Root 5 needs to learn to accept changes, be flexible and less stubborn, focused, humble, and empathetic towards others’ feelings. When two people with Birth Root 5 come together, there are tendency signs of frequent challenges and forceful obstacles, besides differing mindsets. They could be competing for attention, not letting go the self-ego thoughts, pride, and unwilling to end being the loser. Unless they’re willing to make a change and come to a compromising and amicable solution, it is a little difficult (though not impossible) for two people with Root 5 to work cohesively every time for a common mission.

“Wow,” many of you may realise what I’ve mentioned is true.

There is no wrong or right approach since we think and learn differently. Once you’ve started to understand the underlying principles of the Elements of Numbers (EON) and apply the method correctly, you’ll feel it’s a simple natural analytical approach. Here’s one simple reason on the traits mentioned earlier: 5+5=1. Both have leadership tendency traits and it’s a little difficult to put two leaders to work effectively for a single goal, unless one of them is willing to take a step backward, be focused with the “end in mind” and let the other party “win”. The feeling’s like “I can work with you for a common goal as long as you don’t purposely step on my toes.”

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Contrary to what many people may think, letting others win does NOT make you a loser. This “Art of War” strategy can help creates a “win-win” result when one person is willing to let go the self-ego attitudes (tactical move) and adopt a more positive mindset.

Just when two people (Root 5) are willing to work as a team putting aside their differences in attitudes and perspectives comes another person (Root 4) who, often may suggest alternative plans and tactics. And everyone (three of them) are constantly debating the right moves, frequent changes made to plans, challenges, and repeating the same stubborn, self-ego principles. Why? Well, when we add the Birth Root numbers together, we get the number 5 (5+5+4=14; 1+4=5). These further manifest the challenging and obstructing vibes.

Technically, there are tendency signs of huge challenges when these three colleagues are together. They could compromise their behaviours and actions for a common mission. Otherwise, the inner feelings of the hearts and minds cannot be happy every time. When a person feels negatively working with others, they cannot contribute positively to an ideal level where the three of them can work together as positive team players. It doesn’t mean the three colleagues can never be happy working as a team. It all depends on whether they want to think, feel, behave, and act happy and positive at work. They must take the first step to be happy and positive first before they can expect others to feel happy working with them.

Now, that’s the basic part of the profiling analysis simply based on the Birth Root numbers. You can consider this approach as a first-layer profiling techniques. The next profiling layer would be to look at the general tendency signs of the person by identifying the numbers alongside to the Birth Root number. You can also identify the Personal Year (PY) Root number and noted down the tendency signs that may influence the person in that year. If the influence of the PY vibes could create a positive mindset on a person, their working attitudes may change. The energies and vibes in a Personal Year can influence the person’s mood and actions. They could feel happy working together in a year, and don’t like to work together in another year.

You can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile staff and their strengths for better company workflow optimisation. It is important to identify each person’s strength and delegating complementary tasks that could benefit the company. After all, people with Birth Root numbers 4 and 5 have their unique, positive traits and characteristics that they can use and contribute to their company’s mission, and their own life purposes. 


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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