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David sent me an email with the birthdate of Cynthia and asked, “Will such people make good financial consultant?

Do financial consultants have special personality traits? Do they need to have the “wealth” vibes in their Birth chart so they can easily create wealth for others?

As people think and analyse differently, my analysis may differs with yours. A person with many “wealth” patterns in their chart does not automatically place them into the “wealthy people” category as it all depends on their eventual actions and life goals. There are wealthy people who lacked the “wealth” patterns in their Birth chart. They are not plain lucky; they are smart and thrifty people who “make things happen” when opportunities come in a particular year.

Let’s look at Cynthia’s chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) to analyse. There are tendency signs suggesting a person who likes to plan and create wealth for others, and the ability to take actions to deliver their promises. The 1-7-8 show tendency signs of a stressed and responsible person who often “work hard” for the sake of others. The 1-8-9 and 8-1-9 suggest signs of a perfectionist with both good and negative traits. Incidentally, check my earlier articles on case studies about 1-8-9 and 8-1-9, including the 1-7-8 as well.

“Wait a minute, there’s the 5-7-3 pattern… it’s a sign of bankruptcy,” some of you may say it quickly.

Gosh, it’s a disturbing and naïve thought to assume the person will go bankrupt at least once in their life or constantly involved in legal lawsuits whenever you see a 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) in a person’s birth chart. Let’s face itbankruptcy is a choice. The person can decide whether they want to become bankrupt or work hard to repay their debts without affecting their “financial legal” status. Oh… you can check out my articles on 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) posted on this site. You’ll realise there are so many other obvious traits beside bankruptcy, court case, or lawsuit. Just plot the EON charts of senior or old-age people you know (or even those who’d died), and noted those with 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) in their charts. Have they all gone to the bankruptcy route?

If you have similar birth chart, there are tendency traits of creating wealth for others. However, it doesn’t necessary mean you can create wealth for others every time. The reason – the Personal Year vibes may influence your thoughts, actions, and most importantly, your health. Chasing the perfect goal can be stressful. You’ll feel happier and healthier when you define success as the qualitative achievements made while chasing your goal and not the quantitative rewards when you achieved your goal. Otherwise you may feel frustrated and stressed, and unconsciously create tension while communicating with others. You may feel the negative PY2013 vibes now, and it could intensify the emotional and temperamental mood swings. Stay calm and rational, and control your tempers wherever possible.

If you want to create wealth for others, you must always remind yourself to put in some effort and time to read the fine prints of legal terms and other contractual agreements. This is partly because the 5-7-3 vibes in your Birth chart may distract your attention from the main focus. “More haste, less focus” may cause distractions resulting in carelessness and these could affect your relationship with others including your loved ones and clients.

As the phrase “It takes two hands to clap” or “two sides to a coin” goes, it’s not all about your ability to create wealth for others. Many financial consultants and wealth creators are not always creating wealth for every single customer every time. Your customer’s HEALTH luck and actions decide their capacity to “store” the wealth vibes for a period. Imagine the stress when customers could create wealth through you but then ended spending off all the hard-earned money on medical fees. It is important to go beyond the traditional way of helping others create wealth. Know more about customer’s personality and the tendency signs of the Personal Year vibes that may influence their well-being.

There are other tendency signs related to the numbers and elements in the Birth Chart and Personal Year chart that may influence certain negative traits. Be aware of the negative traits and take effort to control them while you manifest and enjoy the positive traits. If all goes well, you should be able to enjoy watching your wealth creations work for your clients in the next few years. You can also check the basic tendency traits in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Do get a copy as you’ll find information to help you understand yourself and others better.

You have an advantage when you use EON to understand your client’s personality, their career, wealth, and health; and help them improve their lifestyle needs.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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