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Jane learned from her PON (Power of Numbers) trainer that she could associate the number pattern 2-7-9 to “extramarital” affairs. She also learned that people with such pattern in their charts could have strong sensuality tendencies and at extreme cases, could lead to obvious transgression behaviours. She was curious how I’d identified the ‘manipulative’ trait as she could not identify the signs when she did some case studies on her friend’s charts. Jane then asked if I could share them in my article posting.

UNLEASHI’ve shared the visualisation techniques at my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes and taught students how to analyse number patterns from various perspectives. Take the case of the 2-7-9 pattern. Sure, it could have transgression tendencies but doesn’t mean it’s the only signs you can identify with the 2-7-9 or 7-2-9 pattern.  Let me share some of my observations here:

2-7-9 [Talk-Supporter-Success]. Sure, you can correlate the urge to communicate with others to achieve the success needed. Imagine this scenario – young girl (2) seeking attention from older man (7) to achieve her target (9), usually for materialistic purpose.  Often, people involved in extramarital affairs are not acting on impulsive nature and not purely for sexual enjoyment only. They could have other personal reasons besides exploring on their sensual pleasures. Often, it’s usually because of hidden motives, something they could incite the person to manipulate other party for self-benefits. To external parties, it seems like a win-win deal for both parties. Eventually others would realised the results favours that person more than them and yet they still like working with the person.

AnnualCodeWhen a woman has the 2-7-9 or 7-2-9 pattern, it doesn’t imply she’d venture into the sexual pleasure with others. Fortunately, most women with such patterns are decent and could control their sensual pleasures, probably restricting their explorations with one partner like their spouse. When the manipulative traits are strong, they use their charms and sweet-talks to convince others that they’re hard-working and committal. In short, they’re the talkative and gossipy ones who think highly of themselves because of their self-centric and self-egoistic traits.  They think they’re the best and can achieve anything easily (number 9 in the 2-7-9).They think that all they need to do is talk and others will be supportive of their plans and visions.

When a man has the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) patterns, they could be using their charming personality, soft-spoken nature, and sex appeal look to attract others.  Others are pleased to work with such people because of their soft-speaking well-mannered like, empathetic ‘hearty’ feelings, and approachable nature. In general circumstances, no one likes to work with man with the loud voice, arrogant, and blunt traits.

CaseStudy_JoscelynThere are also tendency signs on the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) pattern suggesting insecurity, insensitivity, and fear about others outshining them. The possibility they could resort to talking their way out (like in loud voice to ‘show’ their superiority or always focusing on negativities) to get others to complete the tasks for them. In symbolic representation, we can associate the number 2 as a snake – correlating to someone who’s sneaky, ‘double-headed’ and mysterious.

In the example case study chart, Joscelyn is also facing a ‘Double Effect” vibes this year (2014). The positive and negative energies are manifested doubly. Besides, the 8-4-3 pattern in her Birth chart could suggest she should improve on her EQ, communication with others, and improve her respect towards others.

This year, the influencing 9-3-3 vibes could affect her mindset that anything can be achieve easily and fast. The negative energies could influence her to think that achieving her targets is more important than understanding the workflow and experiencing the processes and teamwork essentials. She needs to improve her EQ and work towards better teamwork and earn the respect. Otherwise, there is a possibility she may fail soon and when she does, the wavering thoughts, insecurity, and insensitivity kicks in. And that could create unnecessary worries and mental stress.

What I’ve mentioned is just a portion of the negative traits and behaviours that Joscelyn might experience if she could not take control of her bad self-beliefs and habits. Her friends are more wary than encouraging. But when she could manifest the positive vibes instead, she could have great friends supporting her and am glad to be part of her success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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