Monthly Archive: July 2012

Two 5 + One 4 = Happy @Work?

  I received an interesting email from Celine the other day asking about relationship compatibility of three people working together. She asked, “If two colleagues have same Birth Root number 5 and the third...


What’s with 1-2-1 and not 1-2-3?

I’m glad Gan’s recent comment posting on my site comes handy as it allows me to explain the difference between direct and indirect number patterns. Gan asked, “I would like to know how you...


Staff and Behavioural Profiling

According to this online ZDNet article, more companies are seeking behavioural experts to know their customers better. Buzzwords like “data analytics” and “consumer profiling” are gaining popularity in various business roles to improve profitability....


Getting favourable mobile numbers

I mentioned in an earlier article “Choosing GOOD Telephone numbers” the need to be less obsessive when choosing good-sounding numbers. Eventually, it is your inner character and attitude that mainly influenced your thoughts and...


Fear of multiple 9s

Kelvin was worried about the multiple 9s (success) traits in his daughter’s chart and noted it was similar to the patterns found in Elvis Presley’s chart. Kelvin wondered if such signs could have inconspicuous...


Financial freedom for Kris

I received a recent email from Kris who wrote about how he chanced on my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at a local bookstore. Kris wrote, “Oh… it’s actually quite...

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