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I received a recent email from Kris who wrote about how he chanced on my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at a local bookstore.

Kris wrote, “Oh… it’s actually quite an interesting moment. When I was doing my window-shopping at POPULAR bookshop I spotted your book placed and displayed upright with a stand at the side of the bookshelf. There were only a few copies left and the books were all shrink-wrapped. As usual, I flipped over the book and started reading the summary at the back cover. It made sense to me especially the portion you mentioned about changing our perspective and philosophies we can change our life for a better and healthier life. And unethically I started unwrapping it (I am glad that I did it) so I could take a glance at the information inside. I noticed the book had been written comprehensively and yet coherently. You see… previously if I stumble across some similar books like this one, I would take some time to try to understand the contents inside. I mean if I can make some sense from a portion of it briefly, I would consider buying it. But usually those books needed me to read more as there are not many diagrams or graphic I could really use to digest the info and usually I would not consider buying them. However, your book has more case studies I can refer and there are many diagrams to help me gain the understanding better and faster.

The next day, I went back to the same store and decided to buy your book. And you know what… there was only one book left. The best part is… the copy on the shelf was the same one I’ve unwrapped because I could still remember the crease area that I’d accidentally created…

Like many others who’ve bought my book, I’m glad Kris has found my book useful for him to explore and understand himself and others better. He then asked me, “I guess I know something about myself through this plotting like I am born talkative, having marital issues (4-8-3), leg problems (7), no doubt I can also attract supporters. Do you have anything underlying but paramount to add on the interpretation in my plotting? Do you see that I can have a chance to be financial free at ease? 

Kris has done a great job plotting his own chart and generalising his profile by building up the knowledge from the information in my book. Let’s look at his EON chart beyond the basic personality traits explained in my book.

There were two sets of 4-8-3 patterns present in his Personal Year (PY) 2011 chart which could imply relationship problems with others. It doesn’t matter who caused the stressful tension as long as the person is willing to prevent the relationship from straining further. The tension Kris had with his wife or someone could have heightened last year. They could have felt the tension in 2010 because of the “incoming” energies present.

The problem may be related to financial (multiple 6s in the charts) matters, and his pursuits for excellence (the stressful perfectionist, 1-8-9). There are tendency signs suggesting too much talking and planning without focused actions. The end-result pursuit may have affected his family indirectly. He may have the right intent to provide better lifestyle to his family but his actions and tactics could be wrong. He may need a moral foothold to differentiate his relationships with others especially in the lines of family life and work lifeThese factors could somehow cause stressful moments to his family members and others.

The 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 present in his PY2012 chart is not just about taking risks and having the gung-ho spirit to face challenges. Remember the phrase I’ve stated in my book “Feel the Fear, Experience the Success”?

Kris is facing an emotional state this year. The number 5 could “transform” and absorb the traits of surrounding numbers – the vibes in locations MNOPQR could be of the same Wood element. His emotions could worsen and he must control them to prevent straining his relationship further which may cause unnecessary mental problems. A person must be healthy and fit holistically before they can face the challenges ahead. A weak body and distracting mind may lead to even more pressurising blood levels, bipolar, and mental disorientation than necessary.

It is important for Kris to take care of his health especially on his emotions, anger, and temperaments. Now that he has started to read my book and learn EON, it is equally important that Kris identify his negative traits and habits, and start changing them with more positive ones. Learning about other people’s traits through EON could help him understand why some people behaved in a certain way. When you exercise tolerance and understand people’s personality through profiling, you can be a better person tomorrow. Kris may be able to improve his marital problem as long as he’s willing to take a conscious effort to change and improve positively, and look forward to the family living together happily.

If you have similar chart, taking up a health insurance policy is important. In the Five Elements, when Fire and Water elements are constantly in motion, it may cause the person’s mood to heighten like the tempest in a teapot. Health conditions related to cardiovascular, respiratory (immune, mental), and liver problems may surface. You can refer to table on “The Five Elements and Internal Organs” on Page 132 of my book for more information.

“Financial freedom” is a debatable and subjective word. How much money does a person need before they think they’re “financially” free? A typical person may considered himself feeling “financial free” when he has one million dollars in his bank account. Then again, a millionaire may feel he is still not “financial free even though he has millions of dollars in his bank account. Money is important and is used as a tool for transaction. You should always be in control of money and not let money controls you. When you’ve money and still worry and feels frustrated having to pay your bills, it’s a sign you may be “controlled” by money. Get rid of that unhealthy thoughts and reverse the role! Spend below your means and not within so you have excess money for hard savings any time. Eventually, HEALTH IS WEALTH. Kris must take care of his moods and emotions. When a person is healthy, they are always in control; they feel more positive towards life and people. When you manifest and share the positive thoughts and actions, you can receive the happiness vibes. When a person feels happy and thinks positively, they are in a healthy state to take charge of their own financial freedom no matter how much they have in their bank accounts.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) is not about accurately profiling a person’s traits. It’s about identifying tendency traits to provide a person the choices to make. The “afterthoughts” decisions are the focus – the actions you can take to better your life (and others) once you’ve identified your inner traits. Once you can change your perspectives and get rid of resentment and old habits, the negative vibes in your Birth chart and PY charts are within your control. You can then pursue your goals happily and healthily.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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