Sensual Motives of Anna Chapman

In this recent article, Anna Chapman (the Russian spy famously expelled from the US in 2010) was reported to be making her debut on a mystery show for Russian TV.

When I first read the article and saw her photo, she reminded me of those James Bond 007 movies where female spies are usually sexy and attractive.

In my previous articles and in my book, I elaborated on the 2-7 or 7-2 being a sensual, sexy or sex-appealing number. Check the articles or my book out for more details on the 2-7/7-2 number patterns.

Take a look at her Birth chart – can you see the 7-2-9 and 2-7-9? Can you also see the 3-3-6 and 9-3-3 number combinations?

Can these number patterns reveal anything?

On 27 June 2010, Chapman was arrested on suspicion of working for the Russians. Check her PY2010 chart – can you see the 7, 3, and 5 in close proximity?

She’s about to make her debut this year (2011) on the mystery show. The money and success factors are in her mind. The presence of 7-4-2 [Supporters-Plan-Talk] with the opportunity of 6-9-6 [Money-Success-Money] is too compelling.

Plot her PY2012 and PY2013 charts. Would there be an impending legal lawsuit or disagreement (7-5-3) in 2012? Would the energies of 1-2-3 (money, assets, arrogant) in 2013 come true?

If you are new to the number patterns, do refer to my articles posted here. For the underlying fundamentals of each number and their tendency traits, you can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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