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I posted the article, “About Alice’s Friend: His Wife” few days ago, and shared brief observations of Jamie (John’s wife). In this article, I’m focusing on their relationship. Once again, I’d recommend that you read the previous related articles to get prior insights on John’s and Jamie’s behaviours and the circumstances leading to the relationship strains between them.

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About Alice’s Friend: His Wife

Let’s begin the analysis, by looking at both positive and negative sides, which mean their relationship may sway towards either side depending on the external influences, and their sincerity for change and commitments.

The multiple number 1 that is present in their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart, could denote the “I, Me, & Myself” attitude when John and Jamie are together. On the other hand, it could also imply both can work (think and act) independently and cohesively, without relying on each other to pursue their work or interests. When either party could juggle their “leadership roles” depending on task and circumstances, they could excel in the things (and tasks) that they do. Both could come to amicable terms, and it could work for them for a short while.

However, when the 1-1-1 vibes is manifested strongly, then it could turn the situation into chaotic moments as there cannot be “three leaders” commanding the situation or task. It implies more often than not, there might be external influence from a “third leader” or someone else imposing influence on John and Jamie in their decision-making. If both could agree contentedly on common goals for the benefit of their family, and discussed on their personal views objectively, they might be able to enjoy the material benefits together. Else, it’d difficult for them to continue to take a step forward towards their target due to the disruptive influences compelling them to take a step backwards.

We could also interpret the 1-1-1 pattern with traits like selfishness, self-centric, egoistic mindset, “I’m the better half” attitude, sweet-talking, persuasive, eloquent, evasive, and over-promising. The impression is that there can only be one leader at a time – suggesting the 1-1-1 vibes to frequent juggling of leadership roles between them, which could create false assumptions,  miscommunication, heated arguments, and conflicting opinions.

The 8-4-3 pattern, being located at S-T-U could imply a communication problem (poor EQ) at home, and/or between their in-laws. The 2-7-9 pattern at V-W-X locations could suggest both could have “great social etiquettes” – they presented themselves as friendly and compatible couples in the public’s eye (outside the home). On the extreme case, it might be a make-believe – to disguise the angry face with the smiling masks. Some of their casual friends may not be aware of their relationship strains unless those closed ones because of their passable social acting skills. Anyway, both must change and do their best to rid the bad habits, including having tryst affairs with external parties, gambling, and possibly smoking or binge drinking. They must strive to work on amicable terms to avoid manifesting the potential quarrelsome vibes which, at extreme cases, could lead to the call for separation or divorce.

Their Relationship Code is suggesting the need for them to reinforce their loving vows by trusting each other; communicate truthfully, share and listen to each other’s views attentive; discuss and make plans passionately and carry them out to achieve the goals they desperately wanted. And lastly, they must be willing to accept obstacles and stumbling blocks, and work as a team to take the risk together and accept challenges as they come along. When they could do just that as a positive husband-and-wife team, the success is within their reach.

The 1-9-1-1-2-3 pattern could be interpreted as [Self – Success Vision – Ideas – Act Alone – Communicate – Passion]. We could also interpret the 1-2-3 pattern as a means of achieving monetary gains. In the shorter form, it could be like the [Innovate – Success – Self – Monetary gains]. What this implies is that there are frequent aspiring hopes and visions to make more money and/or enhance their home, both might be working hard towards achieving the goals. However, with 1-1-1 symbolically like a “falling knife” it could be hurtful and painful when plans might be “disrupted or cut off”, not completed quickly, or in the manner they wanted.

There are other tendency signs suggesting the “selective listening” habits both might have, although the signs are suggesting John might exhibit more of such habits than Jamie. Anyway, the 3-5-2 pattern is like [Fast – Principled – Express] or [Critical – Stubborn – Evasive] meaning smooth communication with like-minded, amicable agreements seldom happens between them. While one person might display the emotional and sexual inclinations, the other person is exhibiting the worrisome traits. Nothing gets done if one continues to plan while the other worries and complains too much – without any positive actions taken to transform their family into happier times again. John and Jamie must sit down and listen to what the other person has to say. Seeking a professional mediator or counsellor could help both to understand what the other party is experiencing or worried about.

Whether it’s a sudden windfall for them this year (2017), John must ensure he is fit and healthy to enjoy the incoming luck. Because of these tendency signs, there could be setbacks on their health – more towards John, although Jamie’s health might also be affected when you analyse their individual Birth and Personal Year (PY) charts.

John must stay calm and take charge to control and improve his emotion and anger management. He must avoid thinking of any suicidal thoughts (if any) as it would not solve or end his problem at all. Jamie must take care not to exert unnecessary stress and tempers, to avoid manifesting the probable cancerous symptom. Else there isn’t any point in spending out the money on medical bills after working hard to achieve financial success. On a sidenote, you may want to check my earlier related articles (links provided earlier in this article) for more details, including screenshots of their charts.

Their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018)” is showing a challenging chart, with 4-8-3 patterns on location S-T-U and 8-4-3 patterns on V-X-W locations, with Root 5 suggesting tremendous risk (and obstacles) ahead as they don’t see “eye to eye” on matters important to both. The resulting pattern 9-6-6 could suggest some form of unplanned windfall, like assets split or matrimony allowance on extreme cases. However, all is not negative as John’s PY2018 chart is displaying the 4-2-6-8-1-9 pattern which could suggest the ability to realise his plans. And Jamie’s PY2018 chart is showing the 6-2-8-1-5-6 which could suggest manifesting the responsibility at home and affectionate care for her family, while there are many opportunities for incoming wealth from overseas – like through insurance or investments, or indirectly from relatives or external parties. Hopefully it’s not a legal settlement from John!

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When both could combine their good vibes and work towards a shared goal, they could overcome the imposing vibes and improve their relationship, and remain as loving and faithful spouse, and as responsible parents to their children.

It takes two people to be open-minded and adapt on same frequency to communicate smoothly. Let’s hope John and Jamie could “wake up” and realise that it’s not about a one person’s need for change. As married couple, they both must change and face the obstacles that could have strained their relationships. They must focus their energies, adapt, and seek positive life purpose together as they’d promised each other with their marriage vows.

It is not easy, but they ought to try and not give up easily. They just need to give themselves the opportunity, chance, and time to set things back on the right path, and make it happened.

There is hope even though the light could be flickering from the tiny candle. They can brighten their lives again by finding and lighting up bigger and better candles jointly. When they could see the brand-new light shinning brightly on them (and illuminating their visions), they would be able to warm their hearts once more with their love, joy, understanding, and happiness; and cherish the sweet moments with each other as a lifelong, loving couple.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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