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Alice emailed me recently and wrote, “Follow up on the article you wrote “On marriage strains,” I was wondering if you could do a reading together with his wife. I just happened to know more about their situation, before and now so I am quite curious whether the calculation can tell both of their character, situation, etc.” I replied to Alice that I’d do another case study analysis on John and his wife Jamie.

While drafting this article, I pondered over what Alice could have meant by saying – “I just happened to know more about their situation, before and now so I am quite curious…

Hmm, could something have had happened to John, Jamie, or both?” I wondered. There are many ways to analyse a person’s chart as it all depends on which life aspects (like key features) that we’re focusing on. Since Alice mentioned, “character and situation” I would just go with the flow on my thoughts based on the tendency signs present in their charts. It doesn’t matter if what I’m about to write is true in their situation, since most, if not all complete profiling analysis is a two-way communication process. It reinforced the importance of sharing and gathering feedback – to fine tune and refocusing on the tendency signs, if need be.

Now that Alice has provided Jamie’s birthdate, it is currently possible for me to plot their Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) chart. I’d highly recommend that you check out my early related articles in the following order to understand the profiling flow:

Even if you have read them before, it’d be refreshing to read them again so their stories are fresh in your minds. The observant ones among you would have noticed how I’d analysed and shared the tendency signs when John was with his wife. As a matter of fact, and at the time of drafting and posting the earlier three articles, Alice didn’t provide Jamie’s birthdate. There is no magic formula about how I’d analyse the charts once you understand how the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method works – that would be shared in the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class.

Yes, something is not right with both this yearthe good and not-so-good ones. I was curious to find out more but decided to put on hold my analysis on their relationship to the next article. I felt it’d be incomplete since I have shared my observations on John. Before I can place the two puzzle pieces together, it’s equally important that I share some observations on Jamie too. This way, it’d be easier to link all the puzzle pieces and understand the contributing factors behind their current relationship status. So, this article is focusing on Jamie’s character and personality.

The tendency signs are suggesting Jamie is a born perfectionist, a meticulously, egoistic, self-centric, detailed and intellectual person who can be quick to criticise, agitate, and be blunt (sharp-tongue) with her words. Sure enough, she might have her charms, sex appeal, and attractiveness. The 6-9-6-6-3-9 pattern in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R could be interpreted as a person focusing on materialistic pursuits, or success-driven achiever, and/or proud home owner. The word “luckmight not be in her vocabulary, as she strongly believes in getting things done right and making it happen, instead of relying strictly on luck and risk-taking. She has the intuitive signs and usually “goes by the book” when it comes to facts’ gathering. However, that perceived thought could make her gullible, and easily convinced. That said, there are subtle signs of having “selective listening disorder” syndrome, where she prefers to hear “only the good words” and considered the rest as irrelevant or not important.

Last year, she was experiencing the Double Effects with every vibes – both positive and negative ones – potentially manifested strongly. These mean extra doses of everything she did, and the impact she enforced on others too. When Metal element becomes stronger, it could give rise to traits and symptoms like mental illness, bipolar disorder, hypersensitive, high anxiety, pneumonia, lung infection, restlessness, quarrelsome, worries, sleeping problems, or having skin or face related problems. The extra tendency signs are suggesting she might be in the “high-risk” group of people with cancerous tendencies. It is important that she stays calm, tolerant, be more humble, and accepts others (including herself) that it’s perfectly normal to be imperfect. Any uncontrollable emotions and anger could trigger the cancerous symptom.

This year – and possibly due to external influence from someone at work (if Jamie is still working), at home, or from an elderly relative – there seemed to be troubling times, with the frequent threat of breaking off, calling for separation or divorce, at extreme cases when she couldn’t have tolerated anymore with John’s unreasonable behaviours, attitudes, and gambling (or spending) habits.

I’ll address Alice’s question on John and Mike’s relationship in my next article. Until then, enjoy reading.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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