On Gerald: Building Experience, Not Materialism

I was really happy to receive Priscilla’s feedback on my earlier two articles “On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours” and “On Gerald: Past Outcomes and Future Actions.” I posted my analysis on Gerald’s case study as a 2-Part article. However, Priscilla’s recent feedback made me change my mind to include a 3rd-Part article, as a closure to Gerald’s Year2018 issues.

[Priscilla] My heartfelt thanks to you, always giving your all to everyone and anyone! Gerald was amazed by your candid profiling on him! Your observations on his attitude, mindset, and emotions have motivated him to review and reform himself. The advice you offered on his career and his attitude towards his clients is invaluable. He now puts aside his many “what ifs” and focuses on taking a bold step forward with renewed resolve and vision. Truthfully speaking, I was very glad that Gerald took in all “the good, the bad and ugly” in one gulp! Never once did he said, “I am not like that!

[Ron] I replied to Priscilla, “I hope Gerald can understand that whatever positiveness coming into his life now and later in 2019, is due to his own effort. We can only provide guiding signs just like in the street map – it’s up to him to use his judgement to decide which path to take.

[Priscilla] And guess what, this has piqued his interest in EON.  He could see the benefits reaped from having this knowledge. It would definitely be a plus factor in his dealings with his clients. On a happier note, unexpectedly, his business is picking up with a few deals coming in. It is December with the X’mas holidays just round the corner. Things are rolling! Well, again with my EON knowledge, I assured him that at this time of the year, the promising energies of 2019 are flying in and already influencing him. The air now is full of optimism!

[Ron] I told Priscilla, “I’m glad Gerald has been more positive than ever. The 2019 energies are already here, as early as in Oct 2018 as energies overlap one another. Just like if you bring a durian and put it in the kitchen or outside your house door, you can smell it. Gerald’s business picking up is because of the multiple 9s in PY2019. Just remind him that no matter how busy or many business clients he got, he needs to set aside some profits or time for charity. If money is tight, then do some charity work, like combining his investment talent with charity. Better yet, start organising charity projects for his investment clients.

Yes, the air is full of optimism for Gerald! The primary purpose of suggesting to work towards humanitarian or charity projects is to dilute the excess energies coming from the number 9. It could overwhelm Gerald’s current strengths. Using an analogy, it’s like multiple forest trees falling on him at one pass when all he wants is to chop a few trees. Another way to interpret it is when he eats too much of Christmas log cakes and sweet food during the Christmas party, he might feel sick or uneasy later. In short, good energies coming in to strengthen a person’s weak energy are excellent and ideal. However, when there are excessive good energies coming in at a fast and furious speeds, it creates a negative impact instead. That means, when there’s too much of everything, it could do Gerald more harm than good. Hence, the need to reduce the excess energies by redirecting it to other useful purposes – doing good deeds or “paying forward” initiatives, like involving (participation or donation) in charity or humanitarian projects.

[Priscilla] Thank you Ron. I have done the right thing for Gerald; that is, teaching him to fish instead of just giving him the fish!  As my EON class conducted by you was in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, I know I have missed out so many of your newly researched findings and observations. So I am waiting for your next book to expand my knowledge!

[Ron] I’ve always believed in the idiomatic expression, “to teach is to learn twice.” That has been my motto since Day 1 of my EON journey, from publishing my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to educate interested readers wanting to know something useful without spending time attending classes. As Priscilla attended my EON Workshop held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011, I’ve discovered and learned more things over the years through my teachings, and continuing research. Priscilla asked how I could identify the “cancer tendency,” and I share with her the methods, as she has been, and will forever be my supportive student who is willing to walk along this path of EON discovery with me.

As reader’s preference changes over the years, the amount of books available at traditional bookstores are becoming fewer. Self-publishing a second EON book containing extended theories is not justifiable these days, as the copyright protection mechanisms for ebooks are still not equally good yet. Hence, in view of the practicalities and logistic constraints of self-publishing, I have decided to focus on conducting the FEN WORKSHOP classes instead. One key reason besides extra topics and discoveries learned, is the direct explanation needed for the extended theories, and “live” case study practices. And as always, I’ve intentionally set the course fees at a moderate range without sacrificing teaching quality, profiling techniques, and after-class continuing lessons. It’s all managed for the sake of passion, and inner voice telling me to help others as much as I could, and to the best of my abilities.

Here’s something special for Gerald – I picked an Oracle card in the midst of drafting the earlier paragraphs. I was really curious to know what message the Oracle has for him, during this short period of time – from now until end-January 2019. On the left, is the image of the Oracle card that I’ve picked.

Performing a modern-day Oracle has nothing to do with religious beliefs, rites, or the spirits; and does not require the use of mystical charms and magic potions. Rather, all you need is an Oracle deck that’s “connected” and “aligned or in-tuned” with you, as the reader. The message is in the card – it’s up to you to interpret its meanings.

I’ve designed the new “NUMBERS IN POSITIVE LIGHTOracle deck (81 cards) primarily as a quick and easy, flash card tool. While it can also be used for normal multiple-card spreads too, my other “EON ORACLE CARD(108 cards) offers a wider Oracle coverage. Anyway, the card shows 1-7(8) which we could interpret as [Intellectual – Self-Reflections – Responsibility], or following the basic keyword interpretations as [Alone – Support – Stress]. Either way, when Gerald is in command of his emotions and tempers, he could easily change the stress pain points to become pressure points instead. That means he is in better control of his health while he seeks support from his clients. It also implies Gerald must be willing to serve his clients and face the pressure or stress they might impose on it, to go the extra mile, so to speak. Even if you still don’t know how to interpret the numbers 1-7(8), you can simply read the quotes directly. And if you noticed, the quotes have similar meanings to the numbers on the card. Yes, the quotes are specially chosen to be relevant to the number pattern on the card, to enable anyone to understand the message received, regardless of their numerology knowledge level.

The first EON ORACLE class would probably be held sometime around/after March 2019. You can pre-register your seat reservation as well. I’m also happy to have one of my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, Master Phat (from Thailand, and a Tarot/Oracle professional reader, and EON/FEN profiler) to co-conduct the lessons with me as well. She’s the creator of her EN CARDS Oracle deck, which would be used during the class. As long as you have completed EON/FEN, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, or any PON-style classes, learning how to extend your profiling knowledge to include Oracle readings could be fun and easy. Check this link for interim info on the EON ORACLE course details.

And lastly back to the Oracle card 1-7(8)… Gerald can consciously remind himself while he pursues his goals and gained the trust of his clients. Go for the extra mile, if need be. And as the title of this article indicated, it’d be beneficial for Gerald to focus on building his experiences and self-satisfaction, and not chasing after materialistic rewards during this short period.

Good news to those who’ve emailed me when I could start the next FEN class. I’ve scheduled the 7th FEN WORKSHOP class for 23rd-24th February 2019 (Sat-Sun). The early-bird registration will be opened shortly. Meanwhile, check this link for FEN WORKSHOP course details.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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