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In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on yet another interesting technique to analyse an EON chart; by identifying the Annual Code and Birth Code vibes. I’ve introduced the Periodic Codes method to FEN Advanced students in class, and showed them a Creative way to interpret the probable signs or subtle guidelines they might experience during that period.

AnnualCodeThe BIRTH CODE that I’ve shared in class provides some form of “life mantra” on the general sense of “directions” a person has to go through in his or her life path journey. The ANNUAL CODE provides a “yearly mantra” the person can check, interpret, and decide how best he or she can maximise its guiding signs through their own unique “visual story” interpretations. You can use the same technique to identify the DAILY CODE. It’s similar to reading the day’s horoscope on your star sign for advice. The appeal of the Daily Code is uniquely distinctive, even for people born on same day. Because of your exposure to lifestyle, family upbringing, moral educations, and self-beliefs, you might have different ‘visual story’ from another person.

TEACH NUMBER PATTERNS2The uniqueness and practical nature of these periodic code signs are simple – the universal and personal energies vary, depending on the time state. As these timely energies do influence us, our behaviours, thinking, and actions vary uniquely. And the way we interact with our friends or colleagues can be different – one day we’re best friends, another day we behave like strangers, and yet on another day we’re like enemies. We faced varying experiences when we are at different environment or places, and communicate with distinctive people with different moods, intellectuals, and mentality. Even the changing weather can influence our moods.

UNLEASHI have highlighted to my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students the importance on focusing on the area of concern before checking out their periodic codes. Some people want to know their wealth status, others checking their career vibes, and another curious on relationships. It’s important to understand the fundamental causes associated with the elements and numbers present. I have been, and will always be, showing FEN students the techniques to identify different possibilities of underlying contributing “cause-and-effects” to address the question.

HiddenPatternsNow, I will briefly share my observations of the periodic codes using country as the subject to analyse. I will focus on Singapore and her closer neighbouring country, Malaysia. By the way, what you’re about to read is just simple observations that I can openly share here. It’s my self-imposed, self-censored analysis putting aside sensitive issues that I’d probably share privately in class for case study learning and analysis based on the tendency signs present in the chart. What you’re about to read might not happen as political decision makers can change mindsets and policies that could affect the outcomes.

CaseStudy_Singapore2016_2017Let’s begin by checking the Personal Year PY2016 chart. With the SG50 yearlong celebrations in 2015, the 8-9-8-8-7-6 patterns (in locations MNOPQR) are suggesting Singapore is moving on towards a new phrase of responsibility to the citizens.

The 9-8-8-7-8-6 patterns (in locations IJMSTU) are suggesting the government’s focus on financial responsibilities and improving citizens’ well-being. It could also imply the need for political leaders to ensure sustainable growth on country’s economic stability, currency strength, and positive GDP results this year.

The 2-7-9-2-7-9 patterns (in locations JKNVWX) are suggesting the government might actively engage on consultative appealing ways. There are signs of conscious efforts and active involvement on educating the public through social media, forums, websites to address policies. More signs suggest the need to revise or update policies in certain areas for a better future ahead.

The ANNUAL CODE sign is suggesting the need for the government and policymakers to connect their people; to have dialogues and patiently explain to its citizens their well-intended policies; and to engage the public through Creative ways to inspire them to look at issues (and policies) constructively (for better good), and to hope their sincerity could garner more positive support from the public.

TakeStockThough there are signs of apprehension and challenges (OK, that include stumbling blocks and obstacles), the government must relentlessly explain their plans and visions for the country. The hidden signs are suggesting possible supreme egotism, therefore the need for policymakers to be more empathetic and forthcoming with the citizens before carrying out policies. More signs are suggesting government and policymakers needs to:
Connect with their people and engage in informal dialogues and maintaining patience when explaining policies to the citizens;
• Engage the public through Creative ways to inspire them to look at issues (and policies) constructively (for greater good), and to hope their sincerity and transformation change could garner more positive support from the public.

In fact, the Year 2016 energies might have started and influencing the ruling political parties and policymakers. Gone are the days of traditional disciplinary talk down imposing approach towards policy changes. It’s now all about consultative discussions with the public, and gathering feedback before carrying out certain policies. The Root 9 (in PY2017 chart) are also suggesting evolutionary visions and planning with the perfectionist mindset vibes present.

CaseStudy_Malaysia2016_2017Let’s analyse Malaysia’s chart by checking the number sequences on same locations of their PY2016 chart. The 4-8-3-2-7-9 patterns (in locations IJMSTU) are suggesting the need for the government to communicate with their supporters and citizens. They need to improve their EQ and communicative skills, and be more forthcoming and open-minded when discussing policies.

The 3-7-3-3-6-9 patterns (in locations MNOPQR) could suggest the need for policymakers to be less critical, patient (like not acting hastily, or having fast-and-furious closures abruptly) and avoid aggression. More signs are suggesting the need to focus truthfully on the country’s economic and financial stability, and achieve the country’s 1Malaysia mission for national unity. The number 6 is about responsibility at home and for the country, suggesting the need to provide social welfare and strengthen the home and living needs of their citizens.

The 2-7-9-2-7-9 patterns (in locations KLNVWX) are present in everyone’s PY2016 chart. Its influencing energies are similar to the ones I’ve earlier mentioned for Singapore. That is, the sincere need to communicate truthfully with the citizens through more mutually respected consultative discussions. This will provide the citizens opportunities to contribute to the country’s successes as well.

The ANNUAL CODE and hidden signs are suggesting the need to be more open and forthcoming with the country’s economic and political stability, and to focus on resolving the country’s internal issues and public’s concern on financial governance.

quarrelThe 3-1-4-5-7-3 patterns (in locations MNOPQR of PY2017 chart) suggest there might be potential issues next year. There might be communication disruptions, probably because of disagreement on common grounds about policies. Perhaps one group might not give in to the other group’s concerns or requests, creating confusions and legal (or political) conflicts resulting in possible financial strain or money loss. Eventually the policymakers have to listen attentively to citizens’ feedback, carry out policies for better good, and steer the country towards progress and economic success.

There are other associations we can relate as well to the 3-1-4-5-7-3 pattern for PY2017, like [religious tension – leadership – plans – mountains and hideouts – supporters – firearms]. On the same token, we could interpret the 3-9-3-3-6-9 (for PY2016) as [passion of focus – vision – religious – fiery action – security or stability – targets]. As there might be sensitive interpretations, I’ll leave the analysis or observations for you to do. Taking conscious effort and enforcing preventive measures could stabilise the political and economic security of the country.

confusionAnalysing the periodic codes (Annual Code or Daily Code) is easy to start with once you know the steps to compute the number sequence and correlate them to past events. It is usually easier to do ‘historical’ observations and correlate the past events with the numbers present in the chart. FEN Advance students will learn how to identify the periodic codes in class, and explore simple and easy way to link the number sequence to form visual story observations.

One wonderful feature that I have included in the FEON+ software is the quick plotting of the combined relationship chart of up to four people or subjects. While drafting this article, I was curious to find out the two country’s relationship chart. I could identify key relationship issues faced by both countries from the chart. Perhaps I might start a new case study observations on the “Relationship / Compatibility Chart” between Singapore and Malaysia, and post the article when ready.

I wished you the best for the New Year. I hope you can start the new year with fresh perspective and willingness to accept unique transformation learning experience by reading the many articles I have posted on this site for the past few years. I encourage you to buy and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you haven’t done so. I’m still focusing to do more research to include complementary techniques to expand my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I will share these discoveries in class whenever possible. I also look forward to welcoming you as my deserving FEN student one day where I can share more advanced techniques of the EON method with you from a fresh visual perspective.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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