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I hope you’ve read my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” posted yesterday. If you’ve not previously done so, please check them out first to gather an overview of what’s in store for you and everyone else for this year.

confusionBy now, some of you might have experienced or noticed certain events that had already happened during the recent months. In Singapore, the government had initiated policies, and kick started ideas during the past few months. Elsewhere in other countries, the local government had also initiated policies and new rules or Laws during the same period. Many of my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students would know many of the government initiatives and/or events happening in the past few months are, in many ways, ‘aligned’ to the Year 2016 energies.

In today’s article, I’m sharing more on how I’d analysed and forecasted the probable signs and events in my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” article. Besides hoping you can benefit and know more about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for free here; I want you to consciously be aware of the influencing effects that could affect you and hope that could compel you to make a mindset and attitude change if you want a better tomorrow.

Look at the year numbers 2016. From my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can split the numbers individually and identify them as:

2 – Water element. Talk. Movement. Expression. Female. Sensual. Duality. Kidney health signs.
1 – Metal element. Alone. Leader. Intellectual. Innovation. Boastful. Male. Egotistical. Immune or respiratory health signs.
6 – Metal element. Money. Home & Family. Security. Weapons. Speed. Immune or respirator health signs.
9 – the resultant number when we add 2+1+6=9. Wood element. Success. Growth & Health. Competition. Humanity. Liver health signs.

ACCURACYThere are so many other traits and associations to the numbers (2, 1, 6, and 9) that I have shared with my FEN students. I’m sharing some of the ‘basic’ associations here to inspire you to connect the individual number puzzle pieces to form your own ‘visual story’. Correlate the traits to the numbers 2016 and the resultant 9, and then use the “connect-the-dots” puzzle game approach to frame up your observations.

Here’s some of my ‘visual stories’ when connecting the puzzle pieces for 2016=9:

• [Moving, Alone, Money, Success]. Relentless pursuit to carry out tasks solely to achieve your desired goals – money or monetary gain. Obsessions could lead to corruptions, money laundering, and financial manipulations.

• [Talk, Leader, Stability, Vision]. Debates and protests questioning the corporate (or government) leadership and governance for the company’s profitability (or country’s financial or political stability) and their institutional mission and growth plans (or country’s GDP and economic achievements). Obsessions could lead corporate or political leaders into upheavals, aggressions, insecurity, abrupt policy changes, terminations and brutality.

Get the Book Now!• [Feelings, Egocentricity, Enforcement, Goals]. The feelings of insecurity and fear that might create a “I, Me, & Myselfegoistic mindset or “It’s either you or mesurvival thinking; and the need to enforce stringent policies to suppress oppositions that might disrupt their goals. Terrorists and extremists would act on brutality (including merciless killings) to deliver their message. Corporate leaders might introduce new policies to deflect attention. Politicians might enforce laws of the land to impose security sanctions and military actions (including jail sentence and brutal legalised tortures or killings) to suppress oppositions.

• [Communicate, Self, Intellectual, Growth]. The urge to express our desires to improve our intellectuals through education (growth). Educationists are introducing new syllabus, or revising educational techniques and instructional materials to achieve their citizens’ education and skill proficiencies. Individuals are upping their skill sets by expanding their knowledge through self-learning or attending adult-learning courses.

• [Communicate, Innovations, Medicine, Health]. On positive note, it implies Communications (press release, announcements) of innovation breakthroughs on health and medicines research. On negative note, it could suggest spreading of communicable diseases related to immune, skin, dental, and mental health. Could the recent announcement on successful clinical trials and FDA-approved medicines on dengue be a coincidence, when we correlate the energies present in the year 2016? While there might be heightening awareness of immune and skin related health signs (SARS, HxNx, eczema, apnoea) and mental disorder, there might be medical breakthrough to control these health conditions.

Now that I have provided some ‘visual stories‘, I hope they can invoke your Creative thoughts and inspire you to reason out the other traits or events indicated in my graphic forecast image attached to my earlier “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” article. Don’t worry too much unnecessary if you are lost or could not visualise or conceptualise the numbers into a visual story. It takes time, patience, and positive affirmations to practise and evolve your thoughts. I had one students who attended my FEN Basic class and negatively talked about her poor sense of visualisation. However, after attending my FEN Advanced class, her mind opens a new window to accept and apply the visualisation approach. She could because she might have unconsciously apply her Creative thinking to her basic profiling skills earlier. Gradually, I believe, though regular picturing exercise, her visualisation skills would improve. I taught students the art of visualisation techniques through nature life observations, and that helps heightened their understanding of a person’s traits and characteristics. It’s harder to explain the hints here but rest assured you will understand and be able to visualise (and profile) after attending my FEN classes.

CaseStudy_Year_20160101Besides interpreting the numbers presents in the year (like 2016), there is another option you can apply by checking on the first day of the year’s chart. Check the attached screenshots and see if you can forecast any possible events or traits that might occur this year. Instead of me sharing my observations first, why not share your observations and email them to me at SunTzu2796@gmail.comI will collate them and include my interpretations in a separate article when ready.

Start the new year with a new, exciting way to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Even if you couldn’t find the time to attend my FEN courses or for some personal reasons, the least you can do is to participate and interact with me by emailing your case study analysis.

By now, many users (of this site), readers (of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”) and FEN students know that I’d encourage active learning and endorse the “to teach is to learn twice” thinking. Give and you shall receive. When you are willing to teach or share with others your knowledge and experience, your skills will naturally improve. I have given you the ‘fishes’ and taught you how to fish. Perhaps you might want to show me a different method of fishing (to catch other fishes?) so that I can widen and adapt my ‘fishing’ skills when appropriate.

THE MINDRest assured, I will continue to share my research findings, discoveries, and profiling techniques through the articles posted on this site, while the advanced techniques would be imparted to the more deserving and supportive students in class. I hope to have your kind understanding as practiceable learning requires dedicated research which is time consuming and costly. I’m sharing the EON methods here to help you understand yourself better. Read up as much as you can, and apply the changes needed to help improve your life. Remember you have a choice.  The sole solution (insisted  by others) might not be the ONLY option to make once when you’ve opened up your minds.

If you are a trainer teaching other profiling methods and gaining new ideas and insights from my articles posted here, or profiling professionals servicing your clients, it’s important to help others understand themselves better ethically and morally. Do not unnecessarily imposed fears by confirming and concluding they have no choice but to believe you that they WILL only be affected by negative energies.

Teach or help others through the right, practical, and moral ways, and life will be shinning brighter for everyone.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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