Numerological Predictive Observations 2014

forecastHappy New Year to everyone!

I know many of you are eager to know what the New Year 2014 brings to you and others. There are books you can read up on events that may happen globally; probable health issues affecting you; and increasing positive outlooks influencing you. Go ahead and read them. Knowing something where you can take action (to change your life) is better than not knowing anything and leaving your life to your fate & destiny. Whether the forecast comes true to you eventually depends on your thoughts, behaviours, and actions. Remember, you have a life so take charge of your one-life-only in this lifetime and strides along your own positive path.

2014 VIBESI’ve decided to post my forecast article today, thanks to the kind reminders from close friends. This year’s forecast is slightly different from my past forecast articles. Click the image on the right for a larger and clearer version. You will see both positive and negative tendency vibes that may happen during this year.

Click this link if you want to save the image and pass it around to others, your friends, and anyone keen to know the year forecast in one visual image. Of course, if your friends know the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, they’d be in a better position to understanding why and how the issues and tendency signs could happen. You and your friends can take charge to change your own and their life and enrich others in a more positive and healthier way.

Below are tendency signs of some key events that may appear this year (2014) based on my observations using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods:

  • Increasing gossips, erotic, sensuous, and sexual desires. This means more sex scandals, transgressions, illicit affairs, sugar daddies and toy boys, scandals & leaks, and office flirts. At extreme end, it could raise the statistics for marriage counselling, separations and divorces.
  • The service industries are getting more attention than ever – good and bad.
  • There are tendencies of increasing lips services, i.e., over promising, under delivery. In short, the “no action, talk only” syndrome.
  • Freak floods, torrential rains, downpours, heavy snows – anything on ‘wind, air, and water’ weather movements.
  • Increasing awareness on obesity and diabetic tendencies, and the awareness on controlling sugar intakes. More people may suffer from high blood sugar level (leading to diabetes, at extreme cases) health conditions affecting the liver. Thus, these also indirectly raise the statistics on people suffering from kidney-related health conditions too.
  • There could be medical breakthrough on immune- or mental-related health diseases. However, it could also imply possible increases in diseases or deteriorating health conditions affecting the immune, mental (including brain), and respiratory body organs. So take up medical and health insurance if budget allows.
  • Possibly an increase in travel industries; and more complaints too. Travel agencies will see a pick-up in sales and profits, but they’ve to be mindful to reduce lips-services. Educational and insightful travel experiences are important as ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing can help boost a company’s profits.
  • WOMEN POWER. Yes, besides every successful man is usually a woman behind him. A high possibility the leadership gender roles at some corporate boardrooms could change. More women are coming out and taking up leadership roles to steer the company toward different ‘non-legacy’ directional paths.

There are many other tendency signs you can identify on the year 2014 vibes. Many of my EON students (those who’d attended my past EON WORKSHOP sessions in Singapore or Malaysia) would be able to identify other signs. They know because they’ve learned the application method to identify the number vibes through visual interpretations.

You can learn to forecast the number vibes at my forthcoming EON@SG WORKSHOP in Singapore on 8th March 2014 (Saturday).

Until then, take a positive step to enrich your life by making the right choice. I’m looking forward to share more EON discoveries and techniques with you at my workshop!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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