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I had a fantastic time last Saturday on 6 July 2019, with some FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students at our first social gathering. It was initially intended for a get-together session somewhere around town area, but one student suggested we had the gathering at his place. Even though there were about 7 of us, I’ve shared new techniques with them. These include Feng Shui tips like using water features, placement, lightings, and wealth sectors. Of course, we had case studies on birth charts using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I also showcase how I performed an Oracle forecasting using my personal set of NIPL Oracle Deck. And I thought it was beneficial to share some insights since I’m tight up with a project, and could not organise any courses before November 2019.

By the way, what you are about to read might be slightly different from my actual forecast made as I don’t record down my forecasting due to privacy reasons. Hence, what you are about to study is more of an afterthought analysis based on the information shown on the Oracle cards. There might be extra information mentioned here than my Oracle reading with Irene.

Irene asked a question, “Can I meet W within two weeks time?

While I shuffled the deck, two cards (3-6 and 2-9) dropped out. I set them aside as it’d be used as an additional clue to aid my forecast. I used the 3-card layout, by analysing the past-present-future status. The cards are 8-3, 6-5, and 8-8. To make it more interesting, I also shuffled the extra cards which I had designed into the entire NIPL Oracle project. The cards that I’ve drawn out was Yin-4, Yang-0, and Element-Metal.

Let’s look at the present-card showing 6-5, which denotes the current state that Irene was going through. As we also connect the number 6 as family, responsibility, and love, it implies Irene is searching for her love life, hoping to settle down and possibly have a family of her own. Nonetheless, she might be facing some challenges by way of the number 5 which could impose stumbling blocks on her. These created some sort of fear, uncertainty, and hesitation. Irene likes “W” and isn’t sure if he likes her too. As the group (those of us at the get-together enjoying the special learning session) knew Irene to be an action-driven lady, the signs implying her behaviour was not a coincidence. We could also associate the number 6 as the fast wheels of cars – too many 6s could imply fast-driving, and accident prone. Hence, the card 6-5 could also imply Irene might be unconsciously pushing her actions as well. As Irene said, W might perceive her as a “relentless” woman, and that could have caused him to be more guarded.

Let’s analyse what could occur earlier. The past-card showing 8-3 denote some form of pressurised but fun moments for Irene and W. However, like the association of wild-fire movements and critical candle hurting someone; Irene could have unconsciously blemishes her personality with W, causing him to misunderstand her true intentions on their relationships. I’ve advised Irene not to be too pushy, and to treat W as an ordinary friend, someone you can joke around happily without fearing of being too up close and personal. It’s just like a BFF (Best Friend Forever) platonic kind of relationship, and not a boyfriend-girlfriend kind. Irene could have presented herself as too pushy and demanding, and in some ways, could have hurt or frighten W away.

Now, let’s look at the future-card showing 8-8. Irene has to treat W as equal partners, competitors, and acquaintances. She should avoid being overbearing, be more empathetic and be a good listener, and to “listen to understand, and not listen to reply.” She should avoid being jealous, demanding, over-bearing, and persistent when she’s with W. If she can consciously remind herself to do exactly that, there might be positive signs out front. Otherwise, she could end up almost like an acquaintance with W, as the 8-8 card also shows an extra resulting number 8-8-7. It denotes the eventual result of a friendly person, or an amicable relationship at the least. I also pointed out to Irene that the affirmative message on the card is not added as an afterthought message. In fact, it took me a while to determine the underlying implications of the 8-8 combinations, before concluding a positive general message that’s relevant to the numbers presented on the card. In Irene case, the card showing 8-8-7 had the message implying it’s wiser for Irene to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of someone else, which in this case, is W. She should feel the contentment and not stressed, if she likes W, and hopes to have a closer, more-than-platonic relationship with him.

If Irene could restrain her aggressive and pushy behaviours, there is a chance she might meet with W within the two-week time frame.

The NIPL Oracle Deck card was designed (concept, artwork, layout  text information – all done by me) after much research. It’s unlike some other Oracle cards produced by other numerologist where there are fewer clues shown, to allow the card reader to study deeper into the meanings. Besides taking much research time in coming up with an “affirmative message” on the card, the Yin and Yang Cards play an important function as well. Click on this NIPL page  for more details.

The Yin-4 card suggested that Irene was always talking about W, and wishing on her dreams – her plans to meet up with W. The problem is, like I told Irene directly – has she taken any action to carry out her plan? It’s like the phrase I often use, “Vision without action is just like a dream, unless you plan and make it happen.” So Irene has to make it happen if she wants to meet with W within the two-week time frame. At that juncture, the other students suggested many ways Irene could start acting on. While there are fun and laughter around, with some jokes added, I’m glad everyone could learn how to read the cards and interpret it on a basic level. It’s like I’m conducting a free EON Oracle lesson to those who were there. Click here to find out more about my EON Oracle course.

What about the Yang-0 card,” Irene asked.

Well, she has many positive traits actually, and there isn’t any she should work harder on. What she needs to do, is to concentrate on the negative Yin-4 card. That is to say, to break the “planning” thoughts and work on it. Those who bought my NIPL Oracle Deck sets would know there is also a message on the Yin-4 card. It essentially states that there is nothing certain but the uncertainty, and it seems impossible until it’s done. Sure enough, “talking and planning endlessly” would get Irene no closer to W, unless she starts taking action.

That’s the wonders of my NIPL Oracle Deck set. Get a copy and do your own Oracle reading before stocks run out. If you’ve studied PON, UCMHP, or even my EON or FEN courses, or have attended numerology courses conducted by LifeQuest and Visiber, the NIPL Oracle Deck set could supplement your profiling analysis. As you already recognise the theories behind the numbers, it is so easy and fast to read the NIPL Oracle Deck Cards, as all clues are shown on the card itself. Imagine each number has its own sample traits stated, together with an affirmative message. And for FEN students, there are extra signs printed on the card, to allow them to identify them and apply to their “solutions.”

The additional two “dropped cards” showing 3-6 and 2-7 does have its unique meanings, including the elemental-card. I explained its relevance and application usage to Irene and the group. I noticed Irene constantly nodding her head, in correspondence, each time I read and explained the meanings. I brought along my personal, energy-charged NIPL Oracle Deck set in case the students wants an informal reading during the get-together session.  It was supposed to be a 12pm-3pm gathering, but because of their enthusiasm over my sharing of the NIPL Oracle readings, the informal Feng Shui “house audit,” and EON/FEN Chart Analysis, we ended the session around 5pm. Oh, I also showcase samples of my “Crystal Grid” products that I handcrafted some months back. I applied it for internal testing for my family and closest friends, and I’m happy with the outcome, and it’s ready for sale soon. In any case, we all enjoyed the five hours of free sharing and learning session. Thanks to the two students (yes, they’re married couples) for hosting the gathering at their apartment, instead of some eatery outlets in town.

The group have started to  discuss when they could meet up for the next gathering. I know I could divvy up more techniques and tips with them any time. I also told them it was better to chase happiness than money, if they desire to attain a continuous positive and happier mindset.

Until then, stay happy!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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