Numerological Predictive Observations 2018

New Year greetings to all. May this year brings you more positive vibes for better health, happier and joyful times, and abundance of wealth, good luck, and exciting career.

For the past few years, my “first article of the year” has been a special one. And as always, I wish to thank everyone supporting my passion and research work here, my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students for supporting to reinforce the EON theories and FEN methods, and everyone who’d happily applied and promoted the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Sticking with the tradition of my preceding years’ article, above is the NPO2018 image (click graphic image for larger view) comprising of “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” to supplement my forecast on the global events, increasing trends, and personality traits that might arise this year in 2018.

Stock markets in 2017 faced wavy ups-and-down effect for many counters. Even then, some counters and stocks are escalating upwards due to the effects of last year’s energies (2017 = 2+1+7=1 [companies with innovative products, better leadership, Cryptocurrencies]). This means for this year (2018 = 2+1+8=2 [Social Hype, Communications, Constant Flow, Movement]), there might be awareness and escalating continuations of cryptocurrencies, and other innovative and hi-tech stock counters. However, because of the number 2, signifying a wave and cursive line, the ups and downs would be smoother and gradual. And for the most acute observers, the patterns might be predictable in some sort.

Businesses in the following industries, as depicted in the above NPO2018 image, might be in focus this year. This means potential better sales and productions for the manufacturing industries, more product ranges for consumers because of social influencers and media hypes, and introductions of cheaper innovative products. Conversely, there are money-losing initiatives, intensive competitions, and possible smear tactics and sabotage among businesses, each trying to out-beat its competitors with better quality but more inexpensive products.

  • Electrical power, energy, LED, and improved cabling technology. With the presence of numbers 2, 1, and 8, these suggest increasing awareness and usage of LED lights and home fittings, to save energies and household expenses. Potential advancement in cabling technologies and infrastructures supporting fibre optics (for the Internet), and electrical power.
  • Small businesses. While there are lots of exciting and advanced ideas and plans, many might not be well thought-of, or executed hastily. As an outcome, probable cases of short-termed temptations, fly-by-night businesses, and people enjoying fast successes in abundance in 2018. Potential overseas investments and businesses relying on global outreach and online transactions could see growing customer base.
  • Besides the other focused businesses indicated in the NPO2018 image, it is important to note the Yin-Yang effect on the yearly energies. This entails, while there are potential upswings and profits in abundance, there are also downswings and money loss awaiting when hasty projects are done without careful planning.
  • Corruptions, money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasions, high profile scandals, financial mismanagement, corporate accountability, and financial related matters would be a key focus in 2018. Smear tactics, tightening of monetary laws. Online hacks. Whistle blowers. More lawyers and legal subjects in focus.

Signs of escalating emotional, mental, and physical fatigue and behavioural disorder this year, and as well as social smearing. There might be more babies born this year. Government agencies, healthcare services and institutions are educating the public on mental healthcare, drug and achoholic addictions, dengue, smoking, TB (tuberculosis), and FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders). People with health troubles or those already at elderly or senior age, needs to take extra care of their health as there are potential cardiac arrest, heart, or kidney problems.

We might see more buildings on fires, and volcano eruptions spouting furious fires upwards. Conflicting signs suggesting different countries might go through extreme weather temperatures – coldness, heat wave, snow and flooding, and drought. Strong, and dry wind. There might be unprecedented occurrences in the north or southwest areas.

Potential increased in accidents resulting from “slip and fall” causing spine and back injuries. Chemical leaks or exhalations of gaseous fume affecting respiratory and immune systems. Signs of explosions and/or increasing eye injuries resulting from incorrect use and safeguards from welding, torches, explosive powders, and electrical wiring. Increased consciousness about the need for regular maintenance on powered safety equipment and proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Possible oil tanker, and transportation vehicles (including ships) accidents; and mid-air explosions.

There are signs that “actions speak louder than words.” This could spark some form of fiery disputes among countries. Releases of chemical or gaseous warfare are still prominent. There are other signs suggesting increasing strikes involving the exercise of weapons, riots, merciless killings – a result of mental manipulations from terrorists and political opportunists, and misuse and/or abuse of news and social media to stir confusions and accelerate political agendas. Firearms’ control and new rules might be implemented.  There might be increasing tension, conflicts, or competitions between countries or states in the North, West and South areas.

Signs depicting selfish attitudes, with potential communication breakdowns between individuals and business partnerships. Tendency to misinterpret information without verifying facts. More fake news would surface. Rising numbers of LGBT and men announcing their gay tendencies. Backstabbing, rumours, and gossips.

You must be prudent and manage your finances well as there are signs of impulsive purchases, because of pride, show-off, and prestige. Perseverance and fortitude might lead to better successes than hasty actions. There are signs you might feel emotionally and pressurised when events, issues, or symptoms are repeating after you thought it was finally over. More people are consciously aware and keeping in good form and stay mentally healthy. As there might be potential immune, nerve, blood, and respiratory health conditions (including TB  and other immune/flu viruses), it is important for you to take out a medical or a healthcare insurance policy if you haven’t already done so. The year 2018’s energies might affect you if you’re not adequately prepared.

Here’s a particular NPO2018 code that I’d like to share with you – the 19719 pattern to be decoded as [Focus and Mental Self – Vision & Humanity – Teamwork & Tolerance – Leadership & Inclusiveness – Success & Purpose]. It applies to you as individuals for self-improvement, career, relationships, or business. What it means is the need for you to act on the below code pattern this year for better harmony:

  • 1 – the need to remain focused and prioritise tasks, rather than stressing yourself unnecessary when issues kept repeating again and once more. The need to control and manage your emotional wellness and mental states – to have a clear and focused mind, to know what you want to do.
  • 9 – set visions with purpose. Give thoughts to the less fortunate, or include plans to involve them into your goals and KPIs. Inspire others to think creatively and be innovative.
  • 7teamwork and cohesiveness are important, for balanced emotional and mental wellness. Be aware others are not the same as you, and afford yourself more time to understand them better, and tolerate their faults, much like what others have been patients with your bad habits and behaviours.
  • 1 – Be a caring and humble leader who others take pride to be associated with you. Delegate tasks and adopt the “inclusiveness, not exclusiveness” when sharing information, and give equal opportunities and chances to others. Deliver what you promise. Lead, encourage, and guide others to be leaders as well.
  • 9 – Recognises that group effort could lead to better success than working separate, just like the phrase “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Create building blocks for success as a team. And while you relish the success and its rewards, be unpretentious and encouraged others to stay humble too.

Those are my general forecast and observations of the year 2018 energies. By the way, you still need to be mindful of the traits and events forecasted in my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2017” article. Due to the transiting yearly energies, the outgoing Qi energies from last year’s 2017 vibes have not completely exhausted yet. That implies we might continue to face the forecasted events and traits for the next few months of 2018.

Remember, if you want a better tomorrow, take direction and act positively today.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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