France Presidential Election 2017: First Round

For today’s article, I’m putting on my forecasting hat to analyse the candidates for the forthcoming France President position. Michele emailed me a few days ago and wrote, “The politician situation in France is very difficult. The next elections will take place on the 22nd 23rd April 2017 and 6th 7th May 2017. We have few candidates – Francois Fillon, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuelle Macron. Can you tell who has much chance to win?

I replied to Michele I was not following the news of the France Elections and knew little about the candidates. I also mentioned, “I did a Google search and found both Fillon and Le Pen are now under damage control while Macron is still OK. How many other candidates are there?” Michele then replied, “Alain Juppé does not have anything, but for the moment, we don’t know if he replaces Francois Fillon because of the affairs.

So for this article, I will briefly share my observations on four of them, regardless whether Juppé is a potential candidate. I based my observations on the numbers and elements present in the person’s charts; it is devoid of political influences. It doesn’t imply they would display or inhibit all traits mentioned. If you have registered and got the FEON+ software installed in your smartphone, it’d be easier for you to correlate what I’m about to describe with the birth charts and other information displayed on the software. And if you have spare time, read up the online news too. Oh, you might find similarities of the current happenings to their Personal Year (PY) charts.

Let’s begin with Francois Fillon’s charts. From political perspectives, we could interpret the 7-1-8-9-6-6 as [Support – Leader – Responsibility – Vision – Political Stability – Economic Security]. What this implies is that Fillon might have ready supporters (7) and seen as the leader (1) taking over the helm the responsibility (8) to achieve the people’s visions (9) for better stability of their country (6) and the economic and financial security (6).

Fillon is facing a “Double Effect” this year, and these could imply the people’s demand and expectations of his performances are higher and stronger. That appeared like a positive note about his eagerness, but as you might have read, the legal issues he’s currently facing might be a stumbling block to his career vision. Check his PY2016 chart for signs of legal issues. In a “Double Effect” year, the energies are manifested doubly, which means Fillon is affected by both the positive and negative vibes, and it could impact his career and health conditions as well.

Besides interpreting the 7-1-8-9-6-6 from political perspectives, we can also analyse the personality and character traits too, which in this instance could be interpreted as [Supporter – Leader – Responsibility – Success – Home – Finances]. That implies a probably self-sacrificed person who thinks about others more than himself, assuming the role as the head to the family, and assuming responsibility to ensure his family and home are in good care. Hmm, that seemed to be a homely man who cares for his family. Now we can also associate the signs as due to the commitment nature, he is prepared to bend the rules and relentless pursuing his vision against the odds to ensure his family has healthy financial states. The number 6 is furthermore, about money. With the “Double Effect” vibes this year, excessive 6s could imply materialistic pursuits, legal issues like money laundering, corruptions, financial scandals, and leaks (whistle blowing). From career perspective, the energies of his supporters (7) are strong initially as it’s the first number of the 7-1-8-9-6-6 pattern. And as we know, the initial energies could deplete over a while. It’s like the FIFO (First In, First Out) process. And that what’s happening to Fillon now – his support is shrinking. Whether he is out of the candidacy is left to the people, although his career vibes next year (2018) or later this year is strong.

Let’s look at Marine Le Pen’s chart. From a political perspective, we could interpret the 4-6-1-7-5-3 as [Plan – Stability – Leader – Supporter – Obstacle – Action]. What this implies is Le Pen is constantly strategising and planning (4) to improve the country’s financial and economic stableness (6), and the country needs a leader (like her) to achieve that vision. She needs to gain the support of the people (7) as there might be frequent stumbling blocks and challenges (5) in her quest to carry out (3) her plans. From character and personality perspectives, we could also interpret the pattern as [Plan – Money – Principles – Feelings – Change – Critical]. This could suggest the tendency of a person who’s always planning (4) ahead of others, motivated by money and/or political matters (6) and is self-principled (1). However, no matter what she did, she’s frequently embroiled in disagreements and legal issues (7-5-3) or tends to overspend unnecessary, which could cause financial loss due to carelessness or being too trusted of others. What this means others might sabotage her as they dislike her firm, principle-mindedness.

From career perspective, she has to “work harder” to garner more support and treat the challenges and obstacles as an opportunity for her to change people’s mindset to support her call for action. (7-5-3 changing to 7-7-3 or 7-3-3 pattern effects). There are signs her career vibes is strong next year (2018), or later this year.

Now, let’s analyse Emmanuelle Macron’s chart. From a political perspective, we could interpret the 6-6-3-9-9-9 pattern as [Stability – Home – Passion – Vision – Humanitarian – Success]. Here you have, the interpretations of a person who strongly believes he can improve the stability and home security within the country. He is seemed as someone with visionary and caring nature, and capable of achieving the desired goal. From character and personality perspective, we could interpret the pattern as [Financial – Principles – Action – Competition – Success – Greed]. This suggests a person who supported financial accountability and morals, and someone who’s more of the “cut the crap” action man than a NATO (no action talk only). However, in view of intense competitions around, like the tree in a densely forest, the fear of not achieving the targets and success is strongly felt.

As stated in my previous articles, the 9-9-9 pattern could incite combativeness and exhibit traits like over-confidence, proud, “I’m always better” attitudes, self-centric, arrogance, micro-managing, and greediness when negative influences got stronger. He could ended a victim of his own success, and strayed (on the negative sides) from his original intent. Nevertheless, when the positive vibes is harmonised, these could reveal the humanitarian nature and philanthropy mindset in him.

The 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern in his PY2017 chart could suggest a double-edge sword-like outcome. From positive side, it could suggest a breakaway from the problems the country was currently facing, and that he could help improve the country’s stability and economic growth. When negative energies are strong, it could influence the fear, prudence, and insecure feelings among the people, or the impression of an arrogant and overly confident person with EQ communicative (8-4-3) problems.

Let’s look at Alain Juppé’s charts. From political perspectives, we could interpret the 5-6-1-7-2-9 as [Stubborn – Stability – Leader – Supporter – Expressive – Success]. This could suggest a person who often faces obstacles or stumbling blocks upfront. However, when they perceive these disruptive hindrances (5) from the opportunity standpoint, they could think about workarounds and alternative solutions to improve the country’s stability, and economic growth (6). Others would look up on him as their leader (1), as someone who’s the charismatic and approachable (2) person (willing to spend time to listen, dialogue) and a compatriot who could improve the country’s success (9).

From character and personality perspective, we could interpret that as someone who’s stoic and stubborn in nature, with traits of self-sacrifice and principle-mindedness. He could motivate and inspire others easily with his eloquence and communicative skills.

The 5-6-1 also implies the ability to enhance and attract foreign investments and expand country’s export trades. In elections where character assassinations and defamations abound, Juppé must control his emotions and temperaments if he’s innocent, as there might be scandals (including the usual money/sexual?) and gossips released intentionally. His career vibes currently is not strong but there are signs of stronger career vibes’ movement next year (2018) or later this year.

I’ve described the basic traits of the four candidates, their personal traits, and their career vibes (based on the extended FEN methods). Who do you think might win the first round on 22nd April 2017? From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, Fillon has the weakest link among the four of them. Both Fillon and Le Pen are on damage control at the moment, and their earlier actions might be detrimental to their career or affect the supporters’ confidence. Though this year’s energies for both Fillon and Le Pen are not as great as the other two, it doesn’t imply they will be out of the first round. It all depends on how well both could control and dilute the negative sentiments, proved their innocence, and win the supporters’ confidence. Until the loser(s) for the first round is known, there is hope and all four stands a chance to get through.

Who will then be the next France president? Why not we wait until we knew who the confirmed candidates are in the first round and who got through before checking? Meanwhile, for the curious and impatient ones who cannot wait, here’s a hint – plot the candidate’s charts, and check the Date and Combined Date Chart for 6th May 2017the election date.

And for FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, you might want to identify their Career element and Annual Code as well, and note the influencing energies (for both positive and negative ones) that might affect them. One more thing, include the country’s chart and then compare the strengths from the ‘Relationship / Compatibility’ chart for each candidate, including those not mentioned here.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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