Murderer or Not?

It’s scary and worrisome to be stereotyped as having strong murderer traits just by looking at your birth chart. As many of you knows, your birthdate tells a good deal about you, especially if you can find the clues.

Someone tried to search for the “murderer” phrase recently, probably to check if there is high chance of finding the answers to the “murdererpattern. That reminded me of the lessons I’d when I attended the PON class in early 2007 when we were given a few handouts of specific stereotypes identified, including murderers. We’re told that people having such patterns are confirmed murderers or killer to be. And if they aren’t one now, they’d behave and act as one (that is, as a murderer) later in their lifetime. I was excited at first, but soon after, realised it’s too early to assume we could confidently connect certain patterns to precise traits. What if that connection does not link the pattern to the precise traits for every individual? How can we make the pretentious claim that the equation [specific pattern = specific traits/events] is absolutely true, just like 4-8-3 = 100% divorce? You can’t simply put a stigma stamp on anybody, anyhow, without verifying and finding the hard truth. I soon found the answers while researching on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

So what constitutes a murder? According to this Wikipedia page, “Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought.

When we use symbolic representation method, we could associate the number 1 with the knife or sword. Does it imply the number 1 is a killer number, someone who, at extreme cases, resort to merciless killings and slicing of limps? Can we also associate other numbers with killings and murders? Thinking wild, and just imagine number 2 (drowning in bathtub); number 3 (gun shot); number 4 (driven to suicide); number 5 (quicksand); number 6 (car collision); number 7 (drowned under the sea); number 8 (heart attack from roller coaster ride); and number 9 (fell from tall bridge). Eek, those are cruel methods that we often see in horror or thriller movies. And since we have all of these nine numbers in our charts, be they in the birth chart or Personal Year charts, does that mean we are murderers too? In theory, we are all murderers because some trainers in numbers and patterns said so. Thankfully, and in practical, most of us are not murderers because our beliefs, moral ethics, upbringing, and life purpose prevented us from straying.

There is one problem when plotting a person’s birth chart simply from their date of birth. Although we could easily profile a person with high level of associations to the probable signs, it isn’t complete. The numerals from the Year, Month, and Day could provide up to 75% of information for us to identify the traits and characteristic of the person. And when you have the birth time, you could gather the remaining 25% of information to complete your profiling analysis. So, wherever possible, I’d highly recommend that you include the birth time of a person where you can then plot their EON birth chart, and the additional charts, like the Time of Birth chart, and the Combined Date and Time of Birth chart. This way, there are extra clues you can find to determine if the energies from the main influences (birth chart) can be subtly affected by the unconscious influences from these additional charts.

Let me explain further on the importance of having the birth time. Take a look at Thomas Eugene Creech’s EON chart. Thomas was charged with double homicide in 1975 and confessed to 42 murders, according to this MurderPedia page. He has the 9-6-6-3-6-9 pattern present in his Birth chart. Sure, there are many ways to interpret the pattern, including looking from a murder/crime perspective for this article, that is [Competition – Brute Force – Weapon – Blood (Kill) – Life – Success]. From a negative standpoint, people with similar chart could be compelled to become potential murderers, or can we assume everyone with such a pattern would eventually kill someone, if they haven’t already done so.

Once again, that would be making a pretentious remark since there are two sides to a coin, much like there are both a Yin and Yang transient energies in the universe. Every day, and every moment, the world changes, and so do we. From the day we’re born, we changed in accordance (our reactions and responses) to the influencing energies around us. The homes we live in, our parents and grandparents’ guidance, our Teachers’ coaching, and our colleagues’ attitudes could influence us. We are also influenced by the food we eat, our culture, the government law and policies, the taxes, and many more. This means we can furthermore interpret the 9-6-6-3-6-9 pattern as [Vision – Pride – Driving spirit – Creative – Writing/Composing – Success]. You now have two conflicting characteristics for two persons with identical birth date. I believe many of you would have seen charts with similar patterns, or identical birth dates. The person doesn’t in any way, behave like a murderer or inclined to use knives and sharp metallic objects when quarrelling with someone furiously.

One more example – John McFee is an American singer and a long-time member of The Doobie Brothers band, according to this Wikipedia page. He has the same birth date as Thomas Creech, and is not a murderer. Ok, I hear some of you shouting, “Never say, Never! Sure, if John is under extreme pressure, facing frequent stressing times, quarrels, disagreement, and everything HOT, his temper might become worst, like a gigantic tree breaking up and falling down suddenly. It could be disastrous, damaging houses and cars, and killing the people sitting under the tree. Like I’d said earlier, the Yin-Yang effect determines our reactions and responses towards threat, obstacles, and sudden change. Both Thomas and John lived in different environment when young, and their formative years of childhood learning and experiences are different, and so are their self-beliefs, behaviours, habits, and actions.

We shouldn’t stereotype anyone just because we noticed a person’s chart has the killer pattern. It isn’t fair to the person whom you’d innocently accused of, that he or she is a potential murderer. And insisted this person shouldn’t work in security forces or the military, and cannot be exposed to chemical agents, firearms, and military weapons – because he or she can become a ruthless murderer.

That brings me back to the birth time – the accessibility to provide extra clues to a person’s inward actions, the inner feelings, the sense of security and conscience, and the types of mood swing actions to portray. In my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, I shared the charts of twin brothers, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb, who are born on the same day but 35 minutes apart. Although both have common visions and shared interest, they have their own unique traits and personalities – because their birth time is different. Of course, having the birthdate is adequate for most profiling analysis. But when it comes to locating the needle in a hay sack, that extra 25% information could come handy and useful to isolate your findings and determine the effect of the influencing energies inside a person.

I have formulated the unique Time of Birth chart, and the Combined Date and Time of Birth chart, based on my earlier experience in Chinese Metaphysics and the Five Elements principles. I have described the steps and examples in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can now purchase online directly from me, if you’re staying in Singapore, and found it difficult to locate my book at the local bookstore outlets.

Identify all possibilities of different traits a person might inhibit or display, even when a certain number pattern is present. Don’t rush into making conclusions quickly. Be practical and realistic, and not naïve. While you frown on people making remarks and stereotyping you, others also dislike your quick assumption and bias towards them.

Remember this – no two people are alike, even if they have the same birthdate. And no two people have identical traits, even when they have the similar patterns in their charts.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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