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I met Travis some years back while working on some projects. Last week, Travis sent me a text message, “Seriously sick again for second time. Had food poisoning, and also felt numbness. Not sure why my fate or stars suddenly change. This year might not be my year.

I recalled advising Travis some time back to take care of his health, especially his tempers and emotions, and most importantly, to focus on carrying out his plan, one at a time, so that he could complete them and accomplish his goals. In subsequent message, Travis mentioned he was involved in two accidents recently, and wrote, “Maybe some bad energy too. It might not fit well for me, or I’m also aggressive that built up more haters.

What Travis wrote might happen to anyone who has same birth date or similar charts. Sadly, we could correlate the bad experience he had recently with the tendency signs present in his Personal Year charts, that is, PY2016 and PY2017. I told Travis I would post a case study article instead as I wanted to share my observations with everyone as I’m concerned with the influencing energies that could affect you.

Let’s begin with a brief analysis of Travis’ birth chart and focus on his personalities. At first glance, there are just too much Fire and Wood elements. As described in earlier articles, we could associate them to a BBQ pit, where the charcoals (Wood, numbers 4 and 9) are in constant pressure and stress, trying to fuel the fire. Because of the fear that the charcoal may run out soon, the emotional tension gets stiffened, and these could aggravate his health conditions. In additional, the fire (numbers 3 and 8) burning could give rise to tempers, anger, and frustrations, with some form of bipolar disorder at the extreme cases. Furthermore, June (his birth month) is around Summer, and that’s where the weather is usually hot. That reminded me of a melting pot which could worsen Travis’ health if he doesn’t take steps to reduce the strong negative vibes from the Wood and Fire elements.

Travis must ensure he hydrates himself frequently, and drinks more lukewarm water. He should, at the best effort, try to avoid consuming cold, soda, or sugar-flavoured drinks. Imagine pouring cold water into the melting pot? What you get is hot steam and vapours; and it could hurt you and create sudden blurred visions. When we translate that to practical sense, it doesn’t do well to his inner body and the Qi energies in his heart, stomach, and lungs. The strong fire is like a raging fire which depicts impatience, prudence, and burning desire (passion and creativity). While the passion, visions, and creative pursuits might be good, a forest fire or hot sun (heart) could cause drought (stomach) resulting in lack of water (kidney deficiency). Drinking lukewarm water would harmonised the temperature level inside him and outside- in many ways, it could calm him down and reduce the tensions, stress, and emotions. There are tendency signs that Travis might fall in the high-risk group of people with diabetic symptoms, and likelihood of it being a heredity condition.

The 8-4-3 pattern is present, and that implies Travis has to learn to be more tactful in his communication with others as the EQ problem is strong. In addition, there are signs of “selecting listening disorder” which again reinforce the need to stop and listen to what others have to say, and not jumping into conclusions abruptly. The 5-7-3 pattern in the external sector could imply the urge to spend more money than usual, often resulting in loss of money. The same pattern could imply carelessness and legal issues, which means that Travis is easily influenced by external factors, like social friends and business partners. Then again, the 1-3-4-5-7-3 pattern is suggesting Travis might have the habit of jumping into making quick decisions (a result of his selective listening habits) and not looking into the details (causing an oversight) which may have created frequent disagreement and disputes with others. In basic keyword interpretations, we could correlate the 3-6-9-6-3-9 patterns to [Fast – Money – Success – Money – Fast –Success]. In short, it depicted a hasty person who pursues short-termed success and preferably, working towards quick money-making ventures. It would be great if Travis goes into online e-commerce business if he hasn’t already done so, as logistics and warehousing are minimal unlike the  traditional supermarkets and retail stores. The only thing that is necessary now for Travis is to stay focused, improve his EQ, lend a listening ear, tolerate criticism and accept constructive comments, and be a warmer and caring person. Using an analogy, he shouldn’t be driving at fast speed or along the highway all the times; he must  slow down or stop to admire the surrounding sceneries, and smell the roses.

Last year, his PY2016 chart displayed multiple sets of 9 – reinforcing the already strong Wood elements. As we associate the number 9 to success and visions, Travis might be overwhelmed by the thoughts of successes around him. And if he indeed has attained the success, he’s facing the consequences of being a “victim of his own success” syndrome. That means even more emotional stress, affecting his mental capacity, digestion, and lungs. As the year energies don’t fade away quickly, this means that Travis might continue to experience the goodness and badness of PY2016 energies this month. Though the PY2016 energies could soon deplete and giving way to the current PY2017 energies, the speed of the transitioning depends on the strength of his health, which currently is weak as he mentioned in his text messages to me.

Using symbolic representation, the 1-1-1 in his PY2017 chart is like a cutting knife or medical operation. In the Five Elements principles, the strong Metal controls Wood is like a chainsaw cutting the trees, and that means something cutting (or hurting) his body or limps. It could also imply Travis might feel unhealthy symptoms like breathlessness, anxiety, worries, headache or migraines, and sleeping conditions. These symptoms, including the feeling of numbness are signs related to the Metal element. He needs to drink more water, and when the time permit, take more walks along the beach and seaside. He has to be careful not to tread on the sea water or swim for too long alone as when the Wood element is getting strong (present in Personal Month or Personal Day charts, and especially the number 4), there could be unconscious suicidal or accident-prone tendencies. Having friends or family members to accompany him would be beneficial.

In the use of colours for Feng Shui, some experts would recommend wearing blue-coloured clothing or accessories – red, orange, and green is a flat NO-NO. Though the use of colours could subtly influence our moods at times, it is still important for a Travis to adopt a positive change towards his mindset, perspectives, and attitudes. Moderate his drinking habits (lukewarm water and not alcoholic drinks), getting rid of bad habits, and embrace the happy and warm nature personality could help him improve his health conditions. Taking more fruits with high-water contents (like watermelon, peaches, strawberries, and musk melons) would be great. He should consider consuming healthy diets, including more soupy food rather than eating fried, grilled, or oily food. Oh one more thing… he must learn to be more humble, talk slowly, and listen attentively, and display good body language when communicating with others.

That’s all for my brief analysis of Travis’ charts. He has to stay calm, and exercise patience while he pursues his interest and passion. There are beneficial signs present in his PY2018 chart where the 2-2-2 patterns could create harmonising influences. Travis need not have to wait until year 2018 to see better results – the positive signs might be present during the last few months of this year. He has to upkeep his health if he wants to be able to tap on the favorable energies (and grab opportunities) when it comes along.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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