What’s in 3-3-5?

Using the EON visualisation technique, my first ‘picture canvas‘ of the 3-3-5 pattern was depicting the Mexican desert, while the second canvas reminded me of the old cartoon series “Speedy Gonzales,” aired on TV decades ago. In today’s article, I decided to share more insights on the 3-3-5 pattern as I noted someone recently tried searching for the 3-3-5 (or 335) and 4-4-5 (or 445) patterns without success.

There are so many options to decode a number pattern, depending on our choice. We can profile the personality traits of someone we know, or a popular figure, and determine the probable event(s) that might happen on a day where the pattern exists. We could also check on the tendency signs that suggest what might happen to a person, country, or business – as long as there is a birth date, National or Independence Day, or company establishment dates available – during a certain period. These and more, by checking if such pattern existed in their Personal Year, Personal Day, or Combined Day charts.

Let’s begin with interpreting them using the basic keyword representation, and for the 3-3-5 pattern, it would be [Fast – Fast – Stubborn]. This implies having the characteristics of a fast-action person who hastily take decisions or reckless actions without proper planning and “thinking twice” on the consequences. As a result, they might often face obstacles and challenges ahead, probably because of the lack of planning, or absence of consideration to the impact it could affect others. More often than not, the mental thoughts are high and that invoked their cognitive intelligence, and possibly the “I know what I’m doing, so trust me” attitude. Sure, they might have the “been there, and done that” experience, but that doesn’t mean every event or incident that might happen would be similar even when the symptoms or signs are same. As time passes, the Qi (chi) energies transit quickly and differently, in respective to the changing environment, global news, weather and seasonal effects, and sentiments of the people.

In many cases, people with the 3-3-5 patterns tend to be motivated by materialistic comforts and the relentless pursuits to achieve their goals. However, they forgot there could be “road blocks” ahead, and had to slow down to stop what they’re doing. An analogy is like having to slow down or getting caught because of partipating in illegal street racing activities. When the negative energies are too strong, they might face unnerving experience, aggravating their tempers and emotions. At extreme cases, these could lead to bipolar tendencies, and in rare cases, hurting someone or causing self-inflicting wounds. When the 3-3-5 changes to [Fast – Fast – Challenges] with the positive energies being manifested, they would consider it as an opportunity or challenges, and looking for alternative workarounds. Or they could just “ride along with the flow” and take the risk to face the symptoms ahead, positively.

With alternative keyword representations, we could also interpret the 3-3-5 as [Fire- Fire – Earth] which, to me, depicted the Mexican desert – the hot weather and dry, cracked earth. This could depict a person with fiery and temperamental mood swings, and constantly feeling stressful. Imagine the Fire element (like burning, quick, destroy) and the Earth (like dry, thirsty, cracked, drought) could easily affect the heart and digestive systems, and consequently, the respiratory and mental systems as well. This means the likelihood of having health symptoms like hyperventilating, breathlessness, mental illness, high blood pressure, intestinal, urinal, kidney, and bowel problems, and muscle/skin issues. Of course, whether such symptoms actually happened to the person is subjective as I’m only analysing the 3-3-5 pattern on an “as is” basis, and not considering other numbers and elements present in the chart, that might have greater influence over the person’s behaviours, habits, and actions.

Here’re some more options to interpret, like [Creative – Passion – Risk Taking], [Tempers – Sharp Tongue – Principles], [Critical – Riots – Principles], and [Spirituality – Religious – Humility]. There’re even more interpretations, but I guessed I’ll leave them to you to exercise your observations and profiling skills.

It’s easy to interpret any series of numbers directly linked or connected together – as number patterns – when you understand the underlyingcause and effect” energies contributing to certain events, actions, and behaviours. It’s also important to understand the Five Elements principles and gained the know-how to apply using the EON visualisation techniques. I’ve shared such techniques to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students at earlier classes.

Here’s a sample chart of a person born on the 3rd day of September 1964, where the 3-3-5 pattern exists. If you know someone born on this day, there are additional traits they might inhibit, including the self-sacrifice (positive side) or self-beneficial or self-centric (negative side) nature, the reckless and short-termed pursuits (like burning candle extinguishing after a while). And perhaps, the ‘fast-talker’ habits (like stuttering, stammering, or even rapping) when communicating with others. Either their thinking is so fast (like a rapper or sharp-tongued person), or they don’t care to pause and analyse (like taking careful considerations, or thinking twice), and simply talk back quickly. It might have the similar effect of “three steps forward, and two steps backward” action. Hmm… that sounds like an over-promising habit that comes with “seldom-delivered” results, or quick action with regretful thoughts afterward. One more thing… if you have similar charts, take precautions and maintain good health as the “Double Effect” vibes are present next year (PY2018).

Apart from profiling a person’s birth date, we can also look at the “Day Chart” of events happening on that day. For example, in this Wikipedia page, it was quoted that “13 people were killed and 106 people were injured” in Singapore on 3rd Sep 1964, due to a racial riot. Elsewhere, people in “US were listening to The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals,” according to this TakeMeBack page. And on the same day, Robert F. Kennedy resigned as United States Attorney General, according to this separate Wikipedia page.

That’s just a short snapshot of the 3-3-5 pattern. After drafting the above traits and characteristics, I decided to search the Internet for popular people with the 3-3-5 pattern in their charts. It was fast and easy for me using the FEON+ software – took me a few seconds to key in the birthdates and plot the individual charts. If you have the FEON+ software installed on your smartphone, try plotting the charts for the wealthy rapper, Shawn Corey Carter (4 Dec 1969); the serial killer, Adolfo Constanzo (1 November 1962); and female celebrity, Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 September 1969). They all have the 3-3-5 pattern present in their charts, and it has an influencing effect on them.

What about the 4-4-5 pattern?

I’ll leave that for future article. In the meantime, and for the impatient users, please learn more on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and practice the EON visualisation techniques. It’s important as it allows you to identify traits of a pattern from unique perspectives. For instance, I could interpret the 3-3-5 and 4-4-5 has having the SSBD (Same Same But Different) effects. In this example, I can also correlate both the 3-3-5 and 4-4-5 patterns to the Mexican desert – one has the daytime (hot and sweaty) effect, while the other has the nighttime (dry and chilling) effects.

Just remember, number pattern is based on a series of closely-connected numbers present in the chart, and do not necessary be a conclusive or deciding factor affecting specific decision-making actions, or traits of a person. It can come handy to highlight certain influences, but use it sparingly so as not to stereotype anyone or have perceived judgement or bias before profiling, unless you know that would not affect your eventual observations.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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